Monday, November 30, 2020

Rejoice: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s bizarre anti-Biden meltdown is now a heavy metal song

: Are you ready for some Evangelical heavy metal? Yes, it is very genre specific. A video link is here.

The crazy laughing televangelist from the US election has been turned into a metal song (Metal Hammer link): Someone definitely set the dials to ‘crazy’ when it came to the recent US election. Press conferences outside garden centres, unproven allegations of election fraud, Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye malfunction… every day bought new levels of insanity. 

But the award for the Most WTF? Moment Of The Most WTF? Election Ever goes to televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who mocked Joe Biden’s ‘alleged’ (read: ‘actual’) victory by launching into a weird maniacal fake laugh onstage at one of his Sunday sermons. 

In fact, he didn’t just laugh, he laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. For 40 whole seconds.  Until it looked like he was either going to bust a blood vessel or the people in the white coats were about to come up and carry him off.

It was only a matter of time before some genius set his worrying outburst to music. Step forward Andre Antunes, who has done just that, dropping a doomy tech-metal riff over Copeland’s malfunctioning-andriod cackling.

Andre has previous form in this – he made the recent Karen Metal video and also gave the exhortations of Donald Trump's faith adviser Paula White a rifftastic makeover. 

But this is definitely his funniest mash-up yet. In fact we haven't stopped laughing since we watched it. Ha ha ha, ha ha haaaargh, ha ha haa haaaaaargh, etc…

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Trump is ‘utterly bonkers’: Experts weigh in on bombshell WaPo deep-dive on Trump’s post-election meltdown

: So apparently Donald Trump did not take his defeat at the polls three weeks ago very well. With many in a position to know saying that he pretty much lost his mind.

Trump is ‘utterly bonkers’: Experts weigh in on bombshell WaPo deep-dive on Trump’s post-election meltdown (Raw Story link): Experts were shocked by the portrait of President Donald Trump in a bombshell new report. Posted online by The Washington Post on Saturday night, the story was titled, “20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election.”

“The facts were indisputable: President Trump had lost. But Trump refused to see it that way,” the newspaper reported. “The result was an election aftermath without precedent in U.S. history. With his denial of the outcome, despite a string of courtroom defeats, Trump endangered America’s democracy, threatened to undermine national security and public health, and duped millions of his supporters into believing, perhaps permanently, that Biden was elected illegitimately.” 

The story generated a great deal of commentary online. George Conway, husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, said it made Trump look “utterly bonkers.”

Worth reading in its entirety, but in a nutshell: “interviews with 32 senior administration officials, campaign aides and other advisers to the president, as well as other key figures in his legal fight” show the President of the United States to be utterly bonkers.  

Constitutional law expert and Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe issued a warning for those reading it:

Reading this detailed account of a legally doomed effort at a coup is like watching a really gruesome autopsy unfold in real time. Make sure you’re not about to have a meal when you start this saga. You won’t be able to put it down.

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal focused on a quote from a “close advisor” likening Trump to Mad King George.

100% right. "The facts were indisputable: Trump had lost. But Trump refused to see it....rageful and at times delirious...Trump was, in the telling of 1 close adviser, like Mad King George, muttering 'I won. I won. I won.’"

Conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot highlighted one particularly well-written sentence from reporters Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey and Amy Gardner.

My favorite line in this great ⁦article: “If you were a Republican poll watcher, you were treated like a dog,” Trump complained, using one of his favorite put-downs, even though many people treat dogs well, like members of their own families.

Lincoln Project Kurt Bardella suggested the article made a case for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

If this were written about a Democratic President, Republicans would be clamoring for impeachment and the 25th.

20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election (The Washington Post link): The facts were indisputable: President Trump had lost. But Trump refused to see it that way. Sequestered in the White House and brooding out of public view after his election defeat, rageful and at times delirious in a torrent of private conversations, Trump was, in the telling of one close adviser, like “Mad King George, muttering, ‘I won. I won. I won.’ ”

However cleareyed Trump’s aides may have been about his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, many of them nonetheless indulged their boss and encouraged him to keep fighting with legal appeals. They were “happy to scratch his itch,” this adviser said. “If he thinks he won, it’s like, ‘Shh . . . we won’t tell him.’” 

The result was an election aftermath without precedent in U.S. history. With his denial of the outcome, despite a string of courtroom defeats, Trump endangered America’s democracy, threatened to undermine national security and public health, and duped millions of his supporters into believing, perhaps permanently, that Biden was elected illegitimately.

Mod: A megaton more at the link.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Biden’s lead in Milwaukee increases after Trump blew millions on Wisconsin recount

: Maybe you're a gullible Trumper who sent some of your hard earned money Donald's way. You do know what he did with it, right? Squandered it to help the defeated president deal with his bruised feelings. Congrats MAGAT. You just helped him lose the same state twice.

Biden’s lead in Milwaukee increases after Trump blew millions on Wisconsin recount (Raw Story link): President-elect Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin extended on Friday as Milwaukee finished their recount. The Trump campaign had to pay $3 million for the recount in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee County concludes its recount of the presidential election — one of two counties where Trump sought a recount in Wisconsin. The results: Biden’s lead, currently at about 20,000 statewide, grew by 132 votes,” Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post reported Friday.

Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic did a quick, back-of-the-envelop economic analysis. “With the $3 million the Trump campaign spent on recounts split between two counties, this would amount to the Trump campaign spending $11,363 per vote *added* to Biden,” Dovere wrote. 

A donor who gave $2.5 million to a pro-Trump group looking for election fraud wants his money back after disappointing results (Business Insider link): A venture capitalist who donated $2.5 million to a pro-Trump group trying to find evidence of fraud in the US election wants a refund after being disappointed with the group's efforts.

Fred Eshelman is suing True the Vote Inc., a monitoring organization in Houston, to reclaim the money. 

The lawsuit says Eshelman sent $2 million to True the Vote on November 5, two days after Election Day. At that point no winner had been called, but Joe Biden was by most tallies ahead of President Donald Trump, who had long claimed without evidence that the election was vulnerable to fraud.

The suit, first reported by Bloomberg, said Eshelman sent another $500,000 to True the Vote a week later, by which time media outlets including Insider had long called the election for Biden. Business Insider also obtained a copy of Eshelman's complaint.

Eshelman is the founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC and used to be a pharmaceuticals executive, according to the company.

Trump has continued to claim the election was stolen, mounting a disjointed legal effort to challenge the result. He had still not conceded as of Friday morning.

Friday, November 27, 2020

“Don’t talk to me that way” – Donald Trump has completely insane meltdown after reporters corner him

: The top trending topic on Twitter last evening was #Diaper Don. No, he is certainly not going out in a blaze of glory, and sometimes in life you do get the nickname you so richly deserve.

“Don’t talk to me that way” – Donald Trump has completely insane meltdown after reporters corner him (Palmer Report link): Even as Donald Trump has spent weeks pretending he didn’t lose the election, he’s rarely shown his face and never taken any questions from reporters, in a reminder that he hasn’t exactly been eager to sell the illusion that he’s still in charge. Reporters finally put him on the spot during a Thanksgiving event today, and let’s just say that it didn’t go well/

complained about President-elect Biden picking a cabinet, refused to say if he’ll attend Biden’s inauguration, and accused the Electoral College of making a “mistake.” 
hen a followup question came in that Trump didn’t like, he completely lost it.  

Trump ended up angrily barking out these words at a reporter: “Don’t talk to me that way. You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the President that way.”

This is just embarrassing. No wonder he hadn’t taken any questions since he lost the election. He’s not even close to being in solid enough headspace to answer questions. 

The guy is completely falling to pieces. With prison and bankruptcy on the horizon, he knows his life is over – and he can’t handle it.

Trump Freaks Out and Sends Late Night Tweet Furious That #DiaperDon is Trending on Twitter (Political Flare link): Yesterday, 2,313 people died in the United States of COVID coinciding with the second-biggest travel day of the year, only Sunday is bigger. We keep saying this because it is actually one of the few times when we absolutely need a president. And we do not have one.

Trump serves up paranoid election conspiracy rant for Thanksgiving: ‘Flick of a switch can change course of history’ (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump on Thanksgiving broke weeks of refusing to answer questions from reporters, and focusing his anger on Georgia called its Republican Secretary of State “an enemy of the people” while brewing up an insane new conspiracy theory. After praising GOP Senators in two run-off elections fighting to keep their seats, Trump said he told Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, “you have a fraudulent system.”

“You have a system where the flick of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history.”

He also falsely claimed voting rights advocate and former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams had illegally “harvested” 850,000 ballots. In reality, Abrams says 750,000 Georgia voters have requested absentee ballots.

Trump will soon be a ‘dumpy 74-year-old wheeling around the golf course’ while awaiting ‘his next cheeseburger’ (Raw Story link): Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson on Thursday published a brutal opinion piece in which she danced on President Donald Trump’s political grave and relished the thought of his fading into irrelevancy.

In her column, Carlson acknowledged many liberals’ fears that Trump will never leave the national spotlight, but she said the soon-to-be-ex-president is more likely to be treated like a washed-up celebrity than a political icon.

“To those worried we will never rid ourselves of Trump, watch as he shrinks before our very eyes in a Washington minute from leader of the free world to a broken-down real estate developer up to his ears in debt,” she wrote. “On Monday, Trump was just another dumpy 74-year-old man wheeling around the golf course in a motorized cart wondering how long it would be until his next cheeseburger.”

She then predicts that the president’s hangers on will slowly abandon him, although she thinks attorney Rudy Giuliani might stick with him even after Trump inevitably stiffs him out of his legal fees.

“The two will grow ever older together, all others having fled the scene of their many crimes against humanity,” she writes. “They deserve each other. Now that’s a story I won’t be able to resist reading.”

Trump rages at Twitter as users mocking his tiny desk meltdown send #DiaperDon into the top trends (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump lashed out over Twitter’s trending topics, and the timing suggests he had a severe case of hurt feelings.

The president called for the “immediate” termination of Section 230, which protects website publishers from liability for content posted by users, after he was mocked online as #diaperdon, reported the Evening Standard ("Donald Trump furious with Twitter as #diaperdon trends" link).

Twitter is sending out totally false ‘Trends’ that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world,” he wrote. 

The tweet was posted as #diaperdon trended in response to his Turkey Day meltdown at a tiny desk, where he raged at reporters and told demonstrable lies about his election loss, and he followed up by suggesting that Twitter should pay for allowing users to mock him. “For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!” Trump tweeted.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Putin Warns That U.S. Will Be Controlled by Americans

: It appears that the current ruler of the United States is not happy about what has been going on here lately. Sad Vlad has this message for the rest of the world. 

Putin Warns That U.S. Will Be Controlled by Americans (The Borowitz Report link): Asserting that his “darkest fears have been confirmed,” Vladimir Putin warned that the United States is on the verge of being controlled by Americans.

Speaking to reporters at the Kremlin, the Russian President alleged that President-elect Joe Biden was “the handpicked instrument of those who would seek to advance American interests.” 

Joe Biden is no more and no less than a puppet of the American people,” he charged. 

“His Cabinet appointments have left little doubt that, after four years of progress, the United States has fallen into American hands,” he said. “Joe Biden is keenly aware that Americans put him in power, and he will do their bidding.” 

Russia experts said that Putin’s remarks were as close to a concession speech as he is likely to make.

Mod: Speaking of hostile foreign entities that are suddenly losing their death-like grip on America ... 

Fox News daytime ratings drop by 32% in two weeks since the election (The Blaze link): Cable news network behemoth Fox News dipped in viewership among a key demographic in recent ratings reports, and lost 32% of viewership in daytime.

Nielsen Media Research said that CNN took both top spots among the 25-54 age demographic during primetime on Friday. Anderson Cooper's show, "AC360," took the time spot with 604K viewers. Chris Cuomo's CNN show took the second highest slot.

Fox News' total viewership also fell an astounding 32% in the two weeks after the Nov. 3 election compared to its viewership the two weeks before the election.

While Fox News' viewership dropped, the viewership for CNN and MSNBC increased to near parity. In weekday average daytime viewership, Fox News garnered 1.63 million viewers, CNN received 1.68 million viewers, and MSNBC received 1.71 million viewers.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Conservatives’ favorite ‘anti-censorship’ platform Parler now censoring #WriteInTrumpforGA posts

Mod: If Parler is censoring this Roger Stone promoted initiative, doesn't that make them anti-Donald Trump, the POTUS who pardoned him?

Conservatives’ favorite ‘anti-censorship’ platform Parler now censoring #WriteInTrumpforGA posts (Raw Story link): On Tuesday, Newsweek reported that the alternative social network Parler is hiding posts tagged with “#WriteInTrumpforGA,” an online campaign to convince Republican voters to reject Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the January runoff and write in Donald Trump in protest of Georgia’s GOP officials’ supposed disloyalty for allowing President-elect Joe Biden to carry the state.

“A user on Twitter shared a screenshot of Parler’s search screen,” reported James Crowley. “The screengrab shows no results for #WriteInTrumpforGA. However, a Newsweek search on Parler shows that there are 21 ‘Parleys’ for the aforementioned hashtag, six for a #WriteInTrumpforSenateGA, and 52 for #WriteinTrumpGeorgiaRunoff.”

Parler has gained popularity among right-wing activists and politicians in recent weeks, because the site sells itself as “anti-censorship,” in contrast to sites like Facebook and Twitter which in recent months have taken more effort to remove posts containing fake news, hate speech, and election misinformation.

Nevertheless, Parler too has been forced to adopt content rules of its own as its follower count has expanded and users have tested what they can and can’t do on the site.

A conservative write-in campaign in the Senate runoffs in Georgia isn’t actually possible, because runoff ballots do not provide a write-in option. However, GOP abstentions from the election, if they occurred in any significant numbers, would threaten to throw the race to Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, effectively eliminating the Republican majority in the Senate.

At least some of the social media content pushing the write-in protest appear to be driven by the Committee for American Sovereignty, a super PAC linked to former Trump strategist and longtime Republican trickster Roger Stone

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Roger Stone-allied super PAC threatens to torpedo Senate GOP if they don’t save Trump

Mod: The madmen have taken over the asylum, and the Republican Party is falling to pieces. There goes Georgia.

Roger Stone-allied super PAC threatens to torpedo Senate GOP if they don’t save Trump (Raw Story link): A super PAC allied with infamous right-wing dirty trickster and convicted felon Roger Stone is threatening to torpedo Republicans’ Senate majority if they don’t help President Donald Trump steal the 2020 presidential election.

The Daily Beast reports that Stone-allied Committee for American Sovereignty is encouraging its supporters in Georgia to write Trump’s name in place of voting for Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) in January’s senate run-off elections.

The goal of doing this, the group argues, is to somehow force Republicans to not recognize the results of the 2020 election and keep Trump in power.

“If we can do this, we have a real chance at getting these RINO senators to act on the illegitimate and corrupt election presided over by a Democrat party that is invested in the Communist takeover of Our Great Nation,” the group explains on its website. “We will not stop fighting for you, the American Patriot, against the evils of Socialism and inferior Religions.”

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich tells The Daily Beast that he’s worried about GOP voters turning out in the Peach State after watching Trump narrowly lose the state to President-elect Joe Biden.

“The anger over the secretary of state’s incompetence and the governor’s failure to lead could mean that Republicans just stay home,” he said. “I think there’s a very big problem with getting Republicans to turn out.”

Mod: Roger Stone and Newt Gringrich. A bushel basket full of batshit.

Donald Trump fears Giuliani, other lawyers in Biden vote challenge are ‘fools that are making him look bad’

Mod: They are fools no doubt, but nowhere near as bad as the fool that hired them.

Trump fears Giuliani, other lawyers in Biden vote challenge are ‘fools that are making him look bad’ (CNBC link): President Donald Trump is sweating over his campaign lawyers’ dismal and often outlandish efforts to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s projected electoral victory. Trump is worried that his campaign’s legal team, which is being led by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, is composed of “fools that are making him look bad,” NBC News reported Monday.

That group, which has unironically called itself an “elite strike force team,” to date has failed to win any legal victories that would invalidate votes for Biden, the former Democratic vice president, even as they tout wildly broad claims of fraud for which they have offered no convincing evidence. 

On Sunday, one of the team’s members, conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell, was effectively fired after suggesting — again without any proof — that the Republican governor and secretary of state of Georgia were part of a plot to rig the election for Biden.

Powell’s ouster came days after she made similarly over-the-top claims at a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in WashingtonTrump has complained to White House aides and outside allies about how Giuliani and Powell conducted themselves at that event, NBC reported.

On Sunday before Powell got the axe, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a close Trump ally and former top federal prosecutor, called the president’s legal team a “national embarrassment.”

But when asked why Trump doesn’t fire Giuliani and other attorneys who remain on the team, a person familiar with the president’s thinking gave a profane shoulder shrug of an answer. 

“Who the f--- knows?” that person said to NBC News.

Trump’s Ridiculous, Sloppy Coup Attempt Just Face-Planted in Michigan
(Vice link): President Trump just racked up yet another humiliating defeat in his desperate scramble to flip the 2020 election in his favor. The Michigan board of state canvassers voted to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s 150,000-plus-vote margin of victory on Monday afternoon, after a key GOP board member rebuffed political pressure from Trump and the Republican Party to delay making that count official.

Mod: Interesting that in places like ArizonaGeorgia and Michigan local Republicans have the backbone so many national GOP figures were apparently born without. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Ted Cruz Tweeted A Tone-Deaf Thanksgiving Meme While Texas Morgues Overflowed With COVID Victims

Mod: Al Franken once observed: “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.” This is just not a very likable guy.

Ted Cruz Tweeted A Tone-Deaf Thanksgiving Meme While Texas Morgues Overflowed With COVID Victims (BuzzFeed News link): Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was criticized over the weekend for tweeting a tone-deaf Thanksgiving meme while morgues in the state overflowed with COVID victims and thousands affected by the pandemic lined up outside food banks.

Instead of addressing the rising COVID cases in his state, Cruz on Saturday chose to tweet a "war on Thanksgiving" meme — the latest attempt by conservatives and right-wing figures to engage in a culture war over the pandemic which has killed more than 250,000 Americans.

Cruz tweeted an illustration of a turkey with the words "come and take it," ostensibly daring someone to stop him from celebrating Thanksgiving.

The CDC strongly advised people against traveling for Thanksgiving and public health professionals have suggested limiting indoor celebrations to residents of the same household, citing an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases nationwide.

This has prompted several conservative and right-wing figures to publicly reject these life-saving measures and misrepresent them as a left-wing attempt to "cancel" Thanksgiving altogether.

People immediately slammed Cruz for the tweet. Many pointed out that his tweet came two days after Texas National Guard troops were deployed to El Paso to help morgues overwhelmed with COVID victims as hospitalizations and deaths surged in the county.

Earlier this week, El Paso County officials sent out a plea requesting for additional morgue workers to help with the rise in COVID fatalities, prompting the county's use of jail inmates to help transport bodies of victims.

Others, including Democratic congresswoman-elect Cori Bush, slammed Cruz for focusing on his Thanksgiving celebrations, while ignoring thousands of Texans hard-hit by the pandemic who were waiting in an hours-long line outside a Dallas food bank last week. Some said that politicians who were more interested in trolling than governing were responsible for the more than 250,000 COVID deaths in the US.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Red Elephants: Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Senate Runoff Elections

: So you know, I fully support the boycott of Georgia's upcoming Senate runoff elections by woke Trump partisans there. It truly is time Donald's most loyal followers showed the  GOP out the gate. 

Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections (Newsweek link): President Donald Trump supporters protesting the outcome of the 2020 election have a new and surprising opponent: the Republican Party. A viral video of protesters, as well as posts on social media platform Parler, indicate that Trump supporters are looking to boycott the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections.

A video, shared on Twitter on Saturday (link), shows a protester speaking into a mic criticizing Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who are both Republicans. The protester calls them "traitors."

Seemingly reacting to certification from Georgia election officials that President-elect Joe Biden had indeed won the Peach State following an election recount, the protesters disavowed the GOP.

"Any Republican who allows this to happen is complicit, and we will finish you," the protester, donning a camo sweatshirt with an elephant on it, shouts into the microphone. "For any Republicans not explicitly helping Trump to 'stop the steal,' we will make sure you are never elected ever again." Another demonstrator can be heard shouting a long "We're the new GOP." Reading remarks off his phone, the protester in the camo vows to dismantle the party.

"If the Republican establishment stands back and stands by and allows the steal to go through, we will do whatever it takes to completely destroy the Republican Party," he said. "We will accept nothing less than a Donald Trump victory." 

He also accused recounts and ballots of being "fake"—yet claims about voter fraud have been widely debunked.

While in-person protests urged officials to call the election for Trump, a number of Republicans on the "free-speech" social media website Parler have demanded a boycott of the Senate runoff elections, citing a conspiracy theory about "rigged" voting machines. 

Screenshots shared by reporter Marcus Baram showed that people on the app accused Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of being "RINOs"—an acronym for "Republican in Name Only"—and trying to lead to victories for Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

Both Warnock and Ossoff are challenging incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, respectively.

Many of the posts bore a resemblance to language used by people who believe the QAnon conspiracy theory.

"DO NOT VOTE IN THE GEORGIA RUNOFFS, THE DEEP STATE WILL BE COLLECTING EVERYONE'S INFO. THIS IS A CHARADE, MEANT TO IDENTIFY PEOPLE WHO DON'T VOTE DEMOCRAT," one post read, which also lamented that potential victories for Warnock and Ossoff were a "small price to pay."

Mod: Goodness. Now they're eating their own. Anyone even a little bit surprised?

Federal judge emphatically tosses Trump election suit in Pennsylvania after Giuliani’s embarrassing appearance (New York Daily News link): A federal judge Saturday emphatically tossed out President Trump’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the Pennsylvania’s presidential election results — and trashed Rudy Giuliani’s much-mocked performance in his courtroom.

Sparing no words to express his disgust at Trump’s case, Williamsport, Pa. federal Judge Matthew Brann dismissed the suit with prejudice, meaning Trump cannot amend or refile the case because the judge considered it so far fetched.  

“This Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations,” Brann wrote. “In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state.”