Thursday, December 31, 2020

GOP lawyer says Sen. Josh Hawley's stunt challenging Biden's win has 'zero percent chance' of working

Mod: Why would anyone advocate the overthrow of American democracy to benefit a useless clown like Trump? Josh Hawley has got to go down in history as a uniquely villainous idiot.

Republican lawyer says Josh Hawley's stunt challenging Biden's results has 'zero percent chance' of working (Raw Story link): On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg, a key player in the Bush v. Gore litigation, tore into the move by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to challenge the election results in several states when Congress gathers to certify the Electoral College.

"Senator Josh Hawley plans to reject these election results when congress meets next week, and we're hearing some updated information just in the last several minutes that Hawley plans to challenge the results coming from multiple states," said anchor Jim Acosta

"And so this could drag out the process all day long apparently next week. He's considering this from what we understand, what the senator is saying at this point. But this has zero percent chance of success, isn't that right?"

"That's correct. Zero percent chance," said Ginsberg. "And the notion that he's going to highlight fraud and abuse in the electoral system is totally misplaced. The forum to do that is a court of law. 

And in all the many court cases, about 60 now, the Trump forces have tried to present that evidence and have utterly failed. And so what Josh Hawley is going to do is just repeat the misinformation that's been floating around the country already."

Josh Hawley Sets Senate GOP Up For 2022 Massacre By Challenging Election Results (PoliticusUSA link): Mitch McConnell is worried that Senate Republicans will pay dearly in 2022 for supporting Trump’s bogus claims of election fraud. What Hawley will have accomplished is put a big target on back of Senate Rs, similar to 2010-14 era. 

Lots of Rs up in '22 (Blunt, Portman, Grassley, Hoeven, Thune, Young, Lankford) now could face MAGA primary challenges unless they vote w/ Trump, against their own beliefs.

Senate Republicans are now in a no-win situation. If they cast a sane vote against the election challenge, the MAGA crowd will try to primary them, and some of these Republican incumbents should be worried about a primary. If they vote with Hawley, they will avoid a primary but label themselves as enemies of democracy for the 2022 general election. Mitch McConnell only cares about keeping the Senate Majority, but the wheels have been set in motion on a Republican doomsday scenario. 

If Democrats win the runoff, and several Republican incumbents have votes against democracy hanging over their heads, the GOP could end up facing a midterm bloodbath. McConnell tried to keep his caucus out of this mess because he knows that all the outcomes are bad, and now Senate Republicans could be heading for disaster because Josh Hawley wants to run for president in 2024.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Boys Vs. Girls - The Proud Boys Are at War With Their Female Extremist Wing

Mod: Apparently those misogynistic Proud Boys are not amused.

Proud Boys Are at War With Their Female Extremist Wing (Daily Beast link): When Donald Trump tweeted out an invitation to his followers to join a mass protest on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.—“Be there, will be wild!”— many took it as a direct order. However, ahead of the demonstration, timed to take place at the Capitol to stop the Senate from certifying the election results, internal tensions threaten to undermine some far-right groups’ plans.

PB or PG: who wears it best?
In particular, trouble—in the form of a   brewing gender war—has stricken the notorious Proud Boys on the social network app Telegram, heightening tensions in the chauvinist gang that has become synonymous with political violence in the U.S.

On Dec. 21, a former MMA fighter named Tara LaRosa—who has marched with the Proud Boys and the far right around the country, including recently in D.C.—established a transphobic Telegram channel called Proud Girls USA

That same day, the ProudBoysUSA channel snubbed her, declaring that “Proud Girls” was a “ridiculous” idea. “Don’t ride our coattails,” they groused. “Want to support us? Get married, have babies, and take care of their families." 

A meme posted in the Oklahoma Proud Boys channel, meanwhile, made similarly sexist comments about LaRosa's fledgling group. "This is a men's club," the meme said. "If you're not in a relationship with a Proud Boy, at worst, you're a groupie."

Another meme being passed around on Proud Boys channels bluntly states, "If you are a Proud Boy and you are involved in supporting Proud Girls you are fake and gay."

Trump was so upset with Melania's Mar-a-Lago renovations that he had them removed immediately

Mod: Yes, there really is trouble in paradise. But don't you worry too much about these lovebirds. Whatever changes were made (and unmade), there is little chance the Trumps paid for them.

Trump was so upset with Melania's renovations at Mar-a-Lago that he demanded they be removed immediately (Raw Story link): According to a source speaking to CNN, President Trump was upset with renovations at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida -- many of which were overseen by his wife, Melania.

"He was not happy with it," the source said, adding that the renovations didn't appeal to the aesthetic that Trump prefers. Trump was reportedly so upset with the additions, which consisted of white marble and an abundance of dark wood, that he demanded they be removed immediately -- which they were.

According to CNN, Trump's displeasure with the renovations may be due to a larger souring of his mood over developments coinciding with the waning days of his presidency.

"If the kick-off to his last Florida sojourn as President was rough, the days that followed would be much of the same, with Trump appearing 'moody,' according to the source at the club, spending more time than usual behind closed doors and not mingling and conversing as much as he normally does with club members and senior White House staff, many of whom have in the last few years joined him there," CNN reports.

Trump angered by Mar-a-Lago renovations, sources say (CNN link): His mood darkened as soon as he walked into his members-only club Mar-a-Lago, three days before Christmas, according to multiple sources. The changes to his private quarters, many of which were overseen by his wife, first lady Melania Trump, were not to President Donald Trump's liking, and he was mad about it, according to a source familiar with the President's response.

Several weeks in the works, the renovations, undertaken to make the approximately 3,000-square-foot space feel larger and updated in preparation for the Trumps post-White House life, didn't appeal to Trump's aesthetics, according to his reaction. Trump was also displeased with other renovations at the property, the source said, not just in the living space.

"He was not happy with it," said the source, who noted several loud, one-sided conversations with club management almost immediately ensued.

The President has also been relegated to a smaller batch of familiar faces to entertain and occupy his time during this Florida trip. There are no foreign leaders to host, as has often been the case during his presidency, and most of the West Wing senior staff who usually join the trip are not there.

On Sunday, Trump did not dine out with the first lady, and instead ate dinner at a table with his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and Trump Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, according to one witness, who said Trump had a pop-by at his table from Roger Stone, one of his longtime cronies who the President had pardoned less than a week prior. Stone entered the club wearing a "Trump 2020" face mask.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

No Free Breakfast? Posh Proud Boys seethe after hotel cancels their reservations ahead of Jan. 6th protest

Mod: Gosh, now why would a hotel do that? It's not like they were bringing women back to their rooms. Did they abuse the free breakfast privileges?

Trump supporters seethe after hotel cancels their reservations ahead of January 6th protest (Raw Story link): Supporters of President Donald Trump are furious after a hotel in Washington D.C. canceled their reservations en masse ahead of a pro-Trump demonstration scheduled for January 6th.

As The Daily Beast's Will Sommer reports, the Hotel Harrington sent out a notice on Monday night announcing that it will be closed on January 4th through January 6th in a move intended to "protect the safety of our visitors, guests, and employees."

Hotel Harrington has become a favorite D.C. haunt of the Proud Boys, a far-right gang of Trump supporters who vowed to show up in the streets on January 6th to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election. Per Sommer, many Trump supporters subsequently took to pro-Trump social media website The Donald to rip into the hotel for canceling their reservations.

'It will go down like a shot dog': GOP leaders warn colleagues not to challenge Biden win results Jan 6th

Mod: A lot of gullible Trumpers seem to believe there is some kind of strategy in play here, and Biden's election will be challenged in Congress on Jan 6. It is all just fool bait designed to sucker them into giving more money to the Trumps.

'It will go down like a shot dog': GOP leaders warn colleagues not to challenge Biden win results on Jan 6th (Raw Story link): With CNN reporting that a few GOP lawmakers in both chambers are still making plans to dispute the Electoral College votes when they convene on January 6th, a senior Republican in the Senate said it will be a waste of time and not to bother.

According to the report, some House members are making plans to disrupt the proceedings -- which in most years is just a formality -- with Donald Trump egging them on by insisting the election was stolen from him.

According to the CNN report, House members need a senator to voice their objections that would force the "Senate GOP conference to take a politically toxic vote on whether they're siding with Trump or not." The hopes currently lie with incoming Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) who has admitted he is open to the idea of lending the president a helping hand.

That led Sen John Thune (R-SD), the number two Republican in the Senate, to pour cold water on the idea that other Republicans will join in and try and overturn the election of former Vice President Joe Biden. "In the Senate, it would go down like a shot dog," Thune told reporters. "I just don't think it makes a lot of sense to put everybody through this when you know what the ultimate outcome is going to be."

Marco Rubio Seems To Suggest Americans Don’t Need COVID Vaccine After He Got Vaccinated (PoliticusUSA link): Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) got his COVID vaccination and then said that Dr. Fauci is lying about the number of vaccinations needed for herd immunity.

Many in elite bubbles, like Sen. Marco Rubio, are misleading the American people on the need to get vaccinated because they are planning to run for president in 2024 and are trying to appeal to Trump’s base. If Rubio really believed that a comprehensive vaccination program is unnecessary, he could have skipped getting vaccinated and put his theory to the test.

will soon be gone, but the culture of denial, misinformation, and reckless stupidity will remain strong within the Republican Party.

Marco Rubio still wants to be president. He and other Republican contenders are going to engage in a race to the bottom to try to capture all of the Trump voters that they can get. The 2024 campaign for the Republican nomination is off and running, with Rubio suggesting to Republican primary voters that their vaccination might not be necessary.

Mod: Maybe Little Marco believes dead people can still vote.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Rupert Murdoch's New York Post Says: Mr. President 'Stop The Insanity'

Mod: Looks like Big Rupe is pulling the plug on Crazy Don. Can Sean Hannity be next? Fox & Friends

The Post says: Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s (New York Post link): Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade. We’re one week away from an enormously important moment for the next four years of our country. On Jan. 5, two runoff races in Georgia will determine which party will control the Senate — whether Joe Biden will have a rubber stamp or a much-needed check on his agenda.

Unfortunately, you’re obsessed with the next day, Jan. 6, when Congress will, in a pro forma action, certify the Electoral College vote. You have tweeted that, as long as Republicans have “courage,” they can overturn the results and give you four more years in office. In other words, you’re cheering for an undemocratic coup.

You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy.

Sidney Powell is a crazy person, Michael Flynn suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.

We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive.

Mod: More at the link.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Mike Pence Cannot Block the Certification of Joe Biden’s Victory When Senate Counts Electoral College Votes

Mod: One week from today Donald Trump's most egregious toady will stick a final knife in this one term president's back. There is nothing else left to do.

Mike Pence Cannot Block the Certification of Joe Biden’s Victory When the Senate Formally Counts Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6th (Law & Crime link): President Donald Trump’s quest to overturn the results of the 2020 election have been rejected at every turn, resulting in an unprecedented string of court losses that have left the former “Apprentice” host and his supporters to pursue increasingly impractical efforts to remain in power. Chief among the latest exercises in futility is Trump imploring Vice President Mike Pence to prevent ratification of Joe Biden’s victory when the Senate counts the Electoral College votes next month.

The Electoral College formally selected Biden as the next U.S. President on December 14 when each state’s electors publicly cast their official votes. There is no mechanism for reversing these votes, and on Jan. 6, the House and Senate will meet to count those votes. Under the 12th Amendment, Pence is constitutionally mandated to preside over the joint session of Congress which will accomplish the task. 

Trump on Wednesday retweeted a theory from one of his supporters calling for Pence to reject the certificates of votes from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, falsely claiming those states did not “receive a constitutionally permissible slate of electors.”

Unfortunately for Trump, legal experts say Pence has absolutely no authority, constitutional or otherwise, to prevent ratification of the electoral college votes. The Constitution states that Pence “shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” The “shall” in the provision is an imperative command, unambiguously requiring the act be completed, making Pence’s role merely ceremonial.

“The 12th Amendment merely designates the President of the Senate (the VP) to ‘open all the certificates.’ But then uses the passive voice: ‘the votes shall then be counted.’ Implicitly, Congress does the counting,” Fordham law professor and legal historian Jed Shugerman clarified on Twitter.

Bottom line: There is no secret legal maneuver left to stop a Biden presidency. Pence & [Mitch] McConnell understand these rules & are in an awkward political position of their own sad making. Any drama before or on Jan 6 will be merely a pathetic show of Trump loyalty/cowardice.”

Mod: Much more at the link.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Half of Americans in new survey say history will view Trump as 'failed' president

Mod: I'd have to think anyone would be hard pressed to come up with an example of something Trump did that actually succeeded. Most taxpayer funded golf trips to properties he owns perhaps?

Half of Americans in new survey say history will view Trump as 'failed' president (The Hill link): Half of registered voters say they think history will view President Trump as a “failed” president, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Thursday. 

When asked how they think history will assess Trump’s tenure, just over 50 percent of those polled say he will be viewed as a “failed” president. About 30 percent say he will be judged as either a “good” or “great” president, and 16 percent say he’ll be viewed as a “fair” president. Just over 4 percent of those surveyed are undecided.

"The last four years have been lacking in compassion and empathy, lacking in anything other than advancing the personal interests of President Trump and his friends and allies and family," Babette Salus, 60, a retired attorney from Springfield, Ill., who voted for President-elect Joe Biden, told USA Today as part of the survey. "There have probably been worse presidents, [but] I'm not sure there has been a worse one in my lifetime." 

"I'll tell you what, 50 years out, Trump will be much better regarded than he is at the current time," added David Cheff, 73, a Trump voter from Jacksonville, Fla.

The poll’s results mark a sharp contrast from the same survey conducted in the waning days of former President Obama’s second term. At the time, 50 percent said he’d be judged as either “good” or “great,” and 23 percent said he’d be viewed as a “failed” president.

Texas Store Goes Viral for ‘No Democrates Allowed’ Sign (Heavy link): An appliance repair shop in Texas is grabbing attention online because of a sign in the front parking lot that indicates what sort of customers are not welcome at the establishment. The owner of R&R Appliances in Abilene posted a sign that reads, “No Democrates Allowed.”

Democratic voter Zach Snyder snapped photos of the store and shared them on Facebook on December 11. His images have since circulated widely online and the term “Democrates” was trending nationally on Twitter on December 14.

 The Hays County Democratic Party, based in San Marcos, Texas, was among the organizations to share the picture on social media. The group poked fun at the misspelling with a caption reading, “R&R Appliances in Abilene apparently doesn’t want Democrates to visit their classy store. Is Socrates allowed?”

Friday, December 25, 2020

The Anti Claus: Americans 'steaming' with rage as Trump golfs and the GOP leaves the country to die

Mod: That not so very jolly old elf couldn't care less if you live or if you perish.

Americans 'steaming' with rage as Trump golfs and the GOP leaves the country to die (Raw Story link): The White House released the president's schedule for Christmas Eve saying that he would be working "tirelessly for the American people." But what that has actually turned into is something else.

After vetoing the defense spending bill, which included a raise for military service members, and threatening to veto the COVID-19 stimulus and 2021 budget, Trump fled to Florida to golf. For months, the White House has negotiated the stimulus bill and Trump's budget, but at the last minute, the president decided he wanted to throw it all out the window.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that she was willing to take Trump's bill demands and pass them by noon on Christmas Eve. The Senate, however, is another story. It has been nine months of negotiation until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) finally agreed to a bill. The House passed a stimulus bill seven months ago, back in May 2020.

Instead of doing his part to help get a bill that satisfied him, Trump flew to Florida and went golfing.

It led many on Twitter to call the president out for destroying the lives of Americans who need any stimulus money, service members counting on their raise, and government workers who may end up unemployed during another shutdown.

'I WILL NEVER FORGET': Trump officially announces war against Republican Party (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump spent Christmas eve on the golf course and then turned to vengeance mode as he returned to Mar-a-Lago.

Lashing out on Twitter, Trump officially announced his war against the Republican Party. He has been furious that the Republicans in the Senate acknowledged that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

"I saved at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged (for President) Election," tweeted Trump. "Now they (almost all) sit back and watch me fight against a crooked and vicious foe, the Radical Left Democrats. I will NEVER FORGET!"

Trump's promise will be a concern for Republicans up for reelection in 2022. He's already announced that No. 2 Republican in the Senate, John Thune of South Dakota, is first up on his list of people to primary. "I saved at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged (for President) Election."

Mod: Gotta question. Isn't it now in the interest of the Republican Party that Trump gets locked up? 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

'I can't even describe it': Dem lawyer stunned by Trump supporters' 'really dumb' lawsuit against Mike Pence

Mod: It's kind of like suing somebody's dog. Only worse.

'I can't even describe it': Dem lawyer stunned by Trump supporters' 'really dumb' lawsuit against Mike Pence (Raw Story link): Trump supporters who are desperate to stop President-elect Joe Biden from being sworn in have now filed a lawsuit against a very unexpected target. As flagged by Democratic election law attorney Marc Elias, the conservative Thomas More Society has now filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence and the entire electoral college in a desperate bid to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The lawsuit names Pence as a defendant due to his "legal obligations under the Constitution and federal law" to preside over Congress's ratification of the presidential election that's due to take place on January 6th.

The suit claims that Pence should not be allowed to count the electoral college's votes because state legislatures have not "affirmatively voted to certify the Presidential electors," despite the fact that the electoral college has already voted and given Biden 306 votes, which is more than what he needs to win the presidency.

"The Vice President and U.S. Congress act unconstitutionally in this election and future elections when they count votes of Presidential electors where the respective state legislature has not affirmatively voted in favor of post-election certification," the lawsuit states.

Commenting on Twitter, Elias says he can't even be bothered to do a detailed analysis of the suit's claims because they make such little sense. "I can't even describe it," he wrote of the lawsuit. "It's really dumb."

Trump leaves office historically disgraced in the eyes of the public — while Biden gets high marks (Raw Story link): Although Joe Biden's inauguration is less than a month away, President Donald Trump is still refusing to acknowledge his win and pushing debunked claims that widespread fraud tainted the election. But while Trump seems to have convinced much of his party that the election was illegitimate, recent polls from Fox News and Gallup show his dismal standing with the population as a whole. 

Analyzing the data, CNN's Harry Enten stressed that Trump is leaving office with historically low marks. One of the most striking numbers: 42 percent of Fox News' respondents said he will be remembered as "one of the country's worst presidents." And 44% said they "strongly disapprove" of his job performance.

"Pollsters have been asking Americans about how history will take stock of different presidents at the end of their presidencies since Gerald Ford," Enten wrote. "No president has garnered as many strongly negative feelings as Trump. The only president who came even close to getting as many low ratings, in a five-category question, was George W. Bush in a Gallup poll at the end of his presidency; 36% said he would go down as a 'poor' president."

Only 22% of people now say Trump would be remembered as "one of the country's greatest presidents" — the way he explicitly sells himself. Another 8 percent said he was "below average" as a president.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Trump Bet Almost All Of His Cable Ad Budget On Fox News And Joe Biden Smoked Him Like A Chump

: You know, poor old Donald Trump might blame vast conspiracies for his losing the election, but the real fault lies with himself.

Trump Bet Almost All of His Cable Ad Budget On Fox News and Joe Biden Smoked Him Like A Chump (PoliticusUSA link): Trump spent nearly $22 million advertising on Fox News during the election compared to $700,000 on MSNBC and he lost. Forbes reported:

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was the top 2020 political advertiser on Fox News, spending nearly $22 million, almost ten times the $2.65 million it shelled out for CNN TV commercials and more than 3,000 percent higher than its $708,334 in MSNBC ad purchases, according to AdImpact

Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign spent $7.4 million on Fox News, second only to the Trump campaign. Biden for President was CNN’s top political advertiser, buying $7.3 million worth of spots and spent $71,400 on MSNBC, AdImpact said.

’s ad spending was part of the strategic error that likely cost Trump the election. The President governed and campaigned for reelection on the inaccurate belief that his base was all that he needed to win. 
Trump banked everything on Fox News turning out his base and delivering victory, and he was totally wrong. 

Donald Trump
didn’t make any effort beyond tiny token spending on CNN and MSNBC to reach viewers who were not already supporting him, and he paid for his arrogance at the ballot box.

Biden’s strategy was to spend his money trying to persuade moderate voters who watch CNN and MSNBC, and it worked. In recent history, CNN has tended to attract Independent voters. Biden targeted swing state Fox News viewers who were persuadable and Independents.

The Biden campaign likely figured that they had the MSNBC audience so they targeted their spending elsewhere. The gap on MSNBC was filled by outside groups that were supporting Biden. Groups like MoveOn Action, Priorities USA, and the Lincoln Project were all in heavy rotation especially in local swing state ad spots on MSNBC.

Trump bet almost everything on Fox News, and Joe Biden smoked him like a chump.

Young conservatives mingled maskless at Mar-a-Lago and partied with a money cannon (The Washington Post link): Conservative student group Turning Point USA held two large events in Florida this weekend, including one at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s private club, allegedly violating local coronavirus restrictions and disregarding authorities’ pleas to avoid such massive gatherings.

Turning Point
on Friday night held its annual winter gala at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. The party was attended by hundreds of students, organizers and GOP notables such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Mike Lindell, otherwise known as the “MyPillow Guy.”

Then on Saturday, thousands of students gathered indoors at the organization’s “Student Action Summit,” where they heard from conservative GOP speakers, including Donald Trump Jr., and cheered loudly as women shot money into the crowd with a cannon. 

Mod: No word yet if Mike Lindell was able to minister to the Bang Girls.