Saturday, August 31, 2019

Trump blames companies impacted by his trade war

Mod: Of course it's their fault. It is always Americans who take the blame in Trumpland. Who else could it possibly be? Certainly not Donald.

Trump blames companies impacted by his trade war (Politico link): President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to accuse companies of falsely claiming that they've been hurt by his escalating trade war with China, instead saying they're mismanaging their businesses.

“If the Fed would cut, we would have one of the biggest Stock Market increases in a long time. Badly run and weak companies are smartly blaming these small Tariffs instead of themselves for bad management...and who can really blame them for doing that? Excuses!” Trump wrote on Twitter Friday.

Trump’s comments come just days before the U.S. is set to impose new tariffs on China in two rounds, with the first due to start on Sept. 1. The 10 percent tariff on approximately $112 billion of Chinese goods would likely raise prices for consumer items like electronics and shoes.

In one example of corporate America complaining about Trump's trade war, the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America wrote a letter to the president this week stating that the planned tariffs would drive up costs for consumers.

“Imposing tariffs in September on the majority of all footwear products from China — including nearly every type of leather shoe — will make it impossible for hardworking American individuals and families to escape the harm that comes from these tax increases,” the group wrote. “This uncertainty the China trade war has brought to our industry is stifling U.S. growth and halting capital investment in jobs, infrastructure, technologies, and more competitive pricing for our customers.”

In an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro vigorously defended his boss’s use of tariffs.

“Absent the tariffs that have been put in place on China, China would never have come to the bargaining table and advanced this far in those negotiations,” Navarro said. “President Trump is using the tariff strategy brilliantly.”

Trump defended his strategy after Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) said “there’s no question” the trade war is contributing to a slowdown of the economy.

Mod: As most know, there is no indication if anything Trump or anyone associated with his administration says is actually true.


Friday, August 30, 2019

US spies say Trump's G7 performance suggests he's either a 'Russian asset' or a 'useful idiot' for Putin

Mod: If he is engaging in this kind of disgraceful behavior in public, what is Traitor Trump doing behind the scenes? What has he given away?

US spies say Trump's G7 performance suggests he's either a 'Russian asset' or a 'useful idiot' for Putin (Business Insider link): "It's hard to see the bar anymore since it's been pushed so far down the last few years, but President Trump's behavior over the weekend was a new low."

That was the assessment an FBI agent who works in counterintelligence gave Insider of President Donald Trump's performance at this year's G7 summit in Biarritz, France. The agent requested anonymity because they feared that speaking publicly on the matter would jeopardize their job.

Trump's attendance at the G7 summit was peppered with controversy, but none was more notable than his fervent defense of Russia's military and cyber aggression around the world, and its violation of international law in Ukraine.

Trump repeatedly refused to hold Russia accountable for annexing Crimea in 2014, blamed former President Barack Obama for Russia's move to annex it, expressed sympathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and castigated other G7 members for not giving the country a seat at the table.

Since being booted from the G8 after annexing Crimea, Russia's done little to make up for its actions. In fact, by many accounts, it's stepped up its aggression.

In addition to continuing to encroach on Ukraine, the Russian government interfered in the 2016 US election and was behind the attempted assassination of a former Russian spy in the UK. US officials also warn that as the 2020 election looms, the Russians are stepping up their cyberactivities against the US and have repeatedly tried to attack US power grids.

"What in God's name made Trump think it would be a good idea to ask to bring Russia back to the table?" the FBI agent told Insider. "How does this serve US national-security interests?"

Thursday, August 29, 2019

As one of Arcadia's "Bigot Ball Three" Sho Tay disgraces his sole attempt at bringing the city together

Sho Tay (left): Full of crap.
Mod: The repercussions of the "Arcadia Bigot Ball Scandal" continue to reverberate (link). The following January 2019 Pasadena Star News article must now be read in a very different, and ironic, way.

Arcadia moves past racial tensions, sponsors Lunar New Year festival (Pasadena Star News link): For Arcadia Mayor Sho Tay, the election controversy nine months ago that divided residents and prompted Chinese American residents to accuse the City Council of racism was merely a blip on the radar.

With the issue resolved in June and Tay granted the ceremonial title of mayor, Tay said he was ready to bring people together and accomplish one of his goals: to hold cultural events that help residents of different cultures learn about one another.

“The more we understand each other’s culture, the better we understand each other as a whole,” Tay said.

With some help from Tay, the city, whose population according to the U.S. Census Bureau was 44 percent Chinese in 2017, will sponsor Saturday’s Arcadia Lunar New Year Festival. Unlike the street festival events in such nearby cities as Alhambra and San Gabriel, Arcadia’s will be focused on cultural arts, said Maki Hsieh, executive director of the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation.

Entertainment will include lion dancing, music performed with traditional Chinese instruments, Chinese drumming, a Beijing Opera performance and a qipao dress fashion show, Hsieh said. Crafts include decorating lanterns, fans, paper cutting, Chinese knots and porcelain decorating.

Mod: The rest of this now sadly discredited PSN article is available at the link.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

G7 Summit Heaven? Russia Today zings Darn Old Trump for Melania’s loving gaze at Justin Trudeau

Mod: When an older man marries a much younger woman, these kinds of things can happen. Does Donald's Wife #3 have a wandering eye, and doesn't care who knows it?

Kremlin zings Trump for Melania’s loving gaze at Justin Trudeau (Front Page Live link): There have been a lot of photos coming out of the G7 summit, but there was one in particular that set the internet afire: First Lady Melania Trump greeting Prime Minister Trudeau with a kiss.

Even the Kremlin-controlled propaganda outlet, Russia Today, pounced with a tweet —

“Everyone should find someone who looks at them the way Melania looks at Justin #Trudeau — and a post, Art of the steal? ‘Lusty’ look between Trudeau and Melania gets Twitter hot and bothered (PHOTOS).”

So this is how they repay President Trump’s loyalty to Putin? There is no honor among thieves.

Art of the steal? ‘Lusty’ look between Trudeau and Melania gets Twitter hot and bothered (PHOTOS) (Russia Today link): The pressure was high at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, over the weekend, but some snapshots from the event had social media commenters speculating about rising sexual tensions, rather than geopolitical escalations.

A simple, traditional photo session held at the conclusion of the summit created bawdy mirth and merriment online. First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, 49, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 47, were at the center of online gossip after this somewhat steamy smooch was captured in a split second.

Mod: Of course, Melania isn't the first Trump babe to fall for the dreamy Canadian Prime Minister. Where was Klod Kushner in Ivanka's mind that day?

Mod: As Front Page Live asks, will there be a White House cat fight anytime soon?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Arcadia councilman’s comments against the ‘type’ who play basketball at park spurs protest

Video link here.
Mod: A little local news for you all. Apparently that nut - Arcadia City Council clown Roger Chandler - doesn't like people playing basketball at the local parks. Roger can't jump?

Arcadia councilman’s comments against the ‘type’ who play basketball at park spurs protest (Pasadena Star News link): When lifelong Arcadia resident Sean Brown heard the city would not include basketball courts at the renovated Eisenhower Park, he was disappointed because he had played there growing up.

But he wasn’t spurred to action until he heard that at the City Council’s Aug. 20 meeting, Councilman Roger Chandler said he wouldn’t want the basketball courts rebuilt there because he doesn’t like the “type” they attract.

“There’s not one police report about these basketball courts,” Brown, 31, said. “They’re used by kids and families. To say that they attract an undesirable ‘type’ is going a step too far.”

Brown was one of more than 60 people who protested outside the now-razed Eisenhower Park in Arcadia on Sunday afternoon. Signs hung on the fencing around the park read, “Remove Intolerance, Not Basketball” and “Arcadia Accepts All.”

The City Council last week recommitted to an improvement plan which permanently eliminates Eisenhower Park’s basketball courts. The move, approved 3-2 by Councilmen Tom Beck, Sho Tay and Chandler, upset many community members.

At the Aug. 20 City Council meeting, Chandler said that when the courts were in use, they attracted unauthorized and unsanctioned basketball tournaments, driving away picnickers at Eisenhower Park, which he called the most popular of Arcadia parks for that activity. “I’ve personally observed the folks, and they’re not the type I would drive into Arcadia, nor is their language conducive to children playing,” Chandler said during the meeting.

Mod: Stone cold bigotry if you ask me. The rest of the article is available at the link.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Trump's aides are reportedly seething over the French president's handling of the G7 summit

Mod: Some of the other countries in Biarritz are discussing topics that Donald doesn't want to talk about, or support. And they won't even allow Putin to attend! Can things get worse?

Trump's aides are reportedly seething over the French president's handling of the G7 summit ( link): President Donald Trump publicly lavished praise on French President Emmanuel Macron, even as his aides fumed over France's handling of the G7 Summit, according to multiple reports.

Donald is not respected in 'Yurp.
Though Trump boasted of his and Macron's "special relationship" during a private lunch at the start of the summit, his aides reportedly believe that the French organized the event in such a way as to antagonize the United States by focusing on "niche issues" at the expense of economic ones.

Bloomberg News reported that US officials have privately accused Macron of trying to isolate Trump by focusing much of the discussions on climate change, a topic over which Trump is at odds with his fellow world leaders.

The New York Times similarly reported that senior administration officials believe that Macron was appeasing his domestic audience by focusing on climate change, income and gender equality, and African development.

The Americans, on the other hand, had anticipated focusing more on national security and a potential economic slowdown. US officials told Bloomberg they believed the French were tying to embarrass Trump on issues like climate change, though a French official also told the news outlet that ignoring climate change was not an option.

Mod: Mon Dieu!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump Appears to be Wearing High Heeled Shoes in France and Twitter is Going Crazy

Mod: Perhaps Donald was feeling emotionally down because of his low ratings and needed a lift.

Trump Appears to be Wearing High Heeled Shoes in France and Twitter is Going Crazy (Political Flare link): Donald Trump is currently in France attending the G7 with the other leaders of the top world democracies.

Friday night he attended a dinner, and the camera watched him arrive and jump out of his presidential limo.

Of course, he left Melania to fend for herself.

Some eagle eyed people on Twitter noticed that Trump appeared to be wearing high heeled shoes, or lifts.

Mod: There is much more to be found at the link.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein brought an 'underage-looking' girl on board Donald Trump's plane as they flew from NYC to Florida

Donald held up his jet for Jeff.
Mod: Of course he did. Who or what was going to stop him? Trump?

Jeffrey Epstein took 'young girl' on Donald Trump's plane, possibly sex-trafficking teen across state lines right under the now president's nose (Daily Mail link): Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may have secretly sex-trafficked an underage girl across state lines aboard Donald Trump's private jet - right under the now president's nose, can reveal.

Epstein, who was accused with sex-trafficking underage girls, flew from New York to Palm Beach, Florida in 2000 on Trump's plane, according to an unearthed article from a now defunct golf magazine.

Along for the ride was his then-girlfriend and close associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who has herself been accused of grooming underage girls for sex with Epstein.

Now in a bombshell claim, the journalist who wrote the original article has revealed there was also an 'underage-looking' girl with Epstein and Maxwell aboard the jet. Veteran reporter Michael Corcoran said he traveled with Trump in March 2000 to write an in-depth profile about the then-business mogul, who was also an avid golfer, for Maximum Golf magazine.

The now 54-year-old says he vividly remembers Epstein, Maxwell and a young girl turning up to board the Boeing 727 at New York's LaGuardia airport because Trump was mad that they were running late and screamed at them when they arrived.

'Never be late for someone else's plane,' Trump is quoted as saying in the article, which was headlined 'TRUMPED Jetting and Betting with The Donald.'

In an exclusive interview Corcoran told that the girl who arrived with Epstein and Maxwell was aged 'anywhere between 15 and 20' but looked like she had been 'made up' to look older.

'I remember flying on Trump's plane from LaGuardia to Palm Beach, with Trump and Melania and some of his relatives on board,' the writer said. 'Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the girl in question were late for the appointed take off time, which is why I remember it so well.

'Trump was extremely angry about that, he was screaming, "never be late for someone else's plane, that's the number one rule."

'But he liked him enough to wait. When they boarded the plane, we took off very soon after, and we were never introduced, nor did I ever speak to Epstein, Maxwell, or the girl, that I can remember.

'What I do remember thinking about the girl though is that she was pretty, attractive. She was of an indeterminate age, though I realized she was young - I thought she could be anywhere from 15 to 20. 'She seemed to want to go unnoticed, she didn't talk to anybody and decided to be a wallflower while we were on the plane.

'Her hair was darkish - a shade of brown, and she had a nice figure. My only interaction with her was bumping into her and saying "hi" as I searched for a bathroom (which were not marked like on a commercial airliner). I only realized that a particular wood covered door was a bathroom when she exited.

'She wore noticeable makeup, and had obviously spent time prepping to look nice for the flight.'

Mod: For the rest of the article go to the link above.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Book Cooking Donny: U.S. created 501,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, new figures show

Mod: Hmm. So what if the much ballyhooed Trump economic miracle was the result of cooking the books?

U.S. created 501,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, new figures show (Market Watch link): Turns out hiring wasn’t nearly as strong in 2018 and early 2019 as the government initially reported — by about a half-million jobs. The economy had about 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019 than the Bureau of Labor Statistics initially calculated in its survey of business establishments. That’s the largest revision since the waning stages of the Great Recession in 2009.

The newly revised figures indicate the economy didn’t get a huge boost last year from President Trump’s tax cuts and higher federal spending. They also signal the economy is a bit weaker than previously believed and could give the Federal Reserve even greater reason to cut interest rates in September.

“This makes some sense, as the 223,000 average monthly increase in 2018 seemed too good to be true in light of how tight the labor market has become and how much trouble firms are said to be having finding qualified workers,” said chief economist Stephen Stanley of Amherst Pierpont Securities.

The average 223,000 monthly increase in employment in 2018 — the strongest in three years — could be trimmed to around 185,000, economists estimate.

Fewer jobs were created in restaurants, hotels, retailers and professional business services. Leisure and hospitality employment was reduced by 175,000, business services by 163,000 and retail by 146,400.

Mod: Want to donate some money to the Trump campaign? You might want to look at where it might be going first.

Trump Campaign Manager Blows Millions on Florida Mansion and Luxury Cars ( link): Brad Parscale has been promoted from President Donald Trump’s digital media manager to his 2020 campaign manager. Since the promotion, he’s been blowing millions on cars and real estate, even though his stated salary is only $15,000 a month.

This year alone he’s bought a $2.4 million waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale, a $78,300 BMW, and a $146,000 Range Rover, according to the Daily Mail. This was just months after Parscale and his wife had spent $2 million on condos in the Fort Lauderdale area.

In the mid-2000s, Parscale and his family lost their company to bankruptcy. Which is why his recent spending spree raised eyebrows, given his relatively meager salary based off donations.

According to the Daily Mail, Parscale also earns a percentage of all contributions to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, and from the Republican National Committee which has paid his company Parscale Digital $7.3 million so far this year.

“I make no secret about the fact that working for the Trump family made me a wealthy man well before I ever became President Trump’s campaign manager,” Parscale told the Daily Mail. “The President is an excellent businessman and being associated with him for years has been extremely beneficial to my family.”

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Chosen One: Does Malignant Narcissist Trump have a Messiah Complex?

"I am the Chosen One!" video link here.
Mod: I think it is time for Donald to prove to the world he really is the King of Israel by walking on the water of one of his swimming pools at Mar-a-Lago.

His Ego Bruised by Denmark, Trump Flashes God Complex: ‘I am the Chosen One’ (Rolling Stone link): To mangle Twain, it’s better to remain silent and be thought a malignant narcissist than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

“I am the chosen one,” Donald Trump declared to reporters Wednesday on the White House lawn, looking toward the heavens.

The president was reflecting on his trade war with China, insisting that it should have been launched long ago to curb what he characterized as China’s theft of our wealth and intellectual property. “Somebody had to do it,” Trump insisted.

In another context, one might excuse the quip as mere puffery. But in the case of Trump, the president’s pathological narcissism appears to metastasizing into a messiah complex.

Earlier Wednesday morning the president tweeted out unhinged praise of his Middle East policies from the self-styled “conservative warriorWayne Allyn Root. Root, a Newsmax personality, dwells in the fever swamps, promoting birtherism and conspiracy theories around the death of Seth Rich. In the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas concert shooting he tweeted, without evidence, that the massacre was “clearly coordinated Muslim terror attack.”

In a Twitter thread, Trump quoted Root at length calling the him “the greatest President for the Jews” and even the “King of Israel.”

The president’s gusher of god-complex grandiosity has followed, predictably, in the wake of an ego-damaging exchange with the Prime Minister of Denmark — who laughed off Trump’s unhinged ambition for the United States to buy Greenland from the Scandinavian nation as “absurd.”

Mette Frederiksen, visiting Greenland this week, told reporters that “of course, Greenland is not for sale,” adding that “thankfully the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations and is over. Let’s leave it there.” Frederiksen added that “jokes aside,” Denmark would like a closer relationship with the United States.

Ever thin skinned, especially when it comes to criticism from powerful women, Trump responded petulantly Tuesday night by tweeting that he’d be cancelling a planned meeting with Frederiksen:

On Wednesday Trump made clear just how shaken he’d been by the dashing of his dream of Arctic conquest, calling Frederiksen “nasty” — an outburst of misogyny typically reserved for Hillary Clinton. “I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something,” Trump explained to reporters. “All they had to do is say, no, we’d rather not do that or we’d rather not talk about it.”

“She’s not talking to me, she’s talking to the United States of America,” he added, explaining his umbrage. “They can’t say ‘how absurd.’”

Mod: The rest of the Rolling Stone article about the latest embarrassing antics from this sad fool is available at the link.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Donald Trump warns media ‘treading in very dangerous territory’ for reporting bad poll numbers

Mod: King Crybaby doesn't want to hear any bad news. He'll get mad!

Trump warns media ‘treading in very dangerous territory’ for reporting bad poll numbers (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump hurled new warnings at the news media for reporting damaging stories and negative poll numbers.

The president’s approval rating was measured at 43 percent by two new surveys by NBC/Wall Street Journal and Fox News, and polls continue to show him losing to various Democratic challengers.

Trump insisted Monday that his “new internal polls” show the strongest support he’s had so far, and also complained that unfair media coverage kept his approval ratings low — and he retweeted those claims with a new threat against the media.

Mod: Somebody get poor Donald his bad polls crying towel. And an Unhappy Meal.

Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland isn't for sale (MSN link): President Donald Trump is calling off an upcoming trip to Denmark after its prime minister rebuffed his interest in buying Greenland, a Danish territory, the White House announced on Tuesday.

"Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time," Trump tweeted.

Trump was invited on an official state visit by the Queen of Denmark. White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere confirmed later on Tuesday the entire trip was off.

Trump mused about acquiring Greenland from Denmark on Sunday, telling reporters that “it's something we talked about."

Mod: Of course you did.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

President Donald Trump, his enablers in Congress and his most devoted supporters are anti-American and soft on terrorism

Mod: The Republican Party has now become the very thing they accused their opponents of being.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party hate America: It’s time to say it out loud (Raw Story link): For most of modern political history, the Republican Party has used patriotism — an odd and obfuscating sentimentality — as a weapon to shame critics of American foreign policy, and turn the general public against dissidents who reject the folly of Empire maintenance through violence.

Samuel Johnson’s excoriation — made famous by Bob Dylan — that “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels” always seemed accurate in both its denunciation of the manipulative emotion itself, and also of those who take advantage of it for political expediency.

America has collapsed into a prone position, however, where the scoundrels are so brazen in their inhumanity, so bold in their indifference to suffering, and so barbaric in their refusal to compromise for the sake of their own country that only their own language can aptly describe them.

President Donald Trump, his enablers in Congress and his most devoted supporters are anti-American and soft on terrorism.

Progressives have suffered through years of maudlin accusations from conservative politicians and pundits that how they “hate the real America,” because they (according to this absurd allegation), have no respect for the small towns that populate the Heartland.

President Trump provides an example of love for country by ridiculing Atlanta as “horrible” and “crime-infested,” claiming that “no human being” would like to live in Baltimore, and maintaining that black residents of Chicago are “living in hell.” The enlistees of the Trump cult at his bizarre gatherings applaud, cheer and laugh when their high priest derides American cities, and disparages the millions of their compatriots who reside within them.

Mod: The rest of this interesting essay can be found at the link.

Monday, August 19, 2019

'I'm not happy with it': Trump hits Fox News over poll results

Mod: Sometimes reality becomes a little overwhelming for Donald Trump, and his emotions get the best of him.

 'I'm not happy with it': Trump hits Fox News over poll results (Politico link): President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed his preferred news network over recent unfavorable poll results, saying: “There’s something going on at Fox [News], I’ll tell you right now. And I'm not happy with it.”

Trump’s comments to reporters in New Jersey were in response to a question about the network’s recently released survey showing the president losing head-to-head match-ups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary candidates.

Trump said he didn’t “believe” the poll that was published, adding: “Fox has changed. My worst polls have always been from Fox.” He also complained about how Democrats had barred the network from hosting or televising the party’s 2020 primary debates, and then signaled a warning about the the general-election cycle.

“And I think Fox is making a big mistake,” the president said when asked about the polling and the network’s leadership. “Because, you know, I'm the one that calls the shots on that — on the really big debates.”

The president’s criticisms are a continuation of a larger attack on one of his favorite targets, the news media. But Trump has increasingly lumped in Fox News, a network known for its conservative bent, in recent months for what he views as unfavorable coverage.

He has squared off with the network as it devoted time to forums with Democratic presidential candidates earlier in the year. Trump took jabs at Fox News in April over the network’s town hall with Bernie Sanders, and again in May, ahead of its town hall with Pete Buttigieg.

This time, Trump’s annoyance with an unfavorable poll led him to wrongly assert that he had control over the 2020 presidential debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates, which is not controlled by any political party or outside organization and does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates for parties, has sponsored general-election presidential debates in every election since 1988.

Trump on Sunday also teed off on Fox News political analyst Juan Williams, who the president said “has never said a positive thing” — following up on a Twitter post earlier in the day in which he called Williams “pathetic,” “nasty” and “wrong.”

Mod: The rest of this article is available at the link.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the Palm Beach jail?

Mod: Trump's now former Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, is believed by many to have worked out some interesting advantages for Jeffrey Epstein while serving as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Below could be an example.

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the Palm Beach jail? (Miami Herald link): A decade ago, during a brief stint in Palm Beach County Jail, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein made an odd purchase at the facility’s store: two pairs of small women’s panties, size 5.

It was just one of thousands of dollars of purchases made by the disgraced financier while in jail after pleading guilty in 2008 to soliciting a minor for sex, according to a purchase log. (His top purchase was single-serve cups of coffee, of which he bought more than 800 in 13 months.) 

But the panties raise questions about why a childless male inmate, accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 14, would be allowed to buy female undergarments so small that they wouldn’t fit an average-sized adult woman. The panties were certainly too small for Epstein, who also purchased his briefs in men’s medium and sweatshirts ranging from XL to 3XL, and size-12 shoes. So what, or who, were they for, and why wouldn’t the purchase raise eyebrows under the circumstances? It’s one of many questions that arise from thousands of pages of records obtained by the Miami Herald from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The stockade held male and female inmates, separately, explaining why the panties would be stocked.

On Friday, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jail and stockade, handed out the records of his stay, during which he was allowed to leave the stockade in a chauffeur-driven car and deposited at a downtown West Palm Beach office building for a 12-hour-a-day, six-day-a-week respite from incarceration.

On Friday, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jail and stockade, handed out the records of his stay, during which he was allowed to leave the stockade in a chauffeur-driven car and deposited at a downtown West Palm Beach office building for a 12-hour-a-day, six-day-a-week respite from incarceration.

The records came out too late Friday to get a comment from Sheriff Ric Bradshaw or his spokeswoman. Bradshaw has faced increasingly fierce criticism — and his department is now under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement — for its seemingly soft treatment of the multimillionaire hedge fund manager, who was, according to the records, allowed to wander in and out of his unlocked cell at will. That investigation is separate from the Justice Department probe looking at why then-federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta decided to shelve a 53-page sex trafficking indictment against Epstein, which could have put him away for life.

Mod: The rest of this article is available at the link.