Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Debut of Mr. Maundry

A Tattler Celebration - Hip Hip Hooray

This is the 207th post of the Sierra Madre Tattler, and as such it seems fitting to mark the occasion with a retrospective. What follows are excerpts from the very first appearance of Mr. Maundry, fighting the good fight, on the "Speakout!! Forum" of the Downtown Dirt website, March 10, 11 and 12, 2007:


I understand that there is a lot of passion over Measure V. And I get it that those opposed to the initiative have a tough hill to climb given the overwhelming rejection of pro-development candidates in the previous council election. And it is heartening to see people so intimately involved in the politics and governance of their town.

But I do have to say, I am becoming increasingly turned off by a lot of the name calling and smear I see coming from the anti-Measure V right. Can it be that recent election setbacks have so set you people back and hardened your hearts that you feel the need to resort to the tactics of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh?

What's next, if you support Measure V you hate Sierra Madre?

Please, for the sake of some sort of comity in this town: stop the name calling. Because if all you people have is attack politics and smear, then you really have nothing at all.


My vision for this town does not involve endless downtown construction, an army of guys with arrow signs touting the wonders of entire blocks of new overpriced condos (can you imagine what they'll be called? Sierra Madre Mountain View Villas? Happy Hills Homes? Wisteria Wonderful Wikiups? Gag!), Quiznos, Smart N' Final, and all the other dreary things that would slither into our lovely little town under the rubric of "trusting our city fathers."

In other words, I like things just as they are, thank you.


That is at the very heart of the deception here. Allow developers to build the kind of generic LA County shopping and condo glut that we see in so many other towns and then we will see interest from all the usual suspects. And who will stop them from coming in?

After all, those new store fronts will have to be filled, right? Heavily invested landlords abhorring a vacuum and all.

Question for you: Who are the folks currently owning property in the "development zone?" Who are the folks currently in some kind of business partnerships with them? And how many of them financially contribute to this site and the "No on V" campaign?


This next one is my personal favorite.

Wow, hasn't anyone told you they are already here. A developer now owns the Howie's site and another owns the skilled nursing facility. They will be developed. The issue is controlling the developers enough so they create a project that the people of Sierra Madre want. But stopping them from building even a reasonable project and forcing them to sell to someone who will build a quick profitable Quiznos or Smart n' Final. Your bumper sticker should say THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

Pete? You are aware of the rather gross contradiction in this statement, right? Saying that the developers are here and going to do whatever it is they want to do, and then saying that they should be able to do just that or they will sell out and other developers will do whatever they want to do, is a little bit too much for one poor suffering paragraph.


...let me leave you all with a happy song, Certainly it is my hope that this will comfort the bruised feelings of those who were so cruelly tossed and gored by Mr. Maundry this fine Monday evening.


  1. Sir Eric,

    You are doing a wonderful service to this community and the surrounding areas. In our city it is hard to find accurate information about current events and past information. You and your researchers provide everyone the facts. Looking forward to you next edition.

  2. Does anyone see a resemblence between Brian Kelly on Flipper and one of our council members aka "Flipper"?

  3. We have been fans since we discovered Sir Eric Maundry! His keen observational powers and ability to summarize issues with wit, intelligence, and a biting keyboard style make him a morning read. We are indebted to Sir Eric for the selfless task he has assumed. Now, all together, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

  4. Cheers to the TATTLER.....where nothing is stronger than the TRUTH!
    Thanks Sir Eric and contributors.

  5. Egomania...It's not just for actors, sports stars, and teen age girls any more!

  6. Poster 10:12, Who are you referring to when you use the term "egomania?"

  7. Well informed Fed Up MotherJuly 16, 2009 at 10:35 AM

    Charming and classy. That is what we want for our town. Not plastic and typical. We can drive to Pasadena and Arcadia to get Subways and Quiznos and we do not need any more pizzas nor Optometry stores. Nor any other tacky boxes.
    We have LOVELY QUIET CHARM that is not an embarrasment like Mr Bouncey Bounce and Ann Coulter.
    You have helped us keep it that way, and we will
    continue to support you.Let's just get your paper on the street, for more to read.

  8. 10:26, the star of the show. Who did you think I meant?

  9. Poster 11:09, So you think somebody is an egomaniac who uses a non de plume to hide his identity? I suppose you think anonymous donors to charities are egomaniacs too. LOL

    P.S. Also, I understand that the above article was written by a guest writer. That's why the reference to Mr. Maundry is in the third person.

  10. What are you? His Mom 11:27?

  11. If an egomaniac is somebody who tells the truth in an intellectually stimulating and entertaining way, then we need more egomaniacs in this town!

  12. I always laughed at the blatantly stupid claims made by Buck and her website supporters. Anybody with a 1/3 of a business brain knew that the shrieking rants and insider information claims of a big box retailer or restaurant chains moving into Sierra Madre were just plain stupid and would never happen, but that didn't deter Buck and her cohorts from their Chicken Little theories about the impending demise of Sierra Madre.

    The only thing that would have choked the life out of Sierra Madre is to allow 150 - 300 new condos to be built in downtown and the only handful that would profit are the realtors and a couple of carpetbagger developers.

    I for one am certainly glad that Buck left town in shame.

    But the battle will continue, soon the Dirts will be pushing their next candidate and if that is Shirtless Pete, at least we all know he's a proven sham.

  13. Hey, Big Box Retailer!

    Beth Buck contributed something to Sierra Madre that was priceless!

    Thanks to her horrible website www.downtowndirt:

    all the phony people in town who want Sierra Madre to turn into Walnut in Pasadena have a collective name.....THE DIRTS. They named themselves and you have to admit, it's a great title.

  14. It would never have worked if they hadn't imposed it on themselves.

  15. Sir Eric,
    Thank you for all of your work in providing the community with the only free press in Sierra Madre. Thanks for your integrity, your commitment to accuracy, and your wit.
    Nice to hear Flipper again, too.

  16. Love the line "What's next, if you support Measure V you hate Sierra Madre?" That was exactly what came next. The Let's Develop Preservationists, the LDPs for the DSP, professed all kinds of love for our village - in fact, the DSP itself said on every other page, keep the character of the quaint village. And if you did not want to bulldoze downtown, you were out to kill Sierra Madre. Thanks for the reminder about how low the Downtown Investors Club would go.

  17. Sierra Madre business ownerJuly 16, 2009 at 5:09 PM

    It's a good thing to take a look at the dirt techniques, but no doubt there will be a new bag of tricks. Maybe hired PR firm strategies, you think?

  18. 10:12, a retrospective is not necessarily egomania - it's is a showing of past work. In this case the gentleman's remarks then still apply today. And don't forget that someplace between those initial appearances (which must have driven the Measure V opponents crazy), and the Tattler, Mr. became "Sir."
    What a guy. We are lucky to have him.

  19. SMBO, I bet the firm/s have already been hired.

  20. who will the dirts back in the next election????????????

  21. channel 3 watcherJuly 16, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    Didn't Tim Hayden trot out the old PR cooked up "flawed" argument at the council, so his client could pay zero dollars and zero cents? Thought I heard the anti-slow growth crowd's favorite word.

  22. ooooooh 6:05, who indeed.
    Hey Tattler, how about planning some interviews or something?

  23. We at the Tattler are looking forward to those opportunites with great anticipation.

  24. Anon at 6:05

    Answer to your question......

    There are three spots open, the dirts will run:


  25. Not all that long ago, a whole big bunch of dirts were roaming around Sierra Madre with big, fat smiles on their faces.

    They (thought) they had whole the town in their pocket.

    They had the Cumquat to dispense hate towards anyone who challenged their rule. Who cares if it hit below the belt? Not these people.

    Suddenly, from out of nowhere, comes a voice so honest, so true and so BRAVE,

    it sends this crowd of seemingly impossible-rooted dirts (now turned to mud), rolling down the hillside.

    Hats off to Sir Eric Maundry and his amazing accomplishments!!

  26. Hip hip hooray for Virginia, too! Beautifully said.
    I agree that Sir Eric's work is powerful and will have a lasting effect. We are so lucky in this little town that we have people who will take on the responsibility for getting the truth out.
    Can't thank them enough.

  27. Desperate Blond HousewifeJuly 17, 2009 at 9:55 PM

    I ran into a lovely Senior Citizen on Wed who was sooooo dissapointed that "SWEET"Joe was stepped over for Mayor, BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

    She and her other friends do not own a computer and rely on the looney news and are way far behind. It was difficult to enlighten her in a brief nice to see you again conversation. Sadly, she only gets Directv so has no access to CC Meetings. Another problem.

    We need to get the truth out more. Our little blog may be wonderful, but it is not getting out to the masses and you know the Dirts know that and have a huge dirty plan up their disgusting slimey sleaves.

    We need to plan to put all of this fabulous information together NOW and get it to those who VOTE.

    Hats off to Sir Eric, but now the work really begins as we must get the TRUTH to EVERYONE!!


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