Friday, February 20, 2009

Tattler Breaking News: Contempt Hearing Scheduled in the Deuxamis Case for March 12

From the Plaintiff's declaration: "HENDERSON has disobeyed the Judgement in that she failed and continues to refuse to remove the word 'OBSERVER' in all Mountain Views-Observer newspapers, published both in print and on website and on any other documents bearing the name, 'Mountain Views-Observer.'"

This hearing has been scheduled to take place @ The Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles, N.E. Distict, located @ 300 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena. Happens on March 12, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. in Department R. The case number here remains GC 039149.


  1. What part of REMOVE does H Susan not understand?

  2. My guess is she has lied to so many people about the results of this case, as well as lied to many people in the past year about the history of the Mt. Wilson Observer. She is trying to fly under the radar, hoping time will pass and all will be forgotten. Witnesses in court last December heard her ask the Judge if January 1st (2009) would be an acceptable date to change the name. I heard she seemed eager to comply, but that was just another lie.

  3. It's true that many people don't know what really happened. I was quite surprised to see an ad for a school board candidate in her paper, given that she has publicly lied about her academic credentials. After she stole the newspaper, she stated in her own column she was educated at Ohio State and Berkeley, neither of which is true. As Sir Eric reported, this history was traced via social security number, not by name. She also told people she was an attorney, also not true. She wrote another column a month or so ago stating the plaintiff's attorney researched her academic background using the wrong name. Sir Eric also reported that Susan Henderson also lied to the local Democratic party of the Foothills - and he had her email on that whopper.

  4. Why don't the DIRTS stop supporting harri s.?
    Oh yeah, they are just as dishonest as she is.
    Best of luck to Katina Dunn! We've known you since 1997 and you've never told us a lie.

  5. Woohoo! Let's get this party started!

  6. I'll party when that Henderson creature leaves town. Beth Buck had more integrity than she does. Even Glenn Lambdin, well, no scratch that....he's as low as she is.
    It's difficult to say which dirt is even dirtier than the next one.

  7. Seems like there is a wave of fraud exposure in our country - Gov. Blago, his appointee Burris, Bernie Madoff, Madoff wannabe Stanford, profligate CEOs, that nightmare of a welfare mom of 14....and in our own little town, a hustler who stole a newspaper and residents' good sense.
    Will the courts actually be able to do something?

  8. Why am I not surprised to hear that a contempt hearing is necessary to obtain compliance? Could it be because Henderson believes that the laws of nature and man do not apply to her? And don't ask why she has any town support. It's obvious: One hand washes the other. As long as she remains a platform for certain elements, of course they'll support her. Her paper is the only place they look so good.

  9. I look forward to your reporting on this. Oh, do try and provide us with some gems from Ms. Henderson's legal briefs. They make such amusing reading.

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  11. Dear Roia,
    One hand may wash the other however I believe being associated with Susan Henderson is quite risky no matter what your politics. Point being, she has no politics. Remember she handily jumped from Republican party to Democratic party, Yes on V to No on V. She pleads or charms people to get money and services from them, and is vicious when they expect payment. Do Madoff or Blagojevich have any "friends" ?

  12. Anonymous at 7:08
    Sociopaths are never friends to anyone.
    Nowadays in Sierra Madre, only fools would associate with this criminal, Henderson.
    Yes, Susan, we consider you a criminal.
    You lied and/or cheated everyone you ever came in contact with.
    I hope the judge is even more disgusted with your lies in the next round.
    May you be soundly defeated.....again.

  13. Deuxenemies!

    This is all such a lot of crap....
    people are killing each other all over the world ( and here in Pasadena, by the way).

    These two ladies who formed a union..

    its over

    its not news....

    so they are now ..Deuxenemies... not friends anymore..big deal!
    Get over it and concentrate on what IS importantant!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. "Its not news" isn't true, that's an old strategy used to hope something will go away. Sorry. The theft of a community newspaper is news.

  16. Ah 9:49 p.m. you are probably Susan herself, trying to make this situation sound simply like two ex-friends who are squabbling. That is how she brushes this off. If it isn't really Susan, watch your wallet, dearie!


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