Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is The Tattler Being Taken To Task For Reporting On The Matheson Child Pornography Story?

"I didn't know (Matheson) at all," Moran said. "He was just another face in the crowd." City Councilman Josh Moran to the Pasadena Star News. Photo credit for the shot of Josh with Bob Matheson: Bill Coburn.

Last night, and a few days over two full months after Bob Matheson was arrested in Nova Scotia for trying to smuggle a laptop computer filled with child pornography into Canada, Federal ICE agents, along with officers from the Sierra Madre Police Department, were seen executing a search warrant at 2030 Liliano Drive. Long after any number of people were made aware that Matheson had been arrested, including his live-in partner.

(For an article on last night's law enforcement event, please click here for a Pasadena Star News report.)

What this means, of course, is there was a lot of time to tidy the place up and get rid of any damning evidence. Computers that might have been seized are likely long gone, along with any other topical material. The Feds and the City of Sierra Madre are apparently now going through the motions, keeping up appearances. But as they must certainly know, the chances that they will find anything of interest is pretty much nil. A lot can disappear 8 weeks after the fact. Especially when an interested party living at that house had the necessary time to do some housecleaning.

It seems inconceivable to me that U.S. and local law enforcement officials were not informed of Matheson's arrest on October 17 at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The place where he was discovered having thousands of sexually explicit photos and videos of children on his computer laptop.

The real problem for some in Sierra Madre doesn't seem to be what was on Matheson's computers, or whether he had accomplices in town, people that could very well still be here. For them the real problem is putting a lid on what has become an extremely embarrassing story. Matheson was politically and socially a very well connected individual in town. He even signed Joe Mosca's election papers when he ran for his now truncated second term in 2010, then hosting that candidate's campaign's kickoff party at his million dollar home on Liliano Drive.

Bob was also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and can be seen in photos on their site performing volunteer duties on occasions such as the Beer Garden at the 4th of July parade. Photos of Bob Matheson with our current Mayor have also made the rounds on the internet, along with many other people of note in town. He attended their parties dressed in full Scottish regalia, including kilt, and was more than willing to have his picture taken with any interested dignitaries. Judging by the amount of photos that can be found on the internet, he had many requests.

Obviously our city's special class of people finds this to be a major public relations problem. One that puts certain members of Sierra Madre's self-styled social and political elite into some serious jeopardy. After all, almost all of them were friends of Bob. And this town has become very aware of that fact.

So what is their solution? Try and shut up the blog.

Here is an example. Yesterday on the Sierra Madre Patch there was a fairly even-handed article on the 2030 Liliano Candlelight Vigil planned for tomorrow night a 7 p.m. This was the brainchild of several people who post on this blog, and something I was more than glad to publicize. Yet for some this was not to be viewed as an effort to raise awareness about child pornography in the community, it was instead seen as being a threat that needs to be put down. With the messenger being target #1, of course. Examples:

sm resident: Ms. Morris (current Patch editor), I realize you are new to Sierra Madre Patch. I just want to advise you to be careful with what you receive from John Crawford and the Tattler. Take it with a grain of salt and some reservation. I would check to verify things before I rely on the words of this man.

Stranger: Is it just me, or does a candlelight vigil in front of a child porn trafficker's house seem strange to anyone else? I get that it's supposed to be in support of victimized children, but having it in front of the criminal's house makes it seem like they're supporting him...
helping him get through a difficult time or something... No?

JC = John Crawford = Jesus Christ: Not to nitpick, but it seems odd that you're almost a bit defensive here when you say "All I did was write about it on my blog." ... I don't know who the "anonymous Patch posters such as Vanessa" are, but it should be noted that every commenter on your site is either anonymous, or, at the very least, shares the same unfortunate and less than descriptive moniker. Lastly, who ever mentioned partisan politics or politics at all? You did. I suspect it's because, as usual, you are expert at turning tragedies into opportunities for self-promotion.

All of this over a candlelight vigil to help create local awareness for the victims of the child pornography trade. Something that has become necessary due to the complete and utter silence on this matter from the Mayor of Sierra Madre. Perhaps the vigil could be described as an attempt by residents to fill the leadership void created by John Buchanan's continued silence? Certainly that has made it a necessary event. If our leadership won't do it, then we must fill that gap.

You certainly can't help but wonder where all of that venom is coming from. Of course, it could have all be from the same person. You just never really know.

(As an aside, we here at The Tattler strongly support anonymous posting. People are much more likely to speak their minds if they know that somebody won't come by and knock over their mailbox late at night. Which does happen in this town from time to time. However, and as their regional editor Patrick Lee has repeatedly said, anonymous posting is not permitted on the Patch. Apparently, and for whatever the reason, in this case some exceptions were made.)

Another odd occurrence. Yesterday this site was literally bombarded with hundreds of troll posts. Many obscene, most quite uncomplimentary of yours truly, the assault began early in the morning and went on well past midnight. I don't know if this was meant to intimidate me, or merely just annoy. For me personally it was a lot of work to have to clean them all out of the blog's system. But the question must be asked - why now?

When we were exposing Moody's slashing of Sierra Madre's water bond rating no such things happened. Or when we uncovered the startling fact that despite City Hall's claims the water rate hike was not about repairing old water pipes, but instead at risk debt, none of this happened. Neither the UUT story nor the uncovering of misinformation put out by the consultant on the ALF has caused such mayhem, either. But since we have worked on the Matheson story the assault has been fierce, and relentless.

So again, the question must be asked: is all of this actually being done in defense of this guy? Are these folks trying to suppress any speculation on this story to help prepare for his return to our community? Do they want people to believe it all happened in a vacuum and, like poor Josh, they never knew the guy? I can't quite get my head around it.

Then, and in what is turning out to be the most bizarre of all the efforts to squelch our reporting on this story, an entire blog has been created for the sole purpose of attacking myself and The Tattler. And it only came into existence after we began our investigation into the Matheson situation. Called Tattler Tattler, I believe my name and the name of this blog has been cumulatively mentioned over 100 times in just three articles.

This site, which is designed to look just like mine, also has a reasonable amount of posts, most of them written by the site's anonymous editor. A person who calls himself "Lady Elizabeth Wistar." An individual out of Pasadena who is apparently also allowed to post on Patch anonymously despite their famous policies against such things.

So I have to ask the question once again. Why now? What is it about this story that has caused so much rage in some of these folks? The way they're carrying on you'd think there was a City Council election going down or something.

In some ways it could be one of the most telling aspects of this entire story.

One other thing, and I have to be straight with you, all this does make for good blog content. According to Google (who owns Blogger, the free platform that I use), The Tattler has received 13,395 hits (as of 6:00 a.m. this morning) since this story broke last week. A hit being defined as each time a person clicks on this site. These are not unique views, which in a town of less than 11,000 people would be far less. But it does mean we are certainly getting a lot of repeat traffic.

See you Wednesday evening.



  1. Is Lady E. Wistar Susan Henderson?
    The writing skills sure look like her....very poor quality.

  2. This is a tried and true Downtown Investment Club and Dirt technique, to twist the facts around, turn everything into a political assault by accusing others of political assaults. And consistently, the pro-development watch dogs devolve into personal attacks and do not address the real issues.

  3. AOL must be situationally anonymous.

  4. Isn't that just like the Civility party?
    Sending obscene messages that they know will be not posted, and not traced to them.
    Crawford, sorry you have to see that garbage.

  5. This fits the pattern. They always turn to surrogates when things aren't going well. We saw an awful lot of this during the last election.

  6. This is going to be just like the EVG gas station ripoff. A lot will be said about people going to the Police Department to give reports, and serious sounding words will be used to tell us that the investigation is ongoing. But nothing will come of it. Just one more failure.

  7. If we learned anything from the Measure V campaign, and the last election, it is that the opposition does not hesitate to use obscenity and smears.

  8. I remember a lot of this during the Measure V battle.
    It was even worse. People were threatened and their property damaged. This is nothing new in this town.
    I was a victim of harassment during Measure V.
    I was fearful of my safety. Several people were.
    Any one reading this who thinks these dirts are civil, nice people, is sadly mistaken.
    They are mean and dangerous and if I could afford to move, I would move out of this town.
    Sad commentary? You bet.

  9. 6:23
    I fear you are right.

  10. A candlelight vigil at a crime scene taken as support for the criminal....that took some real work to come up with, and an impressive amount of ignorance.

  11. Remember the kid in elementary school, who would kick or pull hair when the teachers weren't looking, then come off like an obedient child when the teachers were looking?
    That's who we're dealing with in the present political social set in Sierra Madre. Bad tempered people who pretend to be otherwise when the public, or the genuinely sincere and dedicated Sierra Madre volunteers, are looking.

  12. I would be willing to bet that there is more than a few computers in this town that have had their hard drives removed and run over with car or truck or tossed into a lake somewhere.

  13. Candlelight vigils in honor of victims are healing, very common all over the world.
    I first read the suggestion of one on this blog the other day. I called a friend who called some other friends and they contacted John Crawford and other people who all agreed it would be a healing thing for those of us who are so saddened by this, and as someone posted yesterday, it will show the children of Sierra Madre that we care about them and their safety.
    Shame on you people attacking this blog and other reporters of this terrible situation.
    You are the ones who are trying to be "political".

  14. Even if hard drives are destroyed is there a way that sending from a source that has been confiscated (the the alert Nova Scotia border officials) can be traced?

    This is cyber crime with children as the victems. I am sure the technology is way above my understanding.

  15. The attack on the Tattler and Crawford is the first skirmish in the soon to be declared political war against any candidate the Tattler supports for City Council. In the 2006 debacle of Beth Buck's Downtown Dirts, Jim Snider's Cumquat, and the barrage of lies and defammation lobbed at SMRRD, we later learned quasi PR firms were paid supporters of the BIA lawyers, realtors, and SMVFD. Folks, expect the same but this time with amateurs.

    Let the postcards fly!

  16. Peter Dreier is certain to play a role. He seems to be the father of lies the dirt establishment relies upon during elections.

  17. Back in '06 we had Salvatore's Sierra Madre News to out the despicable. It was a huge price for Mr. Tesoro to pay personally. Not until after he ceased publishing on a regular basis did the truths his paper revealed become evident. Even now folks are conflicted about his methods -- but no one denies his ability to get to the bottom of the trickery and deceit. We salute you, Salvatore Tesoro III!

  18. Interesting to watch the genuine frenzy exhibited by the current resident establishment.My MY, they are squealing like stuck Pigs!For three years the Tattler has been exposing the treacherous results of the Establishment's assault upon the integrity of this community without much ado.Contrast their response currently to the matheson take down.
    I fear our small" village in the foothills "has been transformed to the "Sodom and Gormorrah of the Foothills"!"Know Them By Their Works"!

  19. One of the newspaper accounts of Bob Matheson's travails in Halifax reports he was forced to sell his house to make bail and pay an attorney.

    Perhaps Matheson's treasure was not as great he implied it to be... perhaps his discretionary income was made up of selling indescretion...

  20. Sadly for the supporters of the city establishment, this scandal is something they can understand. Obviously some of them have become unhinged.

  21. Bill Coburn seems to be on the cutting edge of City Hall news releases. This from City Clerk Nancy:

    "City Clerk Nancy Shollenberger has announced the conditions for the April 12, 2012 election. According to the City Clerk, at that election the residents will be voting for the following (click on the image to view the actual announcement):

    1). A City Council Member for a 2-year term to fill the seat vacated by Council Member Joe Mosca’s resignation.
    2). Two City Council Members for a 4-year term.
    3). Office of City Clerk for a 4-yr. term.
    4). Office of City Treasurer for a 4-yr. term.
    5). A Resolution to extend the UUT.
    6). An Ordinance amending and increasing the City’s Utility Users’ Tax.
    7). UUT Advisory Measure

    Nomination Papers will be available for interested candidates on December 19, 2011 and the deadline is January 17; i.e., January 18th if an incumbent does not run. Please call the City Clerk and make an appointment at 355-3303; her home 355-1569 or City Hall, 355-7135.

    All instructions for the candidates will be given when Nomination Papers are issued."

    So I guess history will write the actual date that war was decalred in the always sunny foothill village of Sierra Madre as December 21, 2011.

  22. Crawford deserves our gratitude for delving in to these thorny issues.It must be quite distressing to face hostility despite being truthful about issues of grave importance to all who live here.
    Is there anyone else who would continue his good work if he stopped ?
    So please support this decent,diligent man who works for the greater good of our little community.

  23. You'd think Friends of the Library would have issued a statement, perhaps even refunding Uncle Bob's donations just as a sign of good faith with the community's families.

    Not a word out of them!

    Telling, isn't it. You can bet I won't be buying any tickets this year.

  24. Bob may have had advance info about his activities and that was the reason for the visit to Pictou - to scrub his house of incriminating evidence. In which he had ample time to alert a very private mailing list of associates to do what was necessary to avoid investigation - including relocating out of the country. This will actually turn out to be a very complicated case to process with threads reaching into the dark recesses of pedophiles worldwide. Matheson was caught. We can only hope others will be as well.

  25. There is a possibility that there is/was a kiddy porn ring in Sierra Madre. It is possible that Mosca left in such a hurry because of his involvement in the Matheson films and pics found on his laptop. His quick departure just after Mathesons arrest is suspect. It is possible all those involved in the ring are working hard to shut down the story before it reveals who they are. I for one would like pictures of Moscas adopted sons forwarded to Nova Scotia police to find out if they are victims.

  26. John, here's the correct Star-News link: http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/ci_19581348 Thanks, Frank Girardot

  27. First we had to worry about these dirts sabotaging Measure V to destroy our property values.
    Now we have to add this latest outrage!
    Another dirt scandal hurting our property values.
    It's bad enough these dirts are crooks and liars, now we find they associate with hideous pedophiles!

    They are corrupt liars, cheats and now morally corrupt liars and cheats.

  28. Thanks Frank. What a movie this will make someday.

  29. Appalled and DisgustedDecember 20, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    News has just reached me that the Sierra Madre police are finally conducting a search of 2030 Liliano. Two months after Matheson's arrest. (TWO MONTHS!) This in our modern electronic age in preposterous. What myself and others want to know is WHAT DID THE POLICE AND CITY OFFICIALS KNOW AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT?

  30. What ya looking at that sheep for?December 20, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Thanks to the Pasadena Star News for exposing this story, and I'm sure they're not done yet.
    Thanks for telling us the truth! This is worse than the Bell scandal, in my humble opinion.

  32. Interesting that the Canadian Authorities searched his laptop, they must have had a tip to search it.

  33. Hi moderator trying to find the tattler tattler site, it isn't coming up. What search engine should I use

  34. Kim,
    You are going to have to look in the trash, the dirts dumped that site. It wasn't working like they expected.

  35. 9:43
    Hell yes they must have had a tip.
    Matheson may have been in an international ring of child pornographers, a billions $$$$$ business.
    He pleaded guilty to avoid a larger investigation. Protecting other people in the ring? Perhaps some right here in Sierra Madre?

    9:17 is right, these types of scandals will hurt Sierra Madre's property values.
    People won't want to live here with children, if they think there are child porn rings operating.
    All you realtors should not be happy about this, neither should property owners and renters. Make sure you protect Measure V from Josh, Buchanan and Walsh and their puppeteer, Bart Doyle.

    Did you notice on the picture you put up, what is behind Josh and Matheson? The WASHROOM.....
    I found that sort of sickening, under the circumstances.

  36. Classic Shakespear. Me thinks the choir is protesting too loudly. Obviously somebody / somebodies have something to hide. If criminls are msqurading as just ordinary citizens we really need the FBI to intervene and take the heat off local Sierra Madreans trying to uncover crimes. This is serious stuff. "Anonymous" is absolutely necessary in this kind of environment.

  37. Kim,
    You're not missing anything.

  38. Back to that old saw. Stir the pot and the scum will rise to the top

  39. I had heard on a radio news report, he was in the airport openly looking at child porn while sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight, and was reported to the airport authorities by an astounded airport patron.

  40. ...and even after all of this, you will be amazed at all his apologists in town.
    Sic, sic, sic.

  41. As a resident of Pasadena, these people are making Sierra Madre look like the pervert capital of California.
    What's the matter with you people?

  42. Seems like those who have been appropriately disturbed by this Matheson Mayhem of lewd & lascivious behaviour are coming from a compassionate place & those who are reacting like backed into the corner bastards are well...acting true to their depraved natures akin to savage beasts, much like the beasts who prey on innocent victims i.e. children, aged, vulnerable old residents...take your pick they are all up for grabs to the sickos. So, that being said..knowledge is power & someone has been with- holding evidence until tracks of this beast are covered. Hmmmm...isn't that akin to obstruction of justice & therefore very damning to those who "protest too much????? Rhetoric & good will to all good folks, Tell it as I see it, TellyouLA

  43. Maybe Buchanan will issue a statement like he did for the CumQuat, defending how fun and entertaining Matheson is.

  44. We have until tomorrow to oppose this loop hole prevarication regarding the "institution bypasses Measure V" re:ALF." I welcome & will support a recall if this slick trick passes without a vote. Let's clean up the trash in SM.

  45. Oh, I don't know, 11:07 am. I think that title is still held by WeHo. To a lot of folks it makes Sierra Madre one of the few communities that cares.

  46. Still time to oppose ALF trickery & deception. Just say no to skirting around Measure V...you have until Wednesday, folks. Preserve our town, write your refusal & deliver it to town hall. Otherwise, an automatic recall of G3'' which I will gladly support...will go into effect. ALF has to go up for a vote by SM residents..do your part. That's what measure V was all about...preservation. Some good has to come out of SM...we've had enough debachery & scandals, lately. God save us....

  47. I see Patrick Lee put the hammer down on some of the inappropriate posting taking place on the Patch. Good for him.

  48. I take it this picture is from Lucky Baldwins. Notice the sign in the back? "You know you want one!"

    Uh, no I don't.

  49. Logo on Matheson's jersy is of the Scottish Claymores, a World League of American Football disbanded in 2004 after years a dismall record.
    See: http://www.worldleagueofamericanfootball.com/id89.html

    So, I ask myself, why is this aging sick bastard (can I say that?) costumed to the hilt, in his kilt, which by the way he sometimes sports a Matheson kilt and at time another clans kilt which I thought was considered forbidden, also found in this football team jersy?

    Let me ask you all these questions:

    1--what better way to hide this perversion that in the company of the great American sport of football and did this not just blow up in Penn State?

    2--little boys like sports, football particularly, how easy to prey on children though America's favortie passtime!

  50. Picture was taken at the closing of the Sierra Madre Brewery a few years ago, per Coburn's website, fyi.

    It's just like these creeps to suggest that a candlelight vigil in front of Matheson's house is more to support the perpetrator than the victims. Since the ugly dark energy that Matheson generated pools around his residence, it's a very appropriate place to bring light and compassion and healing for the victims of his criminal obsession. It may also help the neighborhood to recover from some of the shock of having such filth in their community.

    As far as posting anonymously, Mr. Crawford is correct. Vicious attacks resulted in the past when concerned residents took a stand for truth and justice, i.e. during Measure V campaign, during elections, during development meetings for One Carter, etc. Mailboxes were blown up, tires were slashed, dead animals were left on doorsteps, car windows were smashed and police personnel harrassed residents. The ugly under belly of Sierra Madre also happens to be those in support of the G3, downtown dirts, the Cumquat and other such wholly dysfunctional, misguided and socially depraved and some even sexually deviant individuals who prey upon the weak among us and seek nothing more from life than wads of money in their pockets. Somebody said recently we need an exorcism of this nasty energy from this town, starting with Bart Doyle - I am in full agreement!

  51. Matheson was very aggressive in his clothing choices. It would seem that he liked to broadcast that he enjoys dominating weaker people.

  52. Thank you for your post 12:26 It's people like you and so many other Tattler posters who will save Sierra Madre.

    I just wish more people in town knew the truth about these supporters, Bart Doyle's gang of dirts. So many people I know, including my family were terrorized during Measure V.
    Thankfully, we did get rid of two of the worst thugs, Matt Bosse and Joe Mosca. Hopefully, this Matheson Goblin will leave town when he is deported from Canada and decides to come back here to Sierra Madre.
    Although, it's likely now, that he may face additional charges.
    I'm still waiting for at least one young man to come forward and charge the dirty old bastard with assault. Plenty of high profile attorneys will be happy to represent such a case against this Matheson.

  53. About the ALF - we can send emails, yeah?

  54. Yes 1:19. Email away!
    From the Public Notice:
    Written comments on the proposed project must be received no later than 5:00 PM on December 21, 2011. Comments may be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the attention of Gregg Yamachika. The contact information is below.
    Gregg Yamachika, Contract Planner, City of Sierra Madre Development Services 232 West Sierra Madre Boulevard Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Phone: (562) 292-8323 E-mail: yamachikag@yahoo.com

  55. Special Council Meeting Wednesday 6:00 re: Police MOU.

  56. Special council meeting means there will be an opportunity for public comment on items not on the agenda. The council can be told about the candlelight vigil starting at 7. Maybe they'll keep an eye on the clock in order to adjourn and get up to Camillo on time.

  57. I was told that there is an extension for comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration until 12/26/11 at 5:00 p.m. because of the wind storm.

    Best to check with the Planning Department, but that is what I was told.

  58. What 4:03? That would sure make for a more pleasant evening for me and my family tonight!
    Can't find out by calling city hall - it's 5:44, and it's closed.
    That could be a very bad rumor - wouldn't that notice have to be on the city website?

  59. 4:03, told by whom? There is no announcement coming out of city hall regarding a change in the deadline for submission. Are you trying to keep the number of responses down?

  60. 5:46 - Please verify with the planning department. You can never be too sure about these things unless it is in writing. I agree that this should have been on the city website. And it would have been nice to receive that information in my E-blast as well (maybe I missed it?).

  61. This is how I see it.....if the deadline is extended until 12/26/11, it's because someone/G(goblins)3 is going to use the windstorm as an excuse/necessity of our 12% UUT Fiasco AND it will be too late to count your opposition to the ALF. GO TO CITY HALL By 12/21/11 before 4:45PM or your opposition will NOt COUNT my dear trusting residents. Don't be misguided AGAIN!!!! Love you. TellyouLA

  62. Goblin's are lyin' to us, againDecember 20, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    This is BS Sierra Madre.
    They are trying to stop you from dropping letters off in time.
    Don't believe this!

    THEY ARE LYING TO US. Get those letters in tomorrow.

  63. Even if the deadline date was extended to the 25th that would not make it any better at all. Still crowded with the holidays celebrations. Why would the day after Christmas be any better at all?

    So, get it done tonight and tomorrow. E-mail it in as an attachment and use your e-mail as your very own time/date stamp. It is very accurate.

    Sent mine in as an attachment in earlier this evening.

    Don't have to walk into city hall and ask for any date/time stamp on your copy and the copy you leave behind.

    You always keep your sent copy in your City of Sierra Madre file. You do have one don't you?

  64. Protector of childrenDecember 20, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    Just read the whole thing about Josh the Joker and Matheson.

    Liar. He knows who he wants when it is convenient.
    Just wait he will tell the world that he is the victim. That is always the way the predator behaves: the bully manipulates those around him to believe they are the innocent victim.

    Before the hard drives in computers the police found the child pornographer. The code of cover up does not last tooo long. They will eventually all turn on one another to save their self-serving egos.

  65. I think that it is seriously disgusting that this is being turned into a political debate about whom Bob Matheson was friends or an acquaintance with. I know Bob, obviously not as well as I thought. He was an "around town" guy, much like many of us are to each other. I've shared a drink and probably a photograph with him, just like I have with some of you. I've lived here for 40 years! Do I think what he has done, and what he has been doing is wrong? Hell yes I do. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I can only pray that none of the kids were from here, although even if they aren't, it doesn't make this any better. This should be something our city unites in, not develops barriers and interpersonal angst about. Do you seriously think that this was something that our town police didn't know about and tried to cover up? C'mon, get realistic. The moon landing was real. Kennedy was shot by a guy with damn good aim. UFO's don't exist somewhere in Utah. And yes, this is what the Dirts are all about. Get a life. And put your real name. I'm not scared.

  66. Star News: http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/news/ci_19589061

  67. Laddy Elizabeth WistarDecember 21, 2011 at 2:57 AM

    I can't seem to find you on FB. I wanted to "friend" you. Have you no FB account?

  68. Um, no I don't.

    Can you think of a better reason?

  69. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You are no better than the witch hunts in salem. Just beacuse Josh was in a picture with him in the background doesnt mean crap. What are you going to do next accuse the cashier at a grocery store because they took his money. Or better yet klets get in the neighbors because they lived on the same street. Honestly who doesnt know of everybody in Sierra madre. Wether you dont know his name or occupation you sure know faces and know that thye are around town. I know Josh personally, he is a wonderful guy with a heart of gold. I feel very sorry for you because all your tattler does is run a modern version of the witch hunts in salem.

  70. What is truly strange here is that it appears that you folks are actually circling the wagons around Matheson. So deep is your resentment against those you perceive to be your enemies that you would even risk appearing to sympathize with a guy like that. As for Josh, and as what the point to this, he fibbed to a daily newspaper and we called him out on it. You'd think he would have known better. He should learn that a public figure that says things as dumb as that is fair game.

    Because believe me, people love to read about it.


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