Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updated: Matheson's House Had Been Under Federal Surveillance Recently

8 A.M. Update - I just spoke with Craig Botterill, the Crown Attorney who prosecuted Matheson in Nova Scotia, Canada. He has provided some harrowing details of what was involved. But of most importance here is that the Department of Homeland Security in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles PD (for some reason) were informed of Matheson's arrest by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on October 20.

Repeated inquiries from Canadian authorities about a delay in the search of Matheson's residence here in Sierra Madre were made. The fear being that the place would be sanitized. It is only on December 5th that a move on that residence was planned. And it did not take place until last night. Why did they wait as long as they did? Certainly the officials notified by our friends from the north would be very aware of the possible consequences of their case against Matheson should they delay. This called for immediate action.

This smacks of official negligence to me. Back to today's article:

More information has been uncovered by the Pasadena Star News in their excellent ongoing coverage of the Matheson Scandal here in Sierra Madre. I was over at their offices yesterday and I can assure you that their desire to get to the bottom of this matter is as strong as ours.

Credit for today's photo of Bob Matheson with an unidentified child goes to Terry Miller.

There are a couple of revelations found in today's PSN story, which is entitled "Feds search Sierra Madre home for child pornography." The most intriguing of these revelations being, for me, the one I am going to discuss first. You can access the entire article by clicking here. This story is currently the #4 Top Rated story on the Pasadena Star News website, which is significant for a piece about a town of relatively few people. An indication that regional awareness of what has been going on here continues to grow.

Immigration and Customs Agents obtained a warrant and executed the search of Matheson's 2030 Liliano Drive home after noticing a "flurry" of activity at the residence following his guilty plea, according to the affidavit.

The most recent of this activity occurring on Thursday, the day the story of Matheson's arrest was published on this newspaper's website, according to the affidavit.

The ramifications of what is said here are interesting, to say the least. What this means is that at least one government entity in this nation was aware of Mathenson's child pornography bust in Canada last October, and had acted upon that information. This could also mean that the premises at Matheson's address have remained secure, and that nothing of importance has left the building. Of course, we have no idea what went on inside the house, or whether or not the inmates were roasting hard drives in the fireplace.

And were other people involved? Claims such as those made by Susan Henderson in the most recent issue of the Mountain Views Panhandler are that Matheson acted alone and that nobody knew anything about his activities. So who exactly was it that ICE saw flurrying at 2030 Liliano Drive? Apparently someone was aware that the kilted one had been arrested, and that they had better start destroying evidence.

It has been the City of Sierra Madre's stance that they too knew nothing of Matheson's arrest until the Pasadena Star News article broke last week. Which I am assuming means that either ICE did not fill them in on their activities here, or the City hasn't been leveling with us for some reason. I suppose it is conceivable that the Feds did not share anything with the City because, given Matheson's considerable connections here in town, they did not trust anyone there to not leak sensitive information. My understanding is that they are currently holding the SMPD and the City of Sierra Madre's officials at an arm's length.

This is dismaying:

Canadian investigators also found several instant messages in which Matheson said he wished "to find a young man who could pass as his son or grandson and his belief that it would be an honor and privilege to guide and teach young boys through puberty," the affidavit said.

This is disturbing on so many levels. The first question that needs to be asked is who exactly received these IMs? Obviously Matheson was actively engaged in attempting to find people who would turn a child over to his "care." Who exactly would enable such a thing? And were any of those IMs sent to someone in our area? And if so, who exactly is it that was approached by Matheson in this sick quest? Did any of these IMs go to a Sierra Madre resident?

The affidavit includes details of a male companion, who was traveling with Matheson at the time of his arrest.

The man, later identified as Matt Greek of California, was questioned by Canadian authorities and told about the charges leveled against Matheson. Greek told Canadian officials that he had been friends with Matheson for about 10 years and they met when greek was "approximately 18 years old," according to the affidavit.

Greek returned to California in late October a trip paid by Matheson, the affidavit said.

The article goes on to speculate on whether or not Matt Greek has since been residing at Matheson's home. I suppose that it is possible that Greek's paid return to California came with orders from Matheson to watch over his property and, of course, his video and photograph collection.

Meanwhile, Sierra Madre residents are holding a candlelight vigil outside Matheson's home at 7 p.m. tonight in recognition of the victims of his crimes.

Matheson was active in Sierra Madre civic life, hosting a campaign kickoff at his home for former Mayor Joe Mosca in 2010, and is listed as a member of the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce on its website.

The address for the Candlelight Vigil this evening 2030 Liliano Drive. Dress warmly, bring a candle, and be prepared to be there for around an hour or so. Despite the continuing silence of our city officials on this matter, we need to show the world that the people of Sierra Madre are not indifferent to the horrible crimes committed within the borders of this town.

Tonight's Special City Council Meeting

This will kick off around 6 p.m., and shouldn't last more than a half an hour. The purpose being to announce the following information that I am quoting from the summary of the City of Sierra Madre Agenda Report:

The City Negotiating Team has been actively negotiating with the Sierra Madre Police Officers Association since October of 2010. On December 15, 2011 the City declared impasse in these labor negotiations.

The summary then goes on to say that the City will now arbitrarily dictate terms to the SMPOA, which they are then welcome to take or bake. It appears that there will be no raise this go-around for the men and women in very dark blue, and that they will also be picking up more of the costs for their retirement benefits as well.

I cannot imagine that the Police Officers Association, a regional outfit that represents the needs of police officers in many area jurisdictions, are going to be very happy about this turn of events. They are noted for their aggressive tactics when attempting to win cash money for their local outfits, of which the SMPOA is one. Whether there will be any labor action along the lines of what we saw in 2008 remains to be seen.

The squabble is most likely over where the money raised by the Utility User Tax increase to 12% is going to go once it starts rolling in around 2013. That is, should the residents of Sierra Madre approve of such a thing at the voting booth. 12% would be by far the highest UUT rate paid in the State of California.

As of now it appears that none of this money will be used to fund a Police raise. Instead it will become part of the overall General Fund, where it could very well end up being used to augment the needs of the very City employees who were on the negotiating team mentioned in the agenda report.

Which is why this negotiation should have been conducted by elected officials. Something that has not been the style of the City Council during the unfortunate Mosca-Buchanan years.

See you this evening at 7.


  1. This is only going to get worse, more disturbing.
    The fact this guy "hid" out in Sierra Madre all these years is horrifying.
    The chances none of our local children were involved is very slim.
    The chances others in this town who shared similar sick perversions is also very slim.

    Note to Pat S. who posted last night....I know you, and know you're Josh Moran's close friend.
    Expect you to defend your dirt pals. Of course most of us post anonymous,Pat, we have lived in fear in this town ever since Measure V. You know it.

  2. Nobody has forgotten the Mayberry Terrorists.

  3. Why would Patrick suggest that Josh was involved in Matheson's activity? Just because Josh claimed he didn't know him in a daily newspaper, and was later outed for actually being well acquainted with the guy, doesn't mean he knew about his secret life.


  4. Josh should have just admitted he knew the guy. Why he would have lied about it is very strange.

  5. Certain former mayors who opposed Measure V have
    been terrorizing residents who oppose them for years.
    It only escalated during Measure V. because it was so important for these criminals to defeat it. Big $$$$$ involved.
    Most of us here who read the Tattler know who these people are.

    I'm just pleased to see Mosca leave town and this Matheson get caught. We knew the situation here in Sierra Madre was bad, but it's far, far worse than we thought!

    Get those ALF protest letters or emails in, asp.
    Please stop by the candlelight vigil, if only long enough to light a will make you feel better. I know people are so very sad about this.

  6. I don't know that you should publish the name of the person he was travelling with. Seems like a way to open up the other guy to some angry vigilante action.

  7. With the exception of the disgraceful Susan Henderson, the press has been pretty good about honestly reporting this nightmare.
    Terry Miller, Bill Coburn, Patch and of course the Pasadena Star News and the Tattler are to be thanked, we still have a free press here.
    Terry, Bill and Patch, you have moved up in class in my book. Thanks.

  8. You should take your complaint to the Pasadena Star News, 7:18. Also you should call the Federal authorities who released Greek's name to the press. It is being printed everywhere.

  9. 7:18
    That's probably not a real name, anyway.
    The vigilante terror will come from right here in Sierra Madre.
    But wait! Chances of young men filing law suits against Matheson are a real probability.
    This Matheson has assets. I hope his victims take them away from him.
    I hope this will happen before this monster, Matheson can sell his property, move to Thailand and keep victimizing young boys.

  10. Well, the picture adds another disturbing note to this song. And, weirdly, he looks very much like Josh Moran in that shot - same smile, same party boy attitude...

    See all at vigil tonight, I hope. If we can bring any light into this painful story at all to help the victims in their struggles (and they are struggling, despite the dirts ignorant downplaying of this whole affair), it is worth the effort.

  11. If he was seeking a young boy to travel with him, he's doing far more than trafficking in photos and video. This is making me sick.

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  13. Hey Bucky, Cat Got Your Tongue?!December 21, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    You've found a curious time to shut up, Mayor Smut.

  14. Does anyone know what the connection is between Cross Fit Academy in Monrovia and Matheson is? He is listed on the site as being The General. Plus a Xmas party they had was held at matheson's house.

  15. 8:42, no, only that the reference to "The General," in this current context is deeply disturbing.

  16. Couple of questionsDecember 21, 2011 at 8:46 AM

    Why didn't the LAPD come to town on October 20?
    Wasn't Bart Doyle connected with Homeland Security?

  17. The Council will attribute their silence to an "on going investigation"... The delay between the RCMP notifying LA (WTF?), and Sierra Madre PD finally getting the word... and more than two weeks before a warrant could finally be executed? Did they really want to investigate a pedophile ring or get their uniforms cleaned and pressed before the press conferences? And by the way, shouldn't the SMPD be having one?

  18. Please keep publishing the Matheson connections like the Cross Fit Academy.The more intelligence we share , the more likely collaborators & victims will be found. It will help the slothful SMPD who seem uninvolved to any active or timely degree.And these indolent police want more money?
    Let's see them put a little more energy into crime solving and less in to their money grab. It would do wonders for their abysmally low respect by the hitherto silent majority like me.

  19. Psychopathia SexualisDecember 21, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    These startling new revelations about Matheson can be found in text books throughout the world on aberrant sexuality. The revealed behavior should be of no surprise to law enforcement. We can only hope that he has not committed the ultimate crime and that our law enforcement community does not have to excavate the grounds around 2030 Liliano.

  20. Tonight at 5 pm is the deadline to turn in letters to the city about the Assisted Living Facility Mitigated Negative Declaration.

    Yesterday someone posted there was an extension. That was not true and was written to ensure protest letters would be rejected if turned in after today.

    There many things wrong with the report. Take the time to study anything that has a check mark under "less than significant".

  21. Tattler, as tough as this is to read, thank you.
    It is frightening to think just what Buchanan, Moran, Walsh and the city staff that follow their orders would try to keep hidden if they could.

  22. The Patch has the probable cause affadavit up.

    It notes that Matheon'a traveling companion and friend of 10 years - 28 year old Matt Greek - was set free by Canadian authorities on the date of the arrest - October 18. The affadavit indicates that ICE did not know if Mr. Greek had access to the house where Joe Mosca announced his campaign.

    Even with notice from the Canadians on October 20, Mr. Greek or some other person had two days to clean the house. That said, a search on October 20 was surely called for. Someone on our side of the border dropped the ball by not going after this guy until December 5. After all, by that date he had given an interview in which he admitted to possessing illegal child pornography in both the United States and Canada.

    Sadly, I am unable to pin this on our overpaid and incompetent meter maid staff here in Sierra Madre. As a result, I cannot cyncially use it to ask that the meter maid staff be replaced with LASD. We must find other bases on which to kill the dreaded "MOU" under which we will no doubt commit to fund the salaries and pensions of our brave crime fighters.

  23. I just don't get what happened in terms of locking down this evil man's house. As soon as that child pornography photo and video collection, and literature that turned incest into recreational pornographic reading was found, shouldn't his house have been searched?

  24. For those of you who are blaming the SMPD, I would suggest that you go back to school and learn a bit more about law and jurisdiction. You also need to understand that if a Sierra Madre resident were arrested in Canada, automatic notification of Sierra Madre authorities does not occur immediately. You can't expect SMPD or even your beloved LASD to be psychic. SMPD abided by the law, upheld civil rights and jurisdiction as directed by DHS and the FBI. Enough said.

  25. Patch seems to have swapped it's newest darling, Lady Elizabeth, for real reporting on the continuing Matheson arrest, conviction, and investigation. 15 Minutes of fame is such a brief candle in the blogging world.

    Thank you Tattler for ferreting out who knew what when.

  26. Crawford and Team Tattler researchers,
    We need to find out just how involved Matheson was in city politics. We know he wrote many letters against MaryAnn MacGillivray. We know he was a huge supporter of Mosca and Bosse.
    The authorities and our free press will uncover the disturbing facts of his sickening perverse criminal activity, but we need to know just who he was giving money to, why he was slandering a decent woman like Mrs. MacGillivray under the phony veil of "family values".
    The primary family value of Mrs. MacGillivray and most of the rest of the town right now is to protect our children from guys like Matheson.

  27. We don't know if the SMPD was informed as were Homeland Security and the LAPD yet, 10:00. But do you think they would have kept this secret from the SMPD?

  28. Lady Elizabeth Blowhard's problem is she/he's boring.

  29. Have I got it right, that this companion and this house, both obviously owned by Matheson, were left to go along their own ways from October 20 to December 20?

  30. Obviously Homeland Security is an oxymoron.

  31. Anon 9:42
    It is O.K. that you are unable to "pin this on our overpaid and incompetent meter maid staff here in Sierra Madre"
    Because everyone else can easily. At 12:00am December 15th John Crawford posted the first article on this pedifile. The FACT that the SMPD did not raid the Pedifle Palace at 2030 Liliano the moment they read the news that morning, is either turning a blind eye to chlid porn/pedifiles in Sierra Madre, or possibly involved and working with the perp to cover his tracks, or just plain inept.
    I can plainly see that they to this moment as I am typing this comment, the SMPD have done nothing to protect and serve Sierra Madre.
    I expect a press confrence asking any victims to come forward, at the least.

  32. And a lovely week it was . . .December 21, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    10:00: Nice work. You equated the crime fighters at SMPD doing NOTHING (without fault I might add) to bravely upholding "civil rights" and the "jurisdicition" of DHS and the FBI. I thought they were just doing the usual - eating doughnuts and handing out parking tickets. That is simply awesome spinning.

    10:28: No. According to the affidavit, traveling companion Matt Greek continued his holiday for a full week after Skirt Boy was slammed in the pokey. As a result, he only had access to the house from October 25 to December 20. So don't be so quick to lose faith in the Feds.

  33. I feel badly for the homeowners on Liliano Drive. Back in the late 1980's, a young man murdered his parents in their home on Liliano Drive. Now the residents have to face this sad event with Matheson.


    just a thread that shows he was active there.

    Neuroblast Films

  35. "Robert Matheson: And don't forget the Beer Garden in the park after the parade!
    6 June at 21:02 · 1"
    From FB Event page
    link to image

    Neuroblast Films

  36. "The Annual Christmas Party For Both Elite Fitness Bootcamp and Team CrossFit Academy Will Be At General Bob Matheson’s Home Located At 2030 Liliano In Sierra Madre, CA @ 7:30pm. Look For The H2 Parked In The Driveway…Please Bring Friends, Family, and Those That You Wish To Share The Evening With. Food Is Potluck Style, As Are Drinks…"

    Neuroblast Films

  37. This is info on the Victorian Tea Party that many Sierra Madreans attended and was sponsored by the Historical Soociety - a fund raiser, for gawd's sake. This is turning into a witch hunt. Does the name Salem sound familiar?

    "The Way We Were: An Historic Adventure with Costumes

    Get gussied up and come to the Fabulous Fall Fashion Show and Tea sponsored by the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society!

    On Saturday, October 15, 2011, costume designer Shon Le Blanc of Valentino's Costumes will present textiles, clothing and accessories Sierra Madre style. Having furnished costumes for many plays, movies and television shows, as well as the Sierra Madre Rose Float in 2008, Le Blanc will narrate the show's different eras, as he describes costume details.

    Based on the photographs from our award-winning book, "Southern California: Seeking the Better Life in Sierra Madre", written by Altadena's Michele Zack.This historical fashion revue will reveal how Sierra Madreans dressed through the ages. Tableaus of models will be accompanied by a slide show of historic images taken from the book and the archival files.

    To complement this unique show, the Society will serve a sumptuous tea consisting of finger sandwiches, hearty appetizers, scones, including a special orange marmalade cake as one of the desserts.

    The event is in celebration of the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society's 80th Anniversary. Founded in 1931, the Society continues to participate in community activities, promoting and preserving the history of Sierra Madre, including the stewardship of the Sierra Madre Historical Archives and the City’s two museums: Lizzie’s Trail Inn and the Richardson House. The program will be held in Hartzell Hall: 695 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. at 2:00 p.m. The parking entrance is located off N. Michillinda Avenue. Tickets are $40 and are tax deductible. All proceeds support the work of the Society."

  38. and don't forget the pedifile with the kilt..., or for at least the last OH 10 or more years.

  39. I dumped it 11:3. Thanks. I appreciate that people are scouring the Internet for Matheson stuff, and Neuroblast in particular is doing a great job. But let's not go overboard.

    But what about this deal that Homeland Security sat on the Matheson information for two months? Along with the LAPD? Anybody on that? The news guys I have been talking with think it is huge.


    "Elite Fitness Bootcamp Name from Christmas party"

    802 W Olive Ave Apt B
    Monrovia, 91016-7001 California
    USA phone 626.205.2459

    Neuroblast Films

  41. Can we ask Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck? What about Portantino and Drier? You're right Crawford! There's a buried story here and one that could negate the prosecution of this slime bucket because Homeland Security and the LAPD made a very bad judgement call! Someone lives at the Liliano house with Matheson and it's not the "greek". There are no signs of life, no lights, cars don't move, the yard is unkempt - and yes, we drive by everytime we venture out.

    We think every building that engages the Clan Matheson Trust for building maintenance should be searched.

  42. Solve the delay and get in line for your Pulitzer Sir Eric.

  43. When you spoke to the lawyer, did you identify yourself as a blogger or a reporter?

  44. Chief Diaz, Manny, Moe and Jack, and Elaine Aguilar should be outraged that HS and the LAPD ignored communications from ICE and the RCMP! By doing so they may have allowed pedophiles and sex offenders to destroy evidence. Sierra Madre may be small but its citizens have rights - guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

    Who's the Attorney General for the State of California? Kamala Harris? Anyone local work on her campaign? Now there's a person who should be made aware of this situation.

  45. Ah, 11:57 am... a trick question! Will we see the answer on a competing blog?

  46. Nope, just the question because I don't know the answer. I am just curious how you present yourself to people.


    Robert Matheson
    Worked at American Forces Network (Broadcast Center, Director of Broadcasting, Emeritus)Studied Broadcast Communication Arts at San Francisco State UniversityLives in Sierra Madre, CaliforniaFrom Millbrae, CaliforniaBorn on December 16

    American Forces Network
    Broadcast Center, Director of Broadcasting, Emeritus · Riverside, California


    College of San Mateo
    Class of 1965 · Telecommunications
    KCSM-TV's first cameraman.
    San Francisco State University
    Class of 1970 · Broadcast Communication Arts

    High School

    Mills High
    Class of 1962

    Religious Views

    I believe in personal responsibility.
    Much of what happens in life is a result of decisions and choices you make, not divine intervention.

    Political Views

    Character Counts

    Favorite Quotations Alba Gu Brath!

    How about a wee dram?

    Yes, I DO like haggis!!
    People Who Inspire Robert

    Michael Josephson

    Arts and Entertainment

    Las Vegas International Tattoo
    Let's make the Highland bagpipe Canada's official musical instrument


    Son of the Sword


    Rob Roy
    The Evil Dead
    Evil Dead II
    Evil Dead 3


    Hamish Macbeth
    Monarch of the Glen


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    Activities and Interests

    Nova Scotia


    All Things Scottish

    Show Other Pages
    Basic Information
    About Robert Hopelessly Scottish

    If you (or an ancestor) has the surname MATHESON, no matter what spelling variation, please join your Clan Matheson Society!!

    I do not accept "Game" requests, which are actually Apps that compromise access to my account.

    Sex Male

  48. So, Neuroblast, do you think the Christmas Party is off? Knowing himself to be in jail and going to court to please guilty on Tuesday, wouldn't you think Matheson would cancel the party?

  49. He's both 11:57, he reports the facts on his blog, The Tattler. He has many sources of information, has to sift through and make sure his information is accurate.
    What a concept eh? A truthful report.
    Don't often see that around Sierra Madre.
    Thanks to John Crawford, that situation is changing.
    Integrous people want to know the truth, many have stuck to their delusions because it was more comfortable. Crawford has changed that.
    It's no longer acceptable to be naive here in Sierra Madre.
    Kudos to those who dare to want the truth!

  50. Matthew Greek is 28 years old, address in Monrovia, California.
    Found this in Intellus people search

  51. It appears Ol' Robert Matheson knows his way around a video camera.

  52. The filthy dirts campaign slogan in 2010 was BRING CIVILITY BACK TO SIERRA MADRE.

    How about the slow growth/preservation pro Measdure V folks using this slogan:

  53. ? Re: item on Matheson's Facebook page: member of South American Bab Pipe Association. Now why is that? Do young boys start the study of the bagpipes in the Argentine Highlands at an early enough age to interest a pedophile like Matheson? You might not believe it but places in South American have been colonized by Scotish and you would think you were in Scotland.

  54. Photo with today's blog...handful of bills from the sale of what? Change apron on but yet he is reaching into his pocket for something else. Where is this photo taken. Another activity with the
    Resence of children.

  55. The Dirts aptly named themselves, over and over again it doesn't pay to be a DIRT. Who would want to be a "dirt". That just sounds dirty, and to have a dirty old man pedifile as their mascot... that's got to sting.

  56. Click on Neuroblast @11:12 and you will find the photo with Maeheson in the far rleft of the back row. BIG QUESTION: why is he the only one on his age bracket in this group? Everyone e
    Se appears to be in their 30's and 40's so what is his interest in this age group. Is Matt Greek a member?

  57. 10:39 and 10:45, Again, you need to go back to school and learn the LAW. As previously stated, SMPD can't raid a house without a W-A-R-R-A-N-T and must follow the chain of command, i.e., FBI/DHS! If they were to do that, Matheson's civil rights would have been violated and any case against him would be thrown out. Is that what you want? To find out that child pornography was found in his home yet he is able to walk free because of a poorly run investigation?

    Your ignorant interpretation what what the SMPD can and cannot do is not only proposterous but infectious. Stop perpetuating the cycle of your ignorance. You obviously don't know the law.

  58. We can put an end to this filth/civility crowd.
    Return MaryAnn MacGillivray and two candidates she endorses to the city council. Take back the majority, and end this nightmare.
    This filth/civility council have caused enough nightmares. Let's end it.
    Refuse to vote for any candidate, who has connections to Mosca, Buchanan, Moran, Walsh or Doyle or any of the ex-mayors who were against our property saving Measure V, and of course, the convicted old Fop, Matheson. Remember Matheson repeatedly wrote letters to papers condeming MaryAnn MacGillivray.
    Remember only one candidate who has the dirt agenda will make a majority for Moran and Walsh or their "brain" Bart Doyle. Throw this trash out once and for all.

  59. Thank You Anon 1:02
    Here is a direct link to the pic in question

    Neuroblast Films

  60. tattlers, "elizabeth wistar" tried to friend me on facebook. i reported the profile as fake and said it was a hate site against a resident of sierra madre. look up elizabeth wistar and report the profile so it will be deleted. given the latest article on the tattlertattler it slanders john crawford by calling him a cyberbully. it also says she will convert to facebook so that posts are not anonymous. she cant do that if we report her profile and she is deleted. hehehehe

  61. Anon 1:13
    You may be far more ignorant than even YOU know. There is ALWAYS a Judge availible for a warrant. The FACT that Robert Matheson plead guilty to child porn would be an easy 1 page warrant request. The form could be completed in 5 minutes, and as I have said before there is always a Judge availible to sign it. Your arguement is without merit, and juvenile.

    Here is a link you should read

    you will find that when you plead GUILTY to the crime, a warrant is not hard to get.

    Neuroblast Films

  62. Looks like Patch has now spoken to Botterill as well. Where would they be without the Tattler?

  63. Wistar complaining about anonymous posting is like a skunk complaining about stink.

  64. Cross Fit didn't help Matheson get in shape . . . you have to wonder what he was doing there.

  65. Neuroblast, I never said anything about a judge NOT being available. Get your facts straight before you call me ignorant.

    I will reiterate since you are a little slow on the draw. SMPD HAS to follow the chain of command. If the FBI was conducting the investigation and initiating a warrant, there would be nothing that SMPD could do to expedite a warrant. Therefore, criticism of SMPD is, to quote you, "without merit and juvenile."

    I look forward to your retort with another hyperlink to online manuals however, you may want to look up "Jurisdiction," "Chain of Command," "Due Process" and "Civil Rights" and actually educate yourself on the law instead of your proficiency with Google.

  66. My guess is Matheson is an owner, 1:47. Otherwise I doubt they would have given him the time of day.

  67. Having saome knowledge of psychological sociopaths as in "pedophiles......interventions as salt peter,castration, etc does not work...except for a lobotomy. Pedophiles, evidently cannot be rehabilitated. Curs, abominations of any kind...rather like a cancer...insidious, evil & must be eliminated.

  68. I'm trying to understand how so many people could have had direct contact with Matheson and not sensed his proclivities. I'm probably a little more skeptical than the average senior citizen, but I'm having trouble believing no one picked up his vibe.

  69. That is the $1 million dollar question, 1:53.

    Hopefully this will be the triggering event to bring decency back to Sierra Madre.

  70. What a Dickens' Village Christmas Story this has turned out to be.

  71. Dickens Village is just the airbrushed Hallmark card nonsense. The real Charles Dickens version is much more like what you're seeing here.

  72. 1:53, the pro-development political group known as the Dirts specializes in denial. Look no further than the unquestioning support of Joe Mosca after he was publicly exposed as a liar.

  73. Is Joe really in England?

  74. Another important question 2:01, and I haven't heard one word about it. Usually there are rumors, but the cone of silence has descended around that.

  75. I know there have been people trying to find an announcement about Matt Bosse assuming that big job in Europe. But nobody can find anything. The position was described as being something with great responsibility, and not just for England but much of Europe as well. Corporations always release press releases for that. But in this case, nothing.

  76. Anon 1:48
    Here is the issue at point

    I am not talking about the possession of the films and pics he was arrested for, but the follow me here so I dont loose you, the possible risk of a "a young man who could pass as his son or grandson" in a locked room somewhere in the home.
    There has been enough of that in the news so I shouldn't have to provide a lnk.
    The FACT that Robert Matheson was looking to traffic in child sex slaves is the threat in Sierra Madre. Did he get a "a young man who could pass as his son or grandson" and if so is he locked in a room in the house on 2030 Liliano Drive?
    Unless the SMPD was told specifically not to intervene, they should have at the very least requested the search. It is up to the JUDGE to grant it or not.
    It is my opinion that the wait and see what happens approach is not what is best for our community.
    better late than never
    Neuroblast Films

  77. "For What It's Worth" has some present day meaning for us.

  78. gosh I really enjoy reading this blog but sometimes the amount of rage at the city council and the "dirts" does go over the top. It seems it the same person posting on these topics...enough already!! Your point was made the first time.

  79. The South American Piping Association, on their site, at their history has the following:

    The The South American Piping Association was founded on October 7th, 1967 by the Pipe Major Alasdair Lean and a small group of youngsters who were enthused with the Scottish music.

    Did you catch it? ..... youngsters...

    Lest we over reach...I still want to ask the question: How many youngsters in Argentina want to learn about the bagpipes? What a good ruse to get near children. Offer classes for children, activities that they never knew that wanted to know about, except that they may have a distant Scottish heritage.

  80. Mr. Moderator,
    I appreciate you taking down the Historical Society fund raiser post from this morning. It's nice to see that you drew the line. It might not be in the same spot as I would like it to be, but it's good to know that one is there someplace.

  81. I think some of the Tats have been watching too much TV. Vivid imaginations, I'd say. The guy is scum, but someone locked up in a room? Wow this thread is getting too silly for words.

  82. I am going to hope against all odds that Joe was not sought out by Matheson, with his offer of a nice venue for the launching of his re-election campaign, because Joe and Matt had a young son that could very well have met Matheson's instant messaging search. Such an association could lend him ligitimacy to get next to other youngsters because here he was, a nice grandfather, traveling with his grandson...want to come along to the park?

  83. I must second Patrick Simcock @3:18pm,
    thank you for the Tattler filter all of us "Tattlers" appreciate it.

    Neuroblast Films

  84. 2:59, you might not like the rage against the g3, but it is there and it is growing. Yes, some are less tactful than others, but there is a common truth heard here daily. We don't like being lied to and manipulated by the likes of Joe Mosca and John Buchanan. To quote his eminence, "You'll just have to be offended."

    Neuroblast has the film.

  85. @3:20. There is nothing "silly" about child enslavement. You are trying to deny reality in the face of an ongoing investigation which has already produced a confessed child pornography smuggler and his instant messages searching for victims. How dare you suggest a likely possiblity is impossible because you have only heard of such crimes on tv.

  86. My introduction to the easy lie in Sierra Madre politics was years ago, when Rob Stockly voted to approve the One Carter development while he was employed at Citizen's Bank, which had a financial relationship with the developer, Greg Galletly. If we were to put together a list of all the lies from the Civility Party, it would be a very long one. After enough time, people get fed up.

  87. The rage at the city council and the dirts is well-earned, 2:59 . For many, this is yet another confirmation of the low level of social circles in which the dirts tend to travel, but most of us don't need another reason to condemn this particularly sleazy group of people. Much like some of our nation's recently scandalized political figures (within the last two to three years) they don't practice what they preach. They like to assume the mantle of self righteous right wing born again Christianity to hide their true identities. There must be a slew of Dorian Gray portraits in the attics of these deviants in town...and finally, someone's ferreting out those portraits to get the truest picture of their debaucheries.

    On the topic of DHS and FBI delaying the search warrant, this may have more to do with it being more important to keep the property under surveillance and see who might show up. And I thought the creepy Bart Doyle also was somehow involved in Homeland Security. Wasn't some appointment for said announced last year? If he was involved at all in the decision to stall the warrant, would he have been vested with enough power to keep a lid on it until all of his fellow sleazeball friends in town were protected?

    This story just may blow a lot of unexpected ways and purge this town in the process.

  88. Anon 3:20
    Here we go again...
    READ the affidavit

    Canadain authorities found Instant Messages that revealed he was looking to get a boy to pose as a grandson digital proof he was seeking to own a boy is scary enough in my book to warrant a search. Things may be different in your home, but in situations like this, I feel error on the side of caution.

    I,as I am sure you are aware, have been an advocate of searching the premises of 2030 Liliano for evidence pertaining to the crimes at hand for obvious reasons.

    Although,you may be right Robert Matheson may have been able to make the boy play along and not be required to lock him up. He may end up a travelling companion 10 years later.

    AGAIN this is what ROBERT MATHESON was "IMing" his contacts about. What we do not know is WHEN these correspondences took place who they were to or if Robert Matheson was able to find what he was looking for.

    Neuroblast Films

  89. How's this for a starter, 3:49?
    Let's pretend that Stockly didn't ignore the need for him to recuse himself.
    Let's pretend that Susan Henderson, handmaiden for the civility party's message, wasn't found guilty in a court of law to the tune of a $47,000 judgement against her.
    Let's pretend the water rate hike was presented honestly as being about bonds, not old pipes.
    Let's pretend that the city's inability to conduct a forensic financial audit wasn't because of mismanagement to the point of record destruction by an employee.
    Let's pretend that Joe Mosca was not a liar when he ran on the platform of guaranteeing the citizens the right to vote of the Downtown Makeover Plan.

  90. We may not know exactly who Lady Elizabeth Wistar is yet, but she has now published a list of classes she's teaching at 58 W Sierra Madre Blvd (Billy Sullivan's Bottle Shop to the uninitiated). Her course outline is on As if we needed proof that this whole tattertattler site wasn't instigated by dirts... She hasn't had much of a response to her blog and for those who don't want to go there (I don't blame you), she announced earlier today she's going to take herself to Facebook.

    It's not much of a leap from the fast moving Wistar blight to recollection of the Cumquat and it's derivatives. Same old players, too.

  91. Matheson's arrest and conviction for having kiddie porn on his computer in Canada is probable cause for a local warrant to issue. Local police departments often defer to the feds. And, sometimes the feds and local police will work together in a joint task force.

    However, to be clear, an ongoing federal investigation does not foreclose the SMPD from conducting its own investigation into possible violations of the California Penal Code.

    I should know. I worked in law enforcement for nearly ten years.

  92. I have a dirty little feeling, our "Lady Elizabeth Wistar" is a Dirt Hydra, with many monkeys all working tirelessly to spin the dirt rising to the Sierra Madre Tattler surface.

  93. It is not the least bit cute to play games--as in setting up an alternate blog site with a close title-- when the safety of children is concerned by those who are engaging in honest discussion on the

    in fact I find it vicious in its attempts to misdirect the important discussion of this hideous behavior.

  94. It's pretty shameful that this is the reaction that the dirts are promoting to this very difficult situation. Trying to force sardonic humor into the mix is just beyond inappropriate. This is one matter where all sides should be aligned and somberly united to seek a reasonable, healthy resolution for the community. There was some mention earlier on the blog that pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, a statement that is indeed supportable by case histories in this country and abroad. I wonder if profligate dirts can ever be rehabbed or are they, as their current responses indicate, a completely lost cause?

  95. Just so you know, I am getting all kinds of bizarre comments from Lady Elizabeth Hystaria complaining about anonymous posts. Correct me if I am wrong, but is Lady Elizabeth actually using the name her parents gave her when she first entered this veil of tears? I think not.

  96. Lady Elizabeth isn't a person. She's a movement.

  97. Of the bowel variety I'm sure.

  98. Go to Facebook and report Elizabeth Wistar. There is a drop down box next to the friend request where you can select "report". You can choose to select that the profile isn't actually a person. Additionally, you can elaborate by adding that this profile is used to promote a blog that slanders a Sierra Madre resident.

    If Lady Wistar wants to go to Facebook to eliminate anonymity, this is how you get "her" kicked off Facebook.

    The perpetuation of hate has got to stop. Caroline made an excellent point that the abuse of children is the issue, not a hate site playing off a serious site. So pray for the children then get Elizabeth Wistar kicked off Facebook.

  99. @ 8:52 - Abuse of the children IS the issue. Things like "You've found a curious time to shut up, Mayor Smut" and "This guy had a lot of friends, and I doubt that all of them weren't in on his dirty little secret", and the witch hunt which was thankfully removed by the moderator are not. If you want to call this a serious site, which on occasion I do agree with, then stop acting like a 5 year old that is trying to get someone kicked off because they want to eliminate anonymity. Do you really think that this is a blog where Sierra Madre residents aren't slandered and where the perpetuation of hate is not prevelant?

  100. Hey thanks for this blog i just discovered this evening after all the publicity.

    I hope you can expose all the corruption. I definitely support your right to post free here.

  101. Patrick - in my opinion politicians and elected officials are fair game for this sort of thing. After all, wasn't I accused of things such as going through peoples' garbage during the last election when I ran for Council? Trust me, I didn't enjoy it. The criticism, that is. Democracy can be a rough business, but unless you are looking to invest our leaders with an aura of divine invincibility ala the Roman Empire, I don't see how you are going to get around such things. And the Mayor Smut label is in reference to John Buchanan's public (and published) support of the Sierra Madre Cumquat. A blog that stooped to using pornography to attack political and government figures. I am going to need to reprise that unfortunate episode in our City's history fairly soon.

  102. I remember seeing this incompetent,fascist, gay, bullyboy running around the hallways of AFRTS (American Forces Radio and Televison) micro-managing, intimidating, and belittling everyone, only to shift gears and hit on the young male soldiers and sailors at work - in fact, that's what led to his "retirement" from Government service about 5 years ago now. A real piece of work. To hear about his arrest now doesn't surprise anyone who worked out in Riverside during his "reign". What took so long is the question most of us are asking. Incidentally, AFRTS has a pretty big IT dept, and Bob was in charge out there for a long time...just saying... The DoD Inspector General might want to pop in there sometime, and say..."Hi...I'd like to take a look at BM's old files. NOW!"

  103. 7:57, that could be important information. Hope the Pasadena Star News will pick up on that.

  104. He used to do A LOT of international traveling on government business. IG?


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