Monday, June 22, 2009

Tattler Breaking News: El Monte Developer Accused Of Fraud, Embezzlement

We ran a couple of articles a while back about the El Monte Transit Village. The company that cooked up this little (at least partially) tax payer funded redevelopment project is called The Titan Group. The COO there, according to this SCAG site on the matter (see page 8), is none other than our man Bart Doyle. Obviously he must be having a very interesting couple days at work. Looks like his boss has strayed from the paths of business propriety.

From a report on the L.A. Times website:

El Monte developer accused of fraud, embezzlement

"An El Monte developer behind the city's $1.2 billion redevelopment project has been arrested and is expected to be charged this week with fraud and embezzlement, police said today ... John Leung, president and chief executive of El Monte-based Titan Group, was arrested late Friday afternoon, said Capt. Marcy Vail of the El Monte Police Department. He is being held in lieu of $1 million in bail ... Leung, 53, is expected to be arraigned Tuesday on five felony counts of forgery, fraud, embezzlement, grand theft and burglary and an additional count of dissuading a witness than can be filed either as a felony or misdemeanor, Vail said."


"Leung's company is behind the proposed El Monte Transit Village, a 65 acre mixed-use development, including retail space, residential units and office space, to be built around the El Monte Bus Transit Station. The company did not immediately return a request for comment."

(Photo is of John Leung and Bart Doyle in happier times. Backround is a map of the El Monte Transit Village.)


  1. Why am I not surprised....Remember the old saying,"Birds of a feather flock together".Maybe this will lead to other disclosures.

  2. I saw a magazine with a picture of this group....old Bart was in the picture.
    Who has it? Post or contact Sir Eric.

  3. What about Karma Bell?
    She is involved in this group as well.
    You all remember Karma? Ran for our city clerk.
    Hmmmmmm.....makes you wonder who pushed that....someone wanted her in there....why?

  4. Now that is quite a little development. Don't suppose the state will pull back and money, though. This kind of thing would hardly offend them.

  5. Well, there you have it.

    These are the people the DIRTS took money from.

    These are the people who wanted to destroy our

    downtown. The DSP promoters.

    I want to personally thank Kurt Zimmerman,

    Don Watts, Kevin and Katina Dunn, and all the

    dedicated people of SMRRD who got Measure V for

    the people of Sierra Madre. We owe you!

  6. Scholarly woman notes:June 22, 2009 at 3:04 PM

    ....."Et tu Brute?"

  7. Can Mr. Doyle be reached for comment?

  8. Call Karma Bell......

  9. Everyone in Sierra Madre PLEASE beware of anyone at all who has any thing respectful to say about one person who is at all connected with Doyle, Bell,Joffee, Buchanan, Mosca, Torres, Stockley, Hayes, Lamdlin, and Susan. They are in it for the GREED and do not care about anyone but themselves. Anyone who cares about them does not care about you or your property or this town. They are EVIL!! Stop kidding yourselves. The truth is right in front of you. What more proof do you need they are out to TAKEOVER Sierra Madre and Run with your Money!!

  10. This is just the funniest thing I have read all day. And the state pumped $10s of millions in our tax dollars to this Titan Group? My God, can't we just have Obama take us over like he did GM and the banks? Obviously we are in no worse shape.

  11. Have to agree with you, Anon at 3:18 pm.
    What these people did to El Monte was criminal.
    I remember reading a quote from Bart Doyle, talking about how EMINENT DOMAIN was a GOOD THING.

  12. I wonder if more arrests from the Titan group are to follow?

  13. So who takes over Titan now? Looks like there is some room at the top.

  14. Stay on your toesJune 22, 2009 at 4:27 PM

    3:25 Wouldn't that be a nice gift for SM if "another" arrest from Titan would be Mr. Doyle, ah ha.....what a coincidence just before our April election.......stay tuned...

  15. Thanks to Sir Eric and the "residents research team" for getting us the picture and this story.
    Now "Team Maundry" we need that picture that SMRRD sent out to the voters....the black and white post card with all the evil ex-mayors and Enid Joffe before she became one of the evil ex-mayors and Buchanan before he became known as "mayor smut" for his support of the Cumquat. The photo shot in fromt of Webb Martin Realtors.
    That is a classic.
    Or...maybe we're just waiting to mail it out during the next election again, since we don't have the big dirt war chest....oh wait! The dirts may not have any big money again this next election, after all, there is only so much $$$$ the developers will toss around to losers.Oh, wait! They all might be in jail by next year!
    Or broke. LOL

  16. So The Titan Group lead Titan has been arrested, Susan may be arrested if she doesn't produce the goods, Greg Galletly aka Dorn Platz is bankrupted & who knows good things DO happen and there is some justice after all. Be still my heart.

  17. "dissuading a witness" scary. Dirt tactics...

  18. Finally, some accountability and respectable action by watchdog agencies.
    Let's hope that those developers who only see green, and hypocritically use Green for green, are all investigated and made to answer for their destructive decisions.
    And how about the different city governments' complicity in all this? Are there ties to our little village, in addition to Karma Bell and Bart Doyle? Will Karma & Bart still have their jobs in this sleazy group? Who was in El Monte city hall?
    Rumor had it that for a while Mr. Doyle was in Sierra Madre City Hall every day.

  19. Tattler, Bart's high office is not just on the SCAG site. According to
    Bart Doyle is the Chief Operating Officer of Titan Group, and Karma Bell is the contact for information:
    Maybe someone from the residents' research team could contact Ms. Bell for her take on the titan among the Titans incarceration.

  20. According to a new Pasadena Star News article just up on the web, this could very well spell the end of El Monte's Transit Village. And apparently the City of El Monte had sunk $3 million of their own money into this mess.

  21. Wowee, kazowee - karma's comin' round the mountain to kick some developer booty. Hopefully, it's foot is big enough to include Bart's and Bell's butts in the bargain. The Titan Group is not so large that the capitalist soldiers under Leung's command can possibly remain untainted; there will be more blood - there must be. Doyle's going to have to scramble pretty hard and fast to distance himself from this scandal; my humble opinion is that he won't be able to get far enough away from it, certainly not far enough to secure that judgeship he once so desperately desired.

    Reminds me of a song out of "Oklahoma" when Curly confronts the bully Jed and sings him the song of ironic death (adapted to fit this situation): "Poor Bart is dead, Poor Bart Doyle is dead..."

  22. So if the El Monte Transit Village goes fins up, what happens to Titan? This was a $1.2 billion project after all. They must be in some kind of big trouble!

  23. Sierra Madre business ownerJune 22, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    Finally, finally the disgrace that the development community has become is being busted.
    There are good developers, there are honorable business ethics that can be applied to that work - but too many of them are blinded by greed and have lost their way.

  24. Surely you can't think that Bart Doyle is the man behind the curtain in Sierra Madre only! I can't wait until Leung decides to roll over on his "handler" Bart Doyle.

    P. S. to Sir Eric--I can't imagine that picture of Bart is in happier times. He looks like he's got the worst case of heartburn I've seen in awhile.

    Boo hoo. Nobody's going to help him as he falls down the ladder of success because he stepped on so many people on his climb up.

  25. P. S. Bart's unqualified to be Judge.

  26. SMBO!
    Sir Eric and posters disgrace the development community on almost an hourly basis here on the Tattler, this includes you, of course, friend.
    I agree with you there are integrous developers, they don't come to Sierra Madre because they know the people don't want big development here.
    A decent enough developer told me that at Santa Anita one day during last year's Oak Tree (Oct) meet. He said "developers steer clear of Sierra Madre, because of the activist groups who make it difficult for them". That be us!
    I would like to see development downtown, development that fits with Measure V.
    Speaking of, what ever happened with the CONG church project, where they rebuilt that old Ripple Mortuary with no proper permit and violated Measure V?
    I am disappointed that was never addressed more publicly. They should be allowed to let violations like that slide.
    Poor old Margie (Cong Church) Simpson, she must feel terrible about her dear friend Bart Doyle is in trouble.
    Keep up the good fight, everyone. Down with the dirts and ALL their sympathizers.

  27. Doc Stacatto at 6:57. JUDGE DOYLE? LOL LOL LOL
    I question his qualifications to be an attorney.
    Would you hire Bart for ANYTHING?
    Didn't think so.
    Would you listen to any advice from him, even if it were free?
    Didn't think so.
    Me neither.



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