Monday, July 13, 2020

Roger Stone: Trump's Pardoned Political Guru Proves That In Donald's Washington 'Pervo Lives Matter'

Mod: This is the second of two articles I've now dug up on Roger Stone's affection for the kinky side of Love Street. Dear friends, why haven't any mainstream media explored this part of the unabashed sex addict Stone's life now that Trump has pardoned him? 

Trump guru's sexxx-rated antics (Toronto Sun link): The man credited with putting Donald Trump in the White House has a long, lurid history of swinging and sexxx-rated antics.

Roger Stone — a long time friend of the U.S. president — has for years been a frequent flier at a Washington-area sex club.

The longtime Trump adviser was indicted on witness tampering, making false statements and obstruction of justice charges as part of the Russian-collusion probe.

The subject of the critically-acclaimed Netflix documentary, Get Me Roger Stone, and his wife, Nydia, were the belles of the ball at the Capital Couples swingers club.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, by midnight on Saturdays, the club had devolved into a giant orgy with sex acts being rampant as porn played in the background.

The Stones were members of the club and also regulars at New York sex club, Le Trapeze.

It didn’t exactly fit with the squeaky-clean Republican party that Stone was closely associated with. He had worked for former presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

He also advised 1996 GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole. But in 1996, word leaked out that Stone and his wife — a Cuban-American photographer — enjoyed hormone-charged hijinks with others.

The National Enquirer finally spilled the beans on the Stones under the headline TOP DOLE AIDE CAUGHT IN GROUP-SEX STING.

In the spread, Stone was naked from the waist up while Nydia was snapped in stockings, her large breasts spilling out of a teddy.

During the documentary, one pal joked about the swinger scandal: “‘We might have had a president Al Gore.”

Ironically, Dole campaigned on the moral collapse of American society. As a result, Stone was kicked to the curb.

And in 2008, Stone admitted that the Enquirer’s reporting was accurate about him and his wife’s sexual predilections. “When that whole thing hit the fan in 1996,” Stone told The New Yorker. “The reason I gave a blanket denial was that my grandparents were still alive. I’m not guilty of hypocrisy. I’m a libertarian and a libertine.”

Mod: If I find any more I promise I'll be kind enough to share.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Broad disapproval for Trump's handling of coronavirus, race relations

Mod: Trump's 32% approval on race relations. What ethnicity does that number represent most do you think?

Broad disapproval for Trump's handling of coronavirus, race relations (ABC NEWS link): President Donald Trump is facing broad disapproval for his management of the two major crises gripping the nation, with two-thirds of Americans giving him low marks for both his response to the coronavirus pandemic and his handling of race relations, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday.

Evaluation of Trump's oversight of the COVID-19 crisis reached a new low since ABC News/Ipsos began surveying on the coronavirus in March, with 67% disapproving of his efforts. One-third of the country approves of the president's oversight of the pandemic.

Over nearly four months of polling, Trump's approval has mostly held steady, except for one week in mid-March, when it spiked above 50%. In the last month, Trump's approval dipped to a range between the high 30s and low 40s, as the U.S. saw a resurgence of coronavirus cases, particularly across the south and west.

In the newest poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, Trump's approval rating on his job dealing with the coronavirus dropped another rung, driven by plunging support among independents and even waning support among Republicans. Democrats have always been highly skeptical.

Trump's approval among independents lands at 26% in the survey, a sharp drop from 40% in mid-June, the last time the question was asked. Trump's disapproval among independents has risen to 73%, up from 59% in the June poll.

Mod: More at the link.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rick Wilson: Trump’s ‘living on credit’ life is about to be exposed as ‘ugly, small and dirty’ by his tax returns

Mod: Dirty Don's 'I'm a billionaire' scam is about to be crushed through the release of his tax returns. He is sad.

Trump’s ‘living on credit’ life is about to be exposed as ‘ugly, small and dirty’ by his tax returns: Rick Wilson (Raw Story link): In a gloating column about the Supreme Court handing New York prosecutors Donald Trump’s tax returns to be used in a criminal investigation, GOP campaign consultant and “Never Trumper" Rick Wilson said the president’s years of boasting he is a billionaire is about to be exposed as complete “bullsh*t” and that the president knows it and is terrified by the thought of it.

To set the stage, Wilson wrote in the Daily Beast that in 2015, alarmed by the rise of Trump he spoke with a hedge funder about derailing the New York real estate developers fledgling campaign, saying, “We have to stop this guy. He’s a billionaire. He could fund his own campaign” to which he was told, “Trump is not a billionaire. I’m a billionaire. Trump is a clown, living on credit.”

That, Wilson wrote, is why Trump went on “a hissy-fit, foot-stomping ragefest against the Supreme Court” after Thursday’s 7-2 decision. Writing that Trump knows his tax returns will paint a picture of not a successful multibillionaire “but one of clown, living on credit, a third-rate real-estate developer with a first-rate talent for fleecing banks and vendors,” Wilson added the president is now frantic because he faces winning re-election but also being known as a fraud, or losing and knowing worse awaits him in the form of criminal charges.

“His accounting firm will likely be revealed to be exploiting every tax loophole up to and over the edge of the law, and he’ll be shown to be a master of the bullsh*t paper tornado. Of course, we’ll also discover that the supposed audits are just one more lie in an endless chain of lies,” Wilson explained. “What really bothers Trump, what unsettled him to his core, is that the decision to reveal his taxes to the New York grand jury comes at the same time his political fortunes have taken a nosedive.”

Referencing the bombshell book by Trump’s niece Mary that will be released next week and details his abusive relationship with his father, Wilson stated that the president has one thing in common with his dad: the desire to appear to be rich.

“Pretending he was too rich to be bought was absolutely central to his success in 2016. But Donald Trump would chase a dollar bill on a string through a trailer park, and he’s sold this country on the cheap since his election,” Wilson wrote. “That’s why the coming exposure of his finances has shaken Trump to the core. He’s thinking about actual audits, and real financial and potentially even legal consequences, awaiting him in his post-presidential years.”

Mary Trump’s book demonstrated that Donald’s failures started early, and iterated across every single part of his life; personal, professional, and political. He can pose and posture all he wants — the biggest buildings, the biggest dick, the biggest crowds, the best, the first, the most — but it’s all bullsh*t, piled on top of more bullsh*t,” he elaborated.

Wilson added that the double whammy of Mary Trump’s book and the upcoming tax return revelations will allow Americans to see for themselves that the “seamy, seedy reality of Donald Trump is ugly, small, and dirty.”

Mod: More Trump misery at the link.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Show us the Rubles: Trump rages at Supreme Court over tax records case, claims ‘political prosecution’

Mod: Release your taxes, Donald. Show us the Rubles. We're Putin in requests.

Trump rages at Supreme Court over tax records case, claims ‘political prosecution’ (CNBC link): President Donald Trump was furious over the Supreme Court’s rulings Thursday morning, after justices handed down a split decision over whether he can shield his tax records from investigators.

Trump also complained that he was the victim of “political prosecution,” although he is not, in fact, being prosecuted in either case. The decisions handed a win to the Manhattan district attorney but rejected parallel efforts by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Following the rulings, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow sought to reframe both cases as victories. “We are pleased that in the decisions issued today, the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked both Congress and New York prosecutors from obtaining the President’s financial records,” Sekulow said in a statement to reporters. “We will now proceed to raise additional Constitutional and legal issues in the lower courts.”

Despite Sekulow’s guarded optimism, it was clear from Trump’s response that the president did not see the rulings as victories. Both cases were decided 7-2, with Chief Justice John Roberts authoring the court’s opinion and joined in the majority by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented in both cases. The decisions mark the first time that the nation’s highest court has directly ruled on a matter involving Trump’s personal dealings.

Trump has been more secretive with his finances than any president in decades, refusing to release his tax records to the public even as he mounts a bid for reelection.

The president unleashed a four-tweet thread ripping the court’s decisions.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Most Americans believe Russia targeted U.S. soldiers, want sanctions in response, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows

Mod: Putin is Donald Trump's master. So much so that Trump would prefer to cower in his bunker than lift a finger to protect American soldiers from the Russian armed and closely aligned Taliban terrorists on Moscow's payroll.

Most Americans believe Russia targeted U.S. soldiers, want sanctions in response, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows (Reuters link): A majority of Americans believe that Russia paid the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan last year amid negotiations to end the war, and more than half want to respond with new economic sanctions against Moscow, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

The national opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday shows that the American public remains deeply suspicious of Russia four years after it tried to tip the U.S. presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor, and most Americans are unhappy with how the president has handled relations with the country.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll follows a series of reports, including several by Reuters, that Russia had been rewarding Taliban-affiliated militants, possibly by offering them bounties, to attack and kill U.S. troops in the region. Moscow denies the allegations. The New York Times and Washington Post both reported that several American soldiers were believed to have died as a result of the bounties.

Trump said last week he was not told about the reported Russian effort, because intelligence officials were uncertain about its veracity. The New York Times reported that the president received written briefings about the program earlier this year, and it was also included in a widely read CIA report in May.

Overall, 60% of Americans said they found reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers to be “very” or “somewhat” believable, while 21% said they were not credible and the rest were unsure.

Thirty-nine percent said they thought Trump “did know” about Russia’s targeting of the U.S. military before reports surfaced in the news media last month, while 26% said the president “did not know.” Eighty-one percent of Americans said they viewed Russian President Vladimir Putin as a threat to the United States, including 24% who saw him as an “imminent threat.” Only 35% said they approved of Trump’s handling of Russia, compared with 52% who disapproved.

Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban (Just Security link): Why would the Russian government think it could get away with paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers? One answer to that question may be the extraordinary response that Moscow received when the Trump administration learned of a precursor to the bounty operation. From mid-2017 and into 2018, Pentagon officials became increasingly confident in intelligence reports that the Kremlin was arming the Taliban, which posed a significant threat to American and coalition forces on the ground in Afghanistan.

President Trump’s actions in the face of the Russia-Taliban arms program likely signaled a weak US resolve in the eyes of Putin and Russian military intelligence.

What we now know is that President Trump not only failed to push back against Russia’s arming the terrorist group. That extraordinary act of omission was coupled with the president’s effort to push the CIA to cooperate with Russia by providing U.S. intelligence to the Kremlin on counterterrorism operations despite getting nothing in return, according to former officials.

Mod: Much more at the link. Great article.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Donald Trump's SAT cheating scandal could result in him losing his diploma from Wharton

Mod: That certainly is not going to look good on his resume'. How will he get a decent job?

Here’s why a new rule could result in Trump losing his diploma from Wharton (Raw Story link): In 2019, a college admissions scandal rocked the country. Thus far it has resulted in 53 people being charged with cheating the system, paying for people to take standardized tests and paying their way into schools. Over the 7-year investigation, the FBI uncovered everyone from celebrities to wealthy families for conspiracy to commit felony mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

In response to the scandal, the University of Pennsylvania announced that would revoke the degree of any graduate found to have given false information in an admission application, cheated on an exam or tempered with their records, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported.

Penn’s new policy details the investigation process after potential misconduct is discovered,” the college paper reported. “An investigation can be launched if information is found that confirms or suggests wrongdoing in the process of obtaining the degree. Graduates will have the option to come to an agreement to possibly voluntarily give up the degree, or a formal investigation and hearing will be launched.

“After the launch of the investigation, the graduate in question will be notified in writing of the investigation and the information used to make the decision. The information from the investigation will be summarized and given to the dean of the school that conferred the degree, who will make the final decision on whether to move forward into a hearing,” the report continued.

Mod: The Daily Pennsylvanian article is linked here.

Joe Shapiro — the man who took Trump’s SATs for him (Raw Story link): The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is being thrust into the spotlight after it was alleged that President Donald Trump was admitted after his sister did his homework for him and a friend named Joe Shapiro took his SATs.

In a new tell-all book by the president’s niece, Mary Trump, it was revealed that the Penn graduate wasn’t quite the “genius” he has claimed to be. He announced he was “first in his class at Wharton,” though he never was admitted to the prestigious MBA program at the school and he was never listed on the dean’s list the year he graduated, the Penn student newspaper reported in 2017.

“To hedge his bets he enlisted Joe Shapiro, a smart kid with a reputation for being a good test taker, to take his SATs for him. That was much easier to pull off in the days before photo IDs and computerized records. Donald, who never lacked for funds, paid his buddy well,” Mary Trump’s book details. According to a 1980 profile in New York Magazine, Shapiro noted Trump was “bored” at Wharton.

Shapiro passed away in 1999 at the age of 52 and the New York Times biography of him describes his sterling educational career that is far from the likes of Trump’s lies of being a “very stable genius.” He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Penn and went on to get a law degree from Harvard with honors.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Deutsche Bank to pay $150m fine to settle charges linked to Epstein dealings

Mod: Donald is not having a very good day. So is this why Billy Barr wanted to shut down the New York investigations?

Deutsche Bank to pay $150m fine to settle charges linked to Epstein dealings (The Guardian link): Deutsche Bank has admitted it made a “critical mistake” taking on the registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a client, and agreed to pay a $150m fine to settle New York charges over its dealings with the late disgraced financier and two other banks.

The settlement with the New York state department of financial services is the first regulatory enforcement move against a bank related to Epstein. He killed himself last August in a Manhattan jail after he was arrested on charges that he abused and trafficked in women and girls in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005.

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, said in a statement: “For years, Mr Epstein’s criminal, abusive behavior was widely known, yet big institutions continued to excuse that history and lend their credibility or services for financial gain.”

New York faulted Deutsche Bank’s “significant compliance failures” in its dealings with Epstein, as well as with Danske Bank’s Estonia branch, which is embroiled in a money laundering scandal, and the Federal Bank of the Middle East (FBME).

It said Deutsche Bank considered Epstein “high-risk” and knew of his history of sex trafficking and abuse, including his 2007 guilty plea to state prostitution charges, yet processed hundreds of transactions “obviously implicated” by his past.

These included payments to alleged accomplices “who were publicly alleged to have been Epstein’s co-conspirators in sexually abusing young women”, lawyers and victims.

Transactions also included “settlement payments totaling over $7m, as well as dozens of payments to law firms totaling over $6m for what appear to have been the legal expenses of Epstein and his co-conspirators”, as well as “payments to Russian models, payments for women’s school tuition, hotel and rent expenses, and (consistent with public allegations of prior wrongdoing) payments directly to numerous women with eastern European surnames”, the FDS said.

Mary Trump’s book says the president practices ‘cheating as a way of life’

#1 on Amazon this morning.
Mod: Mary Trump's book will be available one week from today, July 14, Bastille Day. Simon and Schuster moved the book release date up two weeks because of the "extraordinary interest."
Mary Trump’s book says the president practices ‘cheating as a way of life’ (New York Daily News link): A forthcoming book by President Trump’s estranged niece describes him as a “toxic” bully who practices “cheating as a way of life,” values money above anything and belittles his own family members, according to a Monday press release.

In addition to those damning details, the press release from publisher Simon & Schuster says Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” will now be released July 14, two weeks earlier than planned — even though the president’s brother is trying to block the tell-all in court. The publisher said it’s moving up the release date due to “high demand and extraordinary interest.”

“[It] is the story of the most visible and powerful family in the world. And I am the only Trump who is willing to tell it,” Mary Trump, 55, writes in an excerpt of the book’s prologue included in Monday’s release.

Having spent much time at the sprawling Queens home where President Trump and his siblings grew up, Mary Trump speaks from first-hand experience as she delves into embarrassing accounts about the leader of the free world, the press release states.

She recounts the “strange and harmful relationship” between her presidential uncle and her father, Fred Trump, Jr., who died young after a long battle with alcoholism, according to Simon & Schuster.

She also recalls the “appalling way Donald, Fred Trump’s favorite son, dismissed and derided him when he began to succumb to Alzheimer’s” in the late 1990s, the publisher says.

Other “explosive” portions of the book include vivid descriptions of the “twisted” values and behaviors Trump picked up as a young man, including:

“Financial worth is the same as self-worth; humans are only valued in monetary terms.” “A ‘killer’ instinct is revered, while qualities like empathy, kindness and expertise are punished.” “Taking responsibility for your failures is discouraged.” “Cheating as a way of life.”

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist who has severed nearly all ties with her family, draws a parallel between the president’s uncharismatic character traits and his upbringing.

“Love meant nothing to Fred; he expected obedience, that was all,” she writes in another excerpt, referring to the president’s late father. “Over time, Donald became afraid that asking for comfort or attention would provoke his father’s anger or indifference when Donald was most vulnerable ... Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life.”

Mod: More at the link.

Anderson Cooper: Americans die while Trump is ‘safe inside his biological bunker’ (Raw Story link): Anderson Cooper is not holding anything back when it comes to Donald Trump.

In a segment for CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on July 6, Cooper lambasted Trump’s claim that COVID-19 is “99% harmless,” saying it’s another example of the president never being in the fight against COVID-19 in the first place.

In a chilling recap, Cooper said, “If divisive, inflammatory, racist words could kill the coronavirus, then the President of the United States would be heading to Stockholm right now to pick up his Nobel Prize in medicine.” Cooper continued, “Instead tonight, the same as every night, he’s safe inside his biological bunker surrounded by people wearing masks and frequently getting tested. From the safety of his biological bunker he’s encouraging the rest of us not to follow the best scientific advice.”

Monday, July 6, 2020

Cancel Culture? Fox News edits Donald Trump — but not Melania — out of Jeffrey Epstein photo

Mod: The hypocrisy, it burns. Are the poor deluded fools who watch Fox News even aware that they are being lied to? Do they care? Altering documents and photos to fit in with state dogma truly is the purview of totalitarian media.

Fox News edits Donald Trump — but not Melania — out of Jeffrey Epstein photo (Raw Story link):  Fox News was caught on Sunday editing President Donald Trump out of a photo in which he appeared with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

During a segment on the allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, Fox News repeatedly showed B-roll of a photo which originally included Trump alongside Epstein (see left - Mod). But each time the photo was shown, Trump was cropped out. Melania Trump, who also appears in the photo, was not cropped by the network. Fox News also chose not to edit Mick Jagger out of another photo of Epstein.

Take a look at the original photo and the video from Fox News below. The title used on YouTube is "Fox News crops Donald Trump out of Jeffrey Epstein photo."

video link here

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Relax. Trump and his lackeys are too delusional to turn around their flailing campaign

Mod: Some people worry Biden's big lead in the polls won't last, and that the worst president in US history will somehow mount a comeback. But didn't Trump get there because he is a lunatic? That won't change.

Trump and his lackeys are too delusional to turn around their flailing campaign (Raw Story link): When pundits point out that with four months to go until Election Day, it isn’t too late for Trump to turn his campaign around, what they’re really saying is that there’s sufficient time left on the calendar for a candidate who grasped why he or she was losing to change course and abandon a clearly failing strategy.

Trump’s malignant narcissism makes that impossible. Unable to grasp that he lucked into the White House as a result of a perfect storm of factors despite being the most unpopular candidate in history, Trump is convinced that his ugly demagoguery was a stroke of political genius, and is now doubling down on the bigotry in the belief that he might finally score a win in the culture wars even as the public is trending away from his side of the conflict. Meanwhile, NBC reports that, “after several months of mixed messages on the coronavirus pandemic, the White House is settling on a new one: Learn to live with it.”

After repeatedly attempting to slash the CDC’s budget and refusing to allow the agency to brief the public early on in the crisis, Trump’s team plans to blame the agency for the government’s inept response to the outbreak.

And they’re managing what may be the biggest scandal of Trump’s scandal-ridden presidency the only way they know how. The New York Times reported this week that the regime produced a memo that “acknowledged that the C.I.A. and top counterterrorism officials have assessed that Russia appears to have offered bounties to kill American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, but emphasized uncertainties and gaps in evidence.”

The memo is said to contain no new information, and both its timing and its stressing of doubts suggested that it was intended to bolster the Trump administration’s attempts to justify its inaction on the months-old assessment, the officials said. Some former national security officials said the account of the memo indicated that politics influenced its production.

Americans are faced with a pandemic that’s totally out of control. The unemployment rate is at its highest point since the Great Depression. And Trump is responding by officially giving up on the crisis and ordering the creation of a national “heroes garden,” presumably to honor long-dead slave-owners.

There may be time enough for a mentally stable person to turn a troubled campaign around, but the Trump campaign is saddled with Trump, and the only way he can win another term is by rigging the game.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Benedict Donald: has provided the perfect political ad for this Fourth of July weekend

link here

Mod: Something to think about this 4th of July weekend. Have a great day with your friends and family and whatever you do, stay safe. It's become a dangerous world.

Neil Young opposes use of his music at Trump Mt. Rushmore event: 'I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux'  (The Hill link): Neil Young condemned the use of two of his songs during a Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore on Friday ahead of President Trump's remarks to the crowd. "Like a Hurricane" and "Rockin' in the Free World" were played leading up to Trump's arrival, drawing the attention of the Neil Young Archives Twitter account.

"This is NOT ok with me," one tweet read. "I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux & this is NOT ok with me."

His comment gives a nod to Indigenous peoples in the area — which was sacred land to local tribes before gold was discovered and Native Americans were forced off the land — protesting the event at Mount Rushmore

The site itself was previously called ”The Six Grandfathers” by the Lakota Sioux before it was carved with the presidents' faces. "Nothing stands as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty than the faces carved into our sacred land on what the United States calls Mount Rushmore,” Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier said in a statement condemning Mount Rushmore and the Trump event.

Young has spoken out against Trump and the use of his songs at rallies in the past, writing an open letter earlier this year critiquing Trump's presidency and throwing support behind former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). “Your policies, decisions and short term thinking continue to exacerbate the Climate Crisis," Neil Young wrote in the open letter to Trump. "Our first Black president was a better man than you are,” he continued, referring to former President Obama.