Sunday, February 15, 2009

The News Vans Are Circling

Took the 2 wheeled Maundry News Van up into the canyon and ran into these guys. Now it is, in my opinion, a good thing that people all over the country care about our mudslide problems in Sierra Madre. We have a serious situation here, and this kind of attention can only help us with awareness. And with heavy rains predicted over the next 48 hours, their presence is understandable. I'm sure the ratings points are quite nice for such events. But there is something that does occur to me at times like this. Wouldn't it be great if these kinds of news resources were to show up here to cover something besides mudslides? Or even at some of our sister cities here in the San Gabriel Valley? There is a lot more to what goes on in the foothills than just mud. And we certainly have more to offer than merely serving as stock victims of a fickle Mother Nature. Yet somehow this is all our friends in the television news world think is worth covering in places like Sierra Madre. And the print media as well, come to think of it.

Update: The City of Sierra Madre has now downgraded the situation to Red Flag Alert status. Looks like tomorrow is going to be a rough one.


  1. They are probably hoping for a disaster. Then they can say, "How does it feel to loose everthing you have." They are like vultures circling.

  2. Anonymous has it exactly right.
    They are waiting for the mountain to fall down.
    Makes for exciting local TV.
    Hopefully, they will stop downtown and spend MONEY!!!!!

  3. There is a wide selection of disasters the world over and will any of these news people ask, Why has this happened? Will any of them ask why the County has not replaced the mud barrier that burned up (or down) during the last fire, exposing homes on Skyland to uncontrolled mud slides? Will any of them ask why cities are permitting construction in fire-prone areas? Will any of them ask about how much money the developers have made leaving the ultimate residents to bear the tremendous human costs? I know one family that's evacuated at least 4 times this winter--including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, they're glad to be alive, but their home is in ruins and will not be the same for a long, long time. I hope someone will ask the right question on that family's behalf.

  4. During the fires and the mud, I have approached the vans' drivers, and the news performers sitting inside, to direct them to the more relevant sites, and to ask them not to block emergency access. They respond, "Certainly," and then stay right where they are. They are far more concerned with the backdrops they have chosen for their seconds on TV than with anything that might be happening to our residents.
    Roia's excellent questions would be addressed by reputable journalists - we just don't have enough of them.

  5. Perhaps somebody will be at One Carter to let them know
    exactly how the problems we have there came to be. I
    doubt the news hounds in the vans have all the facts on
    that one.

  6. The people who show up for things like this are
    not news people, they're infotainers. Most of them
    would be hard pressed to spell the name of this
    town, much less know what goes on here.

  7. All they have to do is go ask some of the next door neighbors to the property, they'll be out in their yards trying to protect their property.
    They may just give an interview. Hope they remember to tell the reporters that property was abandoned by a bankrupt disreputable outfit name of Dorn Platz......the same Dorn Platz, John Buchanan, Enid Joffe, Tonja Torres and the infamous Rob Stockly VOTED TO APPROVE their ill conceived project at the One Carter property.
    (sorry, everyone, I always jump at the chance to remind you all of this).
    Good luck people near One Carter and Sierra Madre Canyon. Let's hope you dodge the bullet again.

  8. Anyone remember Forrest Harding's part in what happened up there?
    While we are blasting old Buchanan, Joffe, Stockley and Torres.....let's not forget old Forrest.....cut a deal with the developers and most likely the city council to protect his own property up on Mt. Wilson Trail.
    Thanks, Forrest. What a great guy you are!
    Right up there with Bart Doyle and Joe Mosca.

  9. Good for you Anonymous@8:26 and Old Kentucky. City politicians might say things like, "I never want to hear about One Carter again" (unfortunately a direct quote), but many good people tried for a long time to create a better plan than the misbegotten, greedy one that Mr. Harding embraced.

  10. Anyone remember Chris Davis, aka as The Bird Lady. Nice, nice lady, used to live atop Woodland Ave.
    I heard she gave old Forrest $10K to save the property. She was trying to save the wildlife.
    Chris is a well known animal communicator/expert. Gives seminars to vet schools, etc.
    Far as I know, she never got that money returned.
    A local attorney and friends tried to get a petition signed to stop the deal at One Carter.
    It was sabotaged from the get go, by some of the so called 'preservationists" like Forrest Harding and a few other RPSM committee members.
    The petition came up only a few signatures short as they had only a couple of weeks to get signatures. Really sad, the destruction of that land didn't have to happen. We could have stopped it.

  11. The signatures were counted. They had enough. When it was time to turn them in all of a sudden they were short.

  12. They had enough, but because they were forced to hustle the signatures, without the help of voter registrations, some people got signatures off the sidewalks downtown, and enough of them were no good, to make the petitions come up short. They were short on time as well.
    When we did Measure V......we had almost no bad signatures, because we worked off of voter registration sheets, and were highly organized with dozens of door to door canvassers, who were trained before they went out.
    They had so many signatures for Measure V that the election board people finally just stopped counting them, there was likely over 2000, easily.

  13. Damn, we're on a RED ALERT.....
    good luck hillside and canyon people!
    I sure hope those news vans go home without a disaster story!

  14. I hope everyone is the city is safe. If you have friends or family living in the canyon area keep tabs on them by phone.

  15. I have family on Vista Circle Dr.
    That's above the danger areas....still, if there is huge trouble....road blockage and falling debris and mud can be trecherous.

  16. Knock on wood (and it ain't over yet) but it looks
    liked we've dodged a bullet here. Anyone hearing
    any differently?

  17. I can't pull up the city mud blogs????

  18. Pasadena Star News has an article today
    saying Sierra Madre made it through OK.


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