Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dorn Platz Evicting Small Businesses In Altadena

Dorn Platz once played a very special role here in Sierra Madre, enabled by perhaps the worst City Council this town has ever endured. One Carter being the lasting monument to both this woefully inept developer and the incompetent elected officials that did everything they possibly could to please. 

I received an e-mail yesterday from a Camille Dudley regarding Dorn Platz and their current activities in the neighboring city of Altadena. I wasn't the only one copied on this, people such as Senators Boxer and Feinstein, Michael Antonovich, and Congressman Adam Schiff were also included. As were news organizations like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, CBS TV News, and Channel 4 News. Here's what the e-mail has to say:

Another original Lincoln Crossing tenant facing eviction

Bobby Thompson, owner of BJR Copy Center in Lincoln Crossing in Altadena has received an eviction notice from Dorn Platz. Thompson will be the third of the first original tenants to lose his business in this development. It was on the backs of these minority owned community businesses that the Lincoln Crossing project was able to secure Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to assist in the development of this project. Now that the developer no longer needs their eligibility to help, they are being discarded. Will Matts Pharmacy be next? Why has the Supervisor stepped out of the picture? The County Community Development Commission (CDC) was responsible for the mismanagement of this project. Who is accountable for this injustice to people who have put their life savings into a business?

Dorn Platz has had a rein of development terror in California and Oregon for too long. These are not developers, they are criminals that prey on honest people. It is time for Law Enforcement to step in and control these criminals that are ruining the lives of honest hard working people. And as honest people all of you should be MAD AS HELL because this could be your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your friend that is being abused by a so-called businessman/developer. This is a development that was meant to be a benefit to the community, to retain Altadena businesses in the community, to invite new businesses into the community, to upgrade the business district along Lincoln Avenue and to encourage new businesses among other things. NOT destroy small business owners and cause division among Altadena residents.

The e-mail ends with a plea to the reader to contact Supervisor Michael Antonovich, Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, Congressman Adam Schiff, among others. 

Unfortunately, and I take little pleasure in saying this, the good people of Altadena are about to learn that mainline Democrats in this part of the world are pretty much owned by developers and their lobbyists. After all, didn't Sierra Madre look at least in part to Democrats when just such developers descended on this town? And what happened? They sent us Joe Mosca

If you think about it, it's a lot like the chicken calling Colonel Sanders with a complaint about frying pans. 

As an example of the culpability of Democratic officials, here is a portion of a January 24, 2008 article from the Pasadena Star News entitled "County Official Rips Lincoln Crossing."

In the past year alone, the Lincoln Crossing development has been plagued by leaks, floundering businesses, construction delays and lawsuits. For some county planning commissioners, a persistent and seemingly inexplicable smell of sewage wafting through the shopping center seemed the final straw ... "This is a tremendous developer failure, a lack of monitoring, and I'll go on record with these comments," District 1 Commissioner Esther Valdez said. "The community deserves better and than this, and they are not getting it."

Sounds like someone stood up and took the proper stand here, right? The article continues.

Representatives for the developer and county Supervisor Michael Antonovich say, however, that the shopping center at Lincoln Avenue and Woodbury Drive is less a mismanaged disaster than a fledgling project shaking off growing pains. "Perhaps before Commissioner Valdez disparages a project in the 5th District, she should have all the information," Paul Novak, planning deputy for Antonovich said Wednesday. "I think, overall, my concern is that Commissioner Valdez is only hearing from one segment of the community ... the five or six individuals who regularly complain about the project."

Ah yes, it is always about those regular five or six individuals, no matter where you go. Towards the end of the article it is noted that the sewage smells "persisted for more than a year." I wonder, is that is how they do shopping and dining in Paul Novak's neighborhood? Somehow I doubt it.

So how many of those newspapers and politicians named above do you think will actually act upon what Camille Dudley sent to them? How many will launch investigations into what is going on in Altadena? Issue reports? Take strong actions? Outside of maybe the Pasadena papers, my guess is not a single one. Like I said in another post, we're pretty much on our own now. 


  1. This Rob Stockly city council, consisting of Buchanan, Joffe and Torres gave away One Carter to Dorn Platz. Dorn Platz destroyed the hillside, it's there for all of us to see everyday.
    Thank GOD and Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and SMRRD who stopped developers and realtors from destroying downtown Sierra Madre. Most of all thank the voters of Sierra Madre for stopping the then council majority of Buchanan, Joffe and Mosca. Against all odds.....WE WON.
    It's terrible these poor people in Altadena also got involved with the dark side of development.

  2. Can nothing stop that corrupt man from carrying out his reprehensible business practices? Why is Dorn Platz (aka Greg Galletly - Dorn Platz is his business name, a simple DBA, that's all) still allowed to be out & about doing these things? How many bankruptcies does it take to get law enforcement officials, or fraud investigators, to prosecute a miscreant?
    Go to the DP website and take a look at the pictures he has up of One Carter - and notice the deer (now vanquished) the trees (most now cut down) and the map that shows no pre-existing homes around the site.
    Cut & paste:
    Jeez, let's hope some of the contacted officials can take some action.
    Greg needs to find a new line of work - any suggestions?

  3. You can only wonder how this guy makes money. Golightly
    leaves a trail of devastation and law suits wherever he goes.
    And the point here is a good one. Why DO so many politicians
    carry his water?

    I wish I hadn't have opened this link...Day.
    It is very, very sad to look at.
    Go ahead and open this link, DIRTS!!!!
    I'm glad you all lost your "investments" in the DSP.
    I'm glad you lost the 2008 election.
    May you continue your "roll". You scumbags!!!!

  5. Re Day. He should be doing any job that is given to any inmate in prision because that is where he belongs. Let him meet BUBBA.

  6. To Torres, Stockley, Buchanan, Joffe, Forrest Harding, Bart Doyle, and all the rest of you dirts out the HELL could you have allowed this to happen to our hillsides?
    I guess you don't care, which puts you in the same catagory as that rotten Greg Galletly.
    I suppose the people of Altadena being evicted were betrayed by their elected officials and "neighbors", who put greed above what is right.

  7. Sad to think that people like this
    get away with these kinds of things
    because those who we elect to represent
    our interests don't give a damn about
    us. The DP monster is the direct
    result of bad government.

  8. I continued to be amazed (and disappointed) with comments such as Antonovich's: the 5 or 6 individuals. This is typically the refuge of elected officials who do not like the message being delivered to them. They refer to the complainers as "gadflies," "malcontents," --heaven forbid--even "activists." They completely fail to examine the merits of the complaints by marginalizing the complainers, thus allowing them to brush aside the real issue. Is this simply a project that is having growing pains, shaking out businesses that never were going to make it, or is it another project in the long string of failed projects poorly conceived by "Dorn-Platz"? And how does he (Dorn Platz Galletly) make his money? My bet is financing. He's always borrowing for a new project (until lately) and my next bet is that these loans are non-recourse loans. This means that when the default is so completely entrenched that foreclosure is inevitable, only the property can be foreclosed, but not the personal assets of D.P. Galletly. My third and final bet is that he never uses all the money he borrows on the project he borrowed it for. If that were true, why would One Carter have been foreclosed? It would have been completed. I don't really know, but I'm just saying . . . I would love it if somebody would look into his dealings (as in law enforcement) but he's only ravaged a few communities not beaten anybody over the head.

  9. The amazing thing about Greg Galletly is that everyone, including the dirts who sold us out to him, knew what he was. They have all driven by what used to be the hillsides of Glendale.
    Another horrible Dorn Platz project.
    They let him have One Carter to destroy anyway.
    Dorn Platz are just crooked developers. The Stockly council was suppose to protect us.
    Forrest Harding was suppose to be serving the best interests of RPSM, the people who trusted him, instead, he served himself, stopped RPSM from helping with a petition that would have stopped the development, or at least had a decent shot to stop it.
    In my mind, these people are just as guilty as Galletly.

  10. Something's going on up at 1 Carter today. Just drove by & saw a lot of developer types meeting there. Hmmmmmm.

  11. The Way Dorn Platz got the project in Altadena and the one they had in Oregon was through vulturism. The developer in the case of Altadena died. The People in Altadena had supported that developer who had a green project designed by Eric Lloyd Wright and that was to have LOW rent. Dorn Platz got a hold of it ruined the site plan, ruined and cheapened the building designs and then didnt even manage to do that correctly,paid off a bunch of not for profit types who also funneled campaign cash to local politicians, Cheated the leasees on the tenant improvements, failed to pay the contractors several of whom went broke, and thoiugh there are some judgements against them, other people(Dorn Platz victims) in the form of rent being collected by the courts are paying those judgements. So they get the land for redevelopment fire sale prices, design cheap buildings and site plan, don't pay the contractors, OH believe me, no matter what the cooked books say, they are still making lots of money. Just the communities that are losing and the crooked not for profits and politicans dont give a good God Damn

  12. Anonymous at 5:10 pm. and roia at 11:03 am.
    Holy SHIT!!!! Is there nothing we can do?
    This is HORRIBLE!

  13. Anon @5:10, thank you for that clear explanation.

  14. Seems like there would be some honest politician that would be willing to correct this but so far we haven't found them and meantime DP is probably on the hunt for their next victims. I understand you "reap what you sow" and sooner or later they will get their's. I'd like to see the whole bunch at that country club up in Lompoc or worse.

  15. Galletly/Dorn Platz aren't only corrupt developers, they are corrupt property managers. After months of ignoring my requests to return my security deposit after a 2+ year term at one of their properties, I had to obtain a small claims judgment against them in December. They continue to ignore their responsibilities.

  16. Greg Galletly and Brad Barnes are big CROOKS! Dorn Platz Properties developed 400/450 North Brand and it was nothing but a NIGHTMARE! The building was a big piece of junk, nothing worked, and they had an awesome chief engineer who was fired for telling Cigna the truth about their air conditioning system. Good thing Metlife purchased it and hired Cushman Wakefield to fix things up.... since then the building has been upgraded and operates great under the new ownership and management.


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