Friday, May 31, 2019

Steve Bannon: Trump will lose supporters when they discover he's just another non-billionaire scumbag

Mod: So much news, so little time. Here's some of the latest, hot off the Tattler computer screen.

Bannon: Trump will lose supporters when they discover he's just another non-billionaire scumbag ( link): Steve Bannon took a break from turning into compost for long enough to speak with Michael Wolff for Wolff’s latest book, Siege: Trump Under Fire. And Bannon had a lot of salty things to say about his ex-boss.

The Guardian secured an advance copy of the book, scheduled to be released June 4, and highlighted Bannon’s part in it. The upshot? Trump is a fake billionaire and a crook.

The former White House adviser Steve Bannon has described the Trump Organization as a criminal entity and predicted that investigations into the president’s finances will lead to his political downfall, when he is revealed to be “not the billionaire he said he was, just another scumbag”. So what’s the over/under on “Sloppy Steve” tweets in the next month? I think Vegas has it pegged at 600.

Assessing the president’s exposure to various investigations, many seeded by the special counsel Robert Mueller during his investigation of Russian election interference, Wolff writes: “Trump was vulnerable because for 40 years he had run what increasingly seemed to resemble a semi-criminal enterprise.”

He then quotes Bannon as saying: “I think we can drop the ‘semi’ part.”

Trump: 'I had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected' (The Hill link): President Trump said early Thursday that he "had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected" while slamming special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in a series of tweets. “After spending $40,000,000 over two dark years, with unlimited access, people, resources and cooperation, highly conflicted Robert Mueller would have brought charges, if he had ANYTHING, but there were no charges to bring!” he said in his first tweet of the morning.

"Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn’t exist," he said in a subsequent tweet.

"So now the Dems and their partner, the Fake News Media, say he fought back against this phony crime that didn’t exist, this horrendous false accusation, and he shouldn’t fight back, he should just sit back and take it," he added. "Could this be Obstruction? No, Mueller didn’t find Obstruction either."

Trump’s tweet appeared to be his first acknowledgement of the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in order to help his campaign.

Schiff: 'There’s been an epidemic of cowardice in the GOP' (Politico link): Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, attacked Republicans’ moral character on Thursday while continuing to temper Democrats’ calls for impeaching President Donald Trump until such proceedings are clearly “the right thing for the country.” The California Democrat told Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer in a question-and-answer session that GOP lawmakers had come up to him privately to “express their deep concerns and worries” about the Trump administration and offer bits of encouragement as Schiff’s committee forges ahead with its investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“But I’m, frankly, exhausted by the private misgivings,” Schiff said. “People need to speak out.”

The lawmaker said he respected Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, who became the first Republican lawmaker to accuse Trump of committing impeachable offenses with a series of tweets earlier this month.

Schiff also reminisced about the late Sen. John McCain’s frequent clashes with the president and lauded the Arizona Republican’s stands as acts of courage. “I think what we knew, implicitly, was that courage is contagious,” he said. “But what we didn’t realize is that cowardice is also contagious. I think there’s been an epidemic of cowardice in the GOP. This president doesn’t stand for anything that the Republican Party said it stood for.”

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mueller Aftermath: There is nothing left of the "No Collusion - No Obstruction" lie except the smell of burning bullshit

Mod: In one very precise 10 minute statement Robert Mueller blew away months of cover up and lies from Trump/Barr. There is nothing left of the "No Collusion - No Obstruction" lie but the smell of burning bullshit.

David Corn: Mueller Reminds the Nation That Trump Betrayed the USA (Mother Jones link): Much of the immediate commentary following special counsel Robert Mueller’s surprise press conference on Wednesday focused on his damning statements about President Donald Trump’s actions that potentially could be charged as obstruction of justice—if Justice Department policy did not prohibit the indictment of a sitting president.

But Mueller’s remarks were also a reminder of the core elements of the Trump-Russia scandal: Moscow attacked the 2016 election to help Trump, and Trump assisted Vladimir Putin’s assault by claiming at the time (and afterward) that it wasn’t real. That is, whether or not Trump had criminally colluded with Russian operatives, he did side with a foreign adversary that attacked American democracy—and that’s treachery.

Mueller began his statement by reiterating what has already been stated by the US intelligence community, Democratic and Republican members of Congress, and his own report: Putin “launched a concerted attack on our political system.” He noted the Russians “used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks used by the Clinton campaign. They stole private information and then released that information through fake online identities and through the organization WikiLeaks. The releases were designed and timed to interfere with our election and to damage a presidential candidate.”

The Kremlin’s goal was to impede Hillary Clinton and, consequently, boost Trump. And, Mueller added, “a private Russian entity engaged in a social media operation where Russian citizens posed as Americans in order to influence an election.”

In other words, there is no Russian hoax. This is no Deep State concoction cooked up to subvert Trump’s campaign or his presidency. The attack was real. It was significant. And there was a compelling need to investigate it and any contacts between Trump associates and Russians.

Yet during the campaign, Trump and his lieutenants repeatedly denied the Russian attack was under way. As soon as the Democratic National Committee publicly announced its servers had been penetrated by Russian hackers, the Trump campaign claimed this was a “hoax” devised by the DNC itself. After Democratic emails swiped by the Russians were dumped by WikiLeaks right before the Democratic convention in July 2016, Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manfort, then the campaign chairman, went on news shows and denied this had anything to do with the Russians. (Only a month earlier, they and Jared Kushner had attended a meeting with a Russian emissary whom they were told was bringing them dirt on Clinton as part of a secret Kremlin scheme to help the Trump campaign.)

Even after the intelligence community briefed Trump in mid-August of that year and informed him that Moscow indeed was behind the hack-and-dump operation, he continued to say in public that there was no reason to blame the Russians for this intervention. At the first presidential debate, Trump huffed, “I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC…It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK? You don’t know who broke into DNC.” He kept this up after the Obama administration a few weeks later officially declared Russia was culpable.

Comments like these must have signaled to Russia—a foreign adversary trying to subvert an American election—that the Trump campaign was just fine with its underhanded efforts. (After the DNC emails were posted around convention time, Trump publicly called on Russians to hack Clinton: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” And, according to Mueller’s report, hours later, Russian hackers targeted Clinton’s servers.)

Mod: The rest of David Corn's excellent analysis is available at the link.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

First GOP Congressman to call for Trump's Impeachment greeted with a standing ovation at Michigan town hall

 Flip your wig, Donny
Mod: I have bashed the Tea Party regularly on this site for their cowardice and hypocrisy in betraying their much beloved United States Constitution by supporting Trump. Then along came Justin Amash, Tea Party stalwart and the first GOP Congressman to call for Trump's impeachment. Why? Defence of just that very Constitution. Go figure.

Amash greeted with a standing ovation at Michigan town hall (CNN link): Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan may have been prepared to deal with critics at his first town hall since publicly stating earlier this month that President Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, but instead he got a standing ovation Tuesday.

Attendees even booed and heckled a woman in a Make America Great Again hat who defended Trump, prompting Amash to step in. "Let's be respectful," he urged the crowd.

During the town hall, which went on for two hours, an hour longer than planned, Amash defended his conservative credentials -- "I'm who I said I was. I'm a principled, constitutional conservative" -- and once again brushed off a new primary challenge from Michigan state Rep. Jim Lower. "I am not concerned about it," Amash told the crowd, adding: "And in any case, you should always do what's right."

He remains the only sitting Republican to openly say that Trump committed impeachable offenses based on his reading of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

"Clearly, things that violate the public trust are impeachable," Amash said Tuesday, drawing applause. "I think it's really important that we do our job as Congress. That we would not allow misconduct to go undeterred."

He has not signed on to any existing / impeachment resolutions, but said Tuesday that it would be appropriate for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry.

"She's very nervous about some of her Democrats who are in what she considers tougher districts," Amash said to a crowd of more than 700 packed into the Grand Rapids Christian High School auditorium.

"We have a job to do, and I think we owe it to the American people to represent them to ensure that the people we have in office are doing the right thing, are of good character, aren't violating the public trust." Hours before the town hall, Amash had put out a series of 25 tweets expanding on his takeaways from the Mueller report, which explored Russian interference in the 2016 election.

"In truth, Mueller's report describes concerning contacts between members of Trump's campaign and people in or connected to the Russian government," Amash wrote on Tuesday.

Amash singled out Attorney General William Barr for his handling of the report, arguing that Barr had misrepresented Mueller's findings, including in testimony before Congress. "Barr has so far successfully used his position to sell the President's false narrative to the American people. This will continue if those who have read the report do not start pushing back on his misrepresentations and share the truth," Amash tweeted.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

'Real Low-IQ' Trump denies North Korea has set off any missiles — 24 hours after admitting they did

Mod: The current and so-called "President of the United States" appears to be having some kind of a smoldering case of man crush madness over a fat murderous little tyrant who fervently dreams of nuking Los Angeles some day. Yet more proof that Donald Trump is a strange human being, and doesn't have any idea about what he is doing. Exactly what happens when you turn the government over to a dangerous fool.

Trump denies North Korea has set off any rockets — 24 hours after admitting they shot off ‘some small weapons’ (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump denied his own intelligence information about North Korea during a press conference in Japan Monday. Oddly, however, the comment came just 24 hours after he called the rockets “some small weapons.” According to White House correspondent from CBS News, Mark Knoller, Trump told the press he feels “a lot of good things will come from North Korea.”

He went on to claim that the country hasn’t had any rocket testing or nuclear testing since he began negotiating with them.

It’s unclear if Trump is neglecting his national security briefings, ignoring them or forgot about the two times North Korea fired rockets in the wake of his last meeting with the dictator. The moment came just 24 hours after Trump claimed that North Korea shot off “some small weapons.” The last missile test was May 9, 2019, when the country launched two short-range ballistic missiles. May 4, 2019, North Korea launched several short-range projectiles from the east coast of the country. The New York Times also noted that it’s possible one of the missiles was a Russian Iskander missile, which can make corrections in flight to its target.

But just 24 hours ago, Trump said something entirely different.

North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me,” Trump said. According to the Associated Press, the message contradicts Trump’s own national security advisor, John Bolton, who called the short-range missiles a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

 Trump: 'Kim Jong Un and I fell in love' - video link here

Rep. Gregory Meeks says Kim Jong-un is ‘playing’ Trump: ‘The real low IQ person is the president’ (Raw Story link): Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) on Monday reacted to President Donald Trump’s remarks in Japan that he is not “personally bothered” by North Korean missile tests.

Meeks told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that there was likely nothing Kim Jong-un could do that would make Trump disavow the two leaders’ relationship.

“I think Kim is playing the president,” Meeks said. “He played him in the first summit. He played him at the second summit. So Kim realizes that the real low IQ person is the president and he can continue to play games with him all along until Kim gets what he wants. In fact, Kim has already gotten what he wants. The world stage.”

Monday, May 27, 2019

Former director of national intelligence makes it clear that Trump would not have won without Russia’s help

Mod: Today is Memorial Day, as good a time as any to reflect upon the strong perception that America's most tragic defeat did not come at the hands of any foreign country alone, but by treason and willful ignorance here at home as well. All of which continues to this day.

Former director of national intelligence makes it clear that Trump would not have won without Russia’s help (AlterNet link): When Donald Trump produced the first list of names for his death list this week, he didn’t include that of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Clapper appears to be out to remedy this oversight by pointing out the fact that the Trump campaign didn’t just cooperate with Russia—it’s extremely unlikely Trump would have been elected without Russian support.

As Newsweek reports, Clapper’s just-released memoirs don’t shy away from drawing the obvious conclusion about the impact of the Russian interference and the benefits to Trump. As Clapper writes, “Surprising even themselves, [Russia] swung the election to a Trump win. To conclude otherwise stretches logic, common sense and credulity to the breaking point. Less than eighty thousand votes in three key states swung the election. I have no doubt that more votes than that were influenced by this massive effort by the Russians.”

Not only did the intelligence community have the information they needed to see that Russian interference was more than sufficient to cover Trump’s narrow margin of electoral victory—Trump knows it. Because the information Clapper is referencing was included in the first presentation that the intelligence community gave to Trump in January 2017.

Clapper is also clear in exactly why there wasn’t a larger effort in 2016 to fight back against Russia launching a military operation to interfere in a U.S. election.”House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said they would not support a bipartisan statement that might hurt their nominee for president,” wrote Clapper. “It seemed they had decided by then that they didn’t care who their nominee was, how he got elected or what effects having a foreign power influence our election would have on the nation, as long as they won.”

Trump has referenced Clapper dozens of times in Twitter and in his rally speeches. At first he claimed that the DNI had absolved Trump of any collaboration with Russia, though that wasn’t what Clapper said. Then that Clapper had written a “beautiful letter” praising Trump. But by the time that the Mueller investigation began, Trump listed Clapper among the “liars” who were conspiring against him, including FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan. The former DNI also became a frequent target of attacks on Fox News, including by Trump favorites Hannity and Fox and Friends.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

‘The president’s insane’: Senior Trump official confides in insider account of White House

Mod: Trump's favorite news reporter, CNN's Jim Acosta, has a new book out. It appears that he has been talking to senior Trump administration officials, and they are confiding to him that Trump is insane. While this isn't totally unexpected news, it is good to have your suspicions confirmed.

‘The president’s insane’: Senior Trump official confides in insider account of White House (Raw Story link): In a review of CNN’s  Jim Acosta’s forthcoming book,  “The Enemy of The People,” Guardian reviewer Martin Pengelly reveals some telling quotes that the CNN White House correspondent relays, including one White House official confiding that President Donald Trump is mentally ill.

According to the report,  Acosta’s sources “are often blunt in their assessment of their boss. A ‘senior White House official’ tells Acosta: ‘The president’s insane.’ A ‘former White House national security official says staffers were not sure the president had not been ‘compromised’ by Russia.”

As Pengelly explains, “The notion that the media was the ‘enemy of the people’ emerged swiftly and caused great consternation among a press corps spooked by virulent abuse at Trump rallies. Acosta cites three unnamed sources who say the controversial line of attack originated with Steve Bannon, then Trump’s chief White House adviser.”

“In his book, Acosta admits to sometimes ‘grandstanding’ and ‘showboating,'” the reviewer explains. “He also says he ‘opts for the bait’ when questioning Trump, ‘which bothers some people.’ Of concerns he may be biased against the president, he writes: ‘Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump’.”

Mod: I guess you could say the following story is proof.

Trump Just Admitted He Ignores His Advisors On North Korea Because He Trusts Kim Jong-Un (DC Tribune link): President Donald Trump is currently kicking it in Japan for four days where he’s playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe as well as disrespecting their culture and traditions. But before he hit the golf course, he stopped to send out a tweet that should have us all pretty damn nervous — confirming that North Korea has in fact been test firing weapons, but he just doesn’t care. He intends to just keep on ignoring his top advisors and hope that his chummy relationship with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, will pull through.

North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me,” the president’s tweet began. “I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me.” Nevermind the fact that he’s a DICTATOR, huh?

We’ll just go with the idea that he’s going to keep his pinky promise to the big orange idiot. Trump then went on to break the unofficial rule that domestic politics end at the nation’s shore when he continued his tweet by lashing out at 2020 Democratic hopeful and Trump’s biggest competitor, Joe Biden, even claiming that he and Kim smack-talked the Democratic candidate together.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Man Baby Blues: Trump Staff Dreads Traveling Overseas With Toddler President

Mod: According to this Jonathan Chait column, life with the man baby president isn't especially easy. And like it is with most bawling infants, things get worse when you're stuck with him on a plane and can't escape.

Trump Staff Dreads Traveling Overseas With Toddler President (New York Magazine link): Traditionally, White House staffers cherish the opportunity to travel with the president overseas on Air Force One as a perk of their service. But traditionally, the president they are traveling with is not Donald Trump. CNN reports on the dread and horror that has overtaken the White House staff when duty calls upon them to accompany the 45th president. “It’s like being held captive,” one source reports.

The experience of overseas travel with Trump is almost exactly like traveling overseas with a poorly behaved toddler:

Trump won’t stop watching television. The screen-addicted president just keeps doing what he does at home, which is binge-watch TV for hours and get angry. The difference is that, on the plane, they can’t get away:

Trump will spend hours reviewing cable news coverage recorded on a TiVo-like device or sifting through cardboard boxes of newspapers and magazines that have been lugged aboard. He’ll summon sleeping staffers to his office at moments the rest of the plane is dark, impatient to discuss his upcoming meetings or devise a response to something he saw in the media.

Like at home, Trump’s method of governing is to see things on television that anger him and order his staffers to make them go away: “Trump has long insisted that he is treated unfairly by the news media, and if he sees something on television that bothers him — ‘which he invariably will,’ one official quipped — he instructs his staff to fix it, no matter if they are at the White House or flying over the Atlantic Ocean,” according to CNN.

On Trump’s Air Force One, the overnight is dark and full of terrors.

Trump won’t go to sleep. The president and First Lady are the only passengers equipped with lie-flat beds. Despite this, Trump resists his staff’s attempts to get him to go to sleep. Trump “will hold court for hours on end, despite staffers encouraging him to join first lady Melania Trump in the private cabin and get some rest,” the story notes. “He will not go to sleep,” reports a source. Unfortunately, Trump is well past the age at which pediatricians recommend sleep-training.

Trump does not like the TV in other countries. When he lands, rather than meet with foreign leaders, Trump heads straight to his hotel. He often complains about the lack of familiar television channels. “After he discovered to his displeasure on an early foreign trip that his beloved Fox News was not available in his foreign hotel, the White House Communications Agency arranged for a streaming service that would allow him to keep up with his favorite programs,” reports CNN. “He typically asks for multiple televisions in his room, depending on the size of the space, one source said.”

Trump also does not like the food in foreign countries. “Host governments worked to avoid presenting the President with food that might seem challenging, such as fish with the head still attached.” It probably seems unfair to Trump that he has to travel to all these different countries when none of them can make a hamburger as good as the ones he gets at home.

Trump does not like it when people are talking about non-Trump subjects. He is known to love meetings set up by foreign dictators that make him the subject of elaborate displays of flattery. (Trump “prefers trips where he is the guest of honor instead of the large summit meetings that comprise chunks of any US president’s calendar.”) He hates meeting with other democratically elected leaders, where he will have to listen to what other people want and possibly negotiate boring policy questions. (“At the yearly G7 and G20 gatherings, Trump has felt ganged up on by other leaders, according to administration officials.”)

The good news is that, if you can arrange to let Trump have his favorite food, his favorite television stations, and surround him with people who will talk incessantly about how much they love Trump, then the visit will be fine, until you get back to the plane and Trump starts to get upset at cable news again.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Trump suggests death penalty punishment for Comey, Page, Strzok and McCabe

Mod: Trump really does want to be Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un, you know. Right down to advocating the murder of troublesome government officials and political opponents.

Trump suggests death penalty punishment for Comey, Page, Strzok and McCabe (Raw Story link): During his speech about bailing out farmers, President Donald Trump unleashed on his political opponents, saying that they deserved the death penalty.

“Sir, the Constitution says treason is punishable by death,” one reporter asked Trump at the event. “You’ve accused your adversaries of treason. Who are you talking about?”

Trump claimed, “they’re trying to take down the wrong person.”

“Look at [James] Comey, [Andrew] McCabe, people higher than that,” Trump continued. “If you look at [Peter] Strzok, if you look at his lover, Lisa Page, his wonderful lover. They talked openly. They didn’t use their private server because they didn’t want to get caught. So they used the government server. That was not a good move. He talked about the insurance policy just in case crooked Hillary loses. That didn’t work out well for them. So you look at them.”

Mod: Be sure to click on the Raw Story link and check out the video.

Trump Spent 7 Minutes Making His Staff Declare That He’s Not A Lunatic (PoliticusUSA link): For a cringe-worthy seven-plus minutes, Donald Trump made his staff declare on television that he is not a lunatic.

The video is difficult to watch because it reveals both Trump’s lack of sanity and how low his crew of enablers in the White House is willing to go to please him. No one in this video will ever stand up to Donald Trump or put their country ahead of the danger that is being posed by an unstable and unwell president. What set Trump on fire Thursday was Speaker of the House Pelosi’s call for an intervention.

Trump seemed to take Pelosi’s plea that he get help as a challenge to show the country how unwell he is. Seven long minutes in front of television cameras where Trump bullied his staff into declaring him calm and sane.

GOP challenger Bill Weld turns up heat on Trump: 'Seems he would prefer an Aryan nation' (ABC News link): President Donald Trump's lone Republican primary challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, ratcheted up his attacks on the president Tuesday night. Speaking at the first in a series of Kennedy Institute events focused on the 2020 election cycle, Weld levied a number of his harshest verbal jabs yet, saying earlier this week that the president preferred an Aryan nation.

"I celebrate that America has always been a melting pot," Weld said at the speaking event on Tuesday. "It seems he would prefer an Aryan nation."

According to the Anti-Defamation League, "Aryan Nations is a longstanding neo-Nazi group in the United States that dates back to the 1970s." When asked to explain what specifically he meant by "Aryan nation," Weld told ABC News that he believes the president "would prefer a nation with no immigrants."

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Groovy 'Dre: Sierra Madre Soon May Be Required to Allow Marijuana Dispensaries

Mod: I haven't done too many Sierra Madre stories lately, but this one jumped out at me. It comes from an interesting site called Colorado, out of Pasadena. It apparently likes to cover actual news, a dangerous concept I know. As you might be aware the City Council in Sierra Madre only occasionally respects the wishes of the voters, or keeps its promises. As an example, a UUT rate increase was voted down three out of four attempts by the city.

Sierra Madre Soon May Be Required to Allow Marijuana Dispensaries (Colorado link): In 2016, 59% of Sierra Madre voters approved Prop 64 (Marijuana Legalization). There are no retail outlets in the City, however, because the law approved as Prop 64 states that a City government gets to decide if marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in the City.

State of California Assembly Bill 1356 would address the lack of retail marijuana stores. Bill 1356 would require one store per 10,000 residents or one per four liquor stores; it would prohibit the City from banning marijuana retail outright.

Many cities have safety concerns about marijuana stores as cash only businesses. These businesses are cash only because Federal law prohibits marijuana use and the banking industry does not want the liability that might arise by providing services to dispensaries. This situation puts everyone at risk; retailers and customers could be victims of robbery attempts. There currently are bills in Congress that would fix the problem.

I feel that when the cash only aspect of the retail marijuana industry is fixed, there is no reason for citywide retail bans. Marijuana should be regulated the same as liquor stores. They all need to check IDs, provide security and keep children safe. Marijuana is legal in California and shouldn’t be subject to arbitrary bans.

Mod: So is Sierra Madre ready for a cannabis tasting room? There are certainly plenty of empty storefronts in town. Info on the author of this article is available at the link.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Tattler takes a couple of days off

Got a couple of things to take care of, so The Tattler will be on siesta for a few days. I should be back at it on Friday. Meanwhile, contemplate an American president saluting the murderers of an actual American. Killed for no reason that we have ever been given. Then again, did the enemy saluting "president" ever have the nerve to ask? (Politico: "Trump faces backlash after saluting North Korean general" link).

Monday, May 20, 2019

Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll: 60% say Trump dishonest in handling of Mueller probe

Video link here.
Mod: Can you believe there are people who think Trump is dishonest and lies often? What is the world coming to?

60% of Americans Say Trump Was Dishonest in Handling of Mueller Probe (Paste Magazine link): A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC reveals that the majority of Americans think our president was not honest in how he’s dealt with the Mueller investigation. 60% believe that Donald Trump was dishonest in his handling of the Russia probe, while 37% say that Mr. Cheats At Golf himself was honest about it.

The fact that over a third of those polled think that Trump was truthful shows that Attorney General William Barr’s mischaracterization tactics were fruitful—an unsettling revelation, to say the least. And while the redacted version of the report Barr provided serves up plenty of takeaways, Democratic lawmakers are still fighting to have the full report provided to Congress. On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee is voting on whether Barr should be held in contempt of Congress for failing to provide legislators with an unredacted version of the report. Meanwhile, Republicans like Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are still claiming “case closed.”

In response, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated, per USA Today, “What we have here is a concerted effort to circle the wagons, to protect the president from accountability, to whitewash his reprehensible conduct by simply declaring it irrelevant.” Imagine how Republicans would react if Barack Obama had handled such an investigation in the same manner as Trump.

Fox News surprising poll results: Mueller is more trusted than Trump and Barr (New York Daily News link): Uh, oh. Problems with the base? A Fox News poll released Thursday had some surprising takeaways regarding respondents’ thoughts on the handling of the Russia investigation.

The 52-page-long survey, which was conducted by a bipartisan group of pollsters between May 11 and May 14, asked people’s opinions on a variety of subjects, such as President Trump’s likability, the economy, the White House’s relationship with North Korea and the handling of the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and by Attorney General William Barr.

“On the Russia investigation, who do you trust more to tell the truth?” one of the questions asked. Respondents were given a choice between two key players in the investigation:

Between Trump and Mueller, 45% said they trusted the special counsel, 27% said the president, 6% said both, 16% said neither, and 6% didn’t know.

Between Mueller and Barr, 40% said they trusted the special counsel, 22% said the attorney general, 8% said both, 16% said neither, and 14% didn’t know.

Between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration, 44% said they trusted the Democrats, 33%, said the White House, 3% said both, 15% said neither, and 5% didn’t know. When respondents were asked about how Barr handled the Mueller report, the attorney general didn’t fare so well: 44% approved, while 35% disapproved. And by an even larger margin, they were weary of Barr’s true intentions.

When asked to describe Barr’s behavior, 45% said that he was “covering up for the president,” and 33% feel he is being “transparent.” (23% of respondents refused to answer or weren’t sure.) Another interesting takeaway that goes against Trump’s they-are-out-to-get-me defense (“no politician in history... has been treated worse or more unfairly”): 49% said that Democrats in Congress are seeking the truth for the American people, against 41% who felt they are attacking the president unfairly.