Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did Sierra Madre Weekly Photographer & Reporter Terry Miller Out Himself As Being A Cumquat Contributor Last Night?

Writing the old Tattler night after night might seem like an arduous task, but it really isn't. Because most of the stories I write about just kind of show up here at Tattler World Headquarters. It's almost like a miracle sometimes. I swear somebody up there must really like Sir Eric Maundry, because he just keeps sending me such choice material to write about.

Tonight is one of those occasions. Let me set this one up a little before I deliver the punch line. 

A while back Terry Miller wrote what I thought was a particularly disingenuous piece for the Sierra Madre Weekly. The article dealt with the recent selection of our Mayor here in Sierra Madre, and in it Terry took what I thought was a rather ugly swipe at an individual I both admire and respect. And in the last week or so Terry took yet another run at this same person in the form of a "caption" contest, and in the same paper. It was both humorless and highly reactionary, and several of the people I showed it to were shocked that its author was Mr. Miller. They thought they knew this guy.

So anyway, I wrote an article about Terry's misrepresentation of our Mayoral selection process called "The Downtown Investor's Club Flips Out." You can read it by clicking here. Now apparently this did not go over very well at The SM Weekly because they have since stopped reprinting anything from The Tattler. Don't even return my phone calls, actually. Which is fine. I've been thrown out of far better publications than that over the years.

Now last evening an irked Mr. Miller left a post on my June 11 article, "Joe & John Roll Out Some New Product." You might recall a photo I used there of a rather chipper Joe Mosca holding a phone and looking upwards in what was obviously a light moment of whimsy. And the use of that photo is apparently the source of Terry's umbrage because this is what he posted:

"You have violated copyright law. Why do you feel you can steal images and post them. The courteous thing to do is request permission to use. That image of Mosca is NOT yours to use!"

The photo has since been removed from this site.

Now, of course, I had no idea that this was a Terry Miller snapshot. I would never have dreamed of misappropriating an image created by such an esteemed master of the photographic arts. But you see, I collect clip art. I have vast files of the stuff. And the place that I originally found that photo was a website that never once identified its contributing writers or photographers. A place that was very secretive about the names of those providing content. For good reason, I suspect. And I think you've heard of it.

And do you want to know the name of the website that I downloaded Terry's picture of Joe Mosca from? The answer is in the next line.

The Sierra Madre Cumquat.

Now does this mean that Terry Miller contributed copyrighted material to one of the most controversial and frankly obscene websites ever produced in this little corner of the world? Evidence would now certainly seem to point in that direction. Of course, this photo could have been misappropriated there as well. But wouldn't Mr. Miller have requested that it have been pulled down long ago? I would certainly hope so. But every time somebody resurrects the Cumquat on the internet that photo is still there! It's been there for years. And actually it was used twice now that I think about it. The second time somebody superimposed an afro wig on Joe's head. Talk about the desecration of art! 

And who knows, maybe this wasn't Terry's only contribution to that site. There certainly was a lot of photography there.

You know, there was something I noticed at that fateful City Council meeting that really stuck with me. Just before it began both John Buchanan and Joe Mosca walked up to Terry and embraced him like a long lost brother. Maybe it was a reunion?

Certainly questions do need to be asked here.

But like I said, the articles you see here on The Tattler just somehow arrive by magic. All I have to do is sit down in front of my computer, turn it on, and there they are. Hesto presto!


  1. Why am I not at all surprised? Talk about a hidden in plain sight situation. At least now there is a witness to put on the stand.

  2. Great work from Tattler World Headquarters!
    I'd wondered why the reprints in the Weekly seemed to disappear. Tattler articles were the only reason I picked up that paper at all.
    I hope that Mr. Miller's photo was used on the obscene site against his knowledge - and that he will take steps to publicly distance himself from that pathetic embarrassment to our community..
    Strange times when people have to go out of their way to disassociate from criminal elements!

  3. Time and a little digging will tell all.

  4. You just can't make this stuff up. Amazing.

  5. This only adds to the growing body of evidence that The Cumquat was a collaborative effort and not just the work of Jim Snider. If anything he was just the convenient fool for the rest of these people to hide behind.

  6. Sierra Madre GirlJune 16, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    What a pity...has such pornography really become acceptable to some of the people in our town?

  7. Sherlock Holmes, eat your heart out!!

    Isn't it funny how Miller left the evidence there for so long? obviously he had no fear of exposure,

    didn't count on the fact that the best investigative journalist in the San Gabriel Valley, was living in town.

  8. Evidence? No one knew until Miller's ego got the best of him and he claimed his work! I'd like to know what other kinds of photos he specializes in... or maybe I wouldn't.

  9. If you've ready anything he's written for the Weekly you'll know he backs up that ego with the brain wattage of a gnat. Dangerous combination, at least for him.

  10. Anybody see page 3 in the latest Loony Views News? They have a piece on Terry talking to the snoozers at the Kiwanis Klub. Funny how these things all link up, y'know?

  11. Wow. The dirts are bringing back the
    same team that lost them measure V.
    Old dogs, old tricks.

  12. First BD HOWES....Rotary
    Now this Terry Miller

    Both dear friends of Mosca and both associated with the Cumquat/Qunt websites.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot Arnold Miquel Perez.

    One's in the Rotary
    Other speaks at Kiwanis and writes bs articles for the Weekly
    Other is on our Library Board.

    Wake up Sierra Madre! Wake up.

  13. I'd like to think that Terry Miller's work was used without his knowledge at that "other" site...I really like Terry and would have a hard time believing that he would support anything like that.

    He is a fine photographer.

  14. And, Lauren, we'd be very interested in learning what Terry Miller's answer is if you were to put that question to him, "Did they use your work without your knowledge?" Be sure and get back to us on that.

  15. Not buying it...June 16, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    As notorious and widely read as The Cumquat was, and considering that Terry's friends such as John Buchanan and Joe Mosca were often lovingly portrayed there, it is going to have to be one hell of a convincing denial to overcome my skepticism regarding Terry not knowing about his work appearing on The Cumquat. And when you throw in the very Cumquat-like slam job he's been running against Don Watts in the Sierra Madre Weekly? It's like he still thinks that kind of stuff is the way to go.

  16. The dirts will do anything they can to prevent Don Watts and/or Kurt Zimmerman for running for re-election, they've already started their campaign against them....
    Which tells you us all.........when Susan Henderson's stolen paper, the MVN promotes someone....we AVOID them like a case of swine flu. When Susan attacks someone....you VOTE FOR THEM. SUPPORT THEM ANYWAY YOU CAN.

    Don and Kurt are WINNERS. They are PROMISE KEEPERS, they saved this town and they WILL be RE-ELECTED.

    As for these friends of Joe Mosca....BD HOWE,HARRIET SUSAN HENDERSON and TERRY MILLER?
    You will be promoting another loser in Mosca or any other dirt or "suspected" dirt you support.
    We the people of Sierra Madre have been deceived one time too often. It all ends now. It all ends now.

  17. How did this happen???? Lauren, I agree about Miller's pix, and hope this is a bad mistake.
    How long will SM residents be fooled by grifters, political or otherwise?
    With all of this information available, with court records available, the defense of ignorance isn't going to work anymore.

  18. Downtown Resident Who Pays AttentionJune 16, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    I don't get it Old Kentucky? Who would be crazy enough to promote Susan's paper? Only ignorant newcomers who do not know what is happening in our city?

    Don, Kurt and MM have a proven record. Isn't there a Court Record to prove the EXACT TRUTH what Susan did against KATINA DUNN proves that she is a CRIMMINAL OF THE WORST ILK? WHY? JUST WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER?

    My parents taught me to be careful who I was seen and hung out with or I would be a part of the problem if they got in trouble.....

  19. The dirts are a problem and they know they have a lot of problems. JOE MOSCA AND JOHN BUCHANAN ARE THEIR WORST PROBLEMS:

    Get Joe, John and Susan out of the picture and then we can clean up City Hall.......

  20. I disagree 6:45
    Bart Doyle, Glenn Lambdin and Rob Stockley are equally dangerous dirts.

  21. Don't forget Pete

  22. Yes, Pete Siberal, a dear friend of Lambdin and Stockley, and a dangerous pro development/ DSP guy. Has been for years.
    Not so popular with some of the Little League parents either, according to a poster who knows him well.

  23. This is so...funny! I love it!!


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