Saturday, October 9, 2021

Rudy Giuliani Throws Donald Trump Under The Bus On The Big Lie - Claims He Was "Only Following Orders"

: Rudy Giuliani is now little more than a pigeon looking for a stool. But did you think you'd ever see the attorney of an American president having to go with the Nuremberg defense?

Rudy Giuliani Throws Trump Under The Bus On The Big Lie (PoliticusUSA link): Rudy Giuliani claimed that he was only following orders when he represented Donald Trump in election fraud lawsuits. This via Business Insider:

In a newly released deposition transcript, Coomer’s attorney, Charles Cain, asked Giuliani if he was ever paid to represent the Trump campaign. Cain noted that Giuliani said in a sweaty, conspiracy-theory-filled November 19 press conference that he was representing both Trump personally and the Trump campaign.

Giuliani replied that he was not paid to represent the campaign and had only been reimbursed for his expenses, according to the transcript. Cain then asked Giuliani why he would represent the Trump campaign without compensation. “The president — the president ordered me to do it,” Giuliani replied. 

Giuliani is trying to blame the Big Lie on Trump. Rudy Giuliani is already broke and under federal criminal investigation, but it appears that he is trying to get out of any legal liability for the Big Lie by blaming it all on Donald Trump.

By suggesting that he wasn’t paid, Giuliani may also be trying to make the argument that he really wasn’t Donald Trump’s lawyer.

The Trump administration wasn’t the military. Rudy Giuliani was a private citizen. If Trump “ordered” him to act as his lawyer, Giuliani could have told him to kick sand.

The Trumpers are turning on each other. Donald Trump has hung Rudy Guiliani out to dry, and Trump’s former lawyer is trying to escape a more than $2 billion lawsuit by blaming the former president.


  1. "I vas only obeying the orders of Der Fuhrer!"

  2. Your Fire Wall is proof

  3. For as much shit as Trump pulled over the years, and as stupid as I am convinced he happens to be (no matter how conniving) it is truly amazing he has been essentially accountable for NOTHING. He is no longer the prez yet he is still making more headlines than Biden. This has got to end.

    1. It doesn't help that you keep talking about the charlatan on this platform. Duhh

    2. Benedict Donald will run for president in 2024 because it is an easy way for him to make money. Not talking about things like that only helps Trump.

    3. DJT will make money regardless you talk about him or not.

    4. Trump is broke. He has nothing of value to sell. That is why he will run for office in 2024. The only way he can make money now is to weasel it out of moron MAGAs.

    5. Turn away or turn to salt. Why give free rent in your head to someone who aided/speeded the CoV deaths of
      several million Americans? Without attention he will wither.

  4. What the heck is going on with all these white people aggressions? Are you sure you are not related to this djt clown? Go check your ancestry roots.

    The apples don't fall far from the tree.

    1. Ethnicity specific aggressions? Is there a manual?

    2. Wrong century, dude.

  5. White House To Allow Release Of Trump Records From Jan. 6 Attack

    The only US politician since Benedict Arnold to attack America is spitting mad.

    1. 'Crime of the Century': Trump rages at Biden for rejecting request to withhold White House info

    2. Stop whitewashing the real Crime of the Century and World History: the genocide of American Indians.

    3. ABSOLUTELY. Covid struck reservations hard where many occupied small homes...whole FAMILES perished.

  6. More republican trash.
    The first person in the country to be charged with trying to steal COVID-19 relief funds and who then faked his own suicide and went on the run for months to avoid justice, has been sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison.

    Prosecutors say David Adler Staveley, 54, of Andover, Massachusetts, filed four fraudulent applications in his brother’s name for COVID-19 relief loans, claiming he operated three large restaurants and a cell-phone business with dozens of employees.

  7. Former Trump aide Dan Scavino served January 6 committee subpoena after struggle to locate him

    A process server brought the subpoena to former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Friday, the source said. While Scavino was home in New York at the time, he asked a staff member to accept the subpoena on his behalf.

    In its letter to Scavino, the committee outlined that, because of his close proximity and long history of working with the former President, he can provide useful information regarding conversations Trump had on January 5 about trying to convince members of Congress to not certify the election, the former President's movements on January 6, and the broader communication strategy the White House had in the lead up to the January 6 rally.

    The source said that Scavino would review the subpoena with his attorneys early next week to determine next steps source

  8. Proud Boy Rabbi Promises Religious Exemptions for COVID Vaccine.
    However, the argument that the vaccine could conflict with religious beliefs is looking, increasingly, on shaky ground, as legal challenges to religious exemptions make their way through the courts. Meanwhile, a small minority of Roman Catholic leaders tried to call the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot “morally compromised,” citing false reports that the vaccines contain fetal cells.

    1. I am a believer, but I would never go into a church. I do not think God goes there.

  9. Your people are dangerous.

    Middle school teacher filmed removing her face mask and intentionally breathing on a cornered student, video shows.

    A Texas middle school teacher has been filmed removing her face mask and intentionally breathing on a student, the Daily Mail reported.

    The educator, who has not been named, was caught on camera shouting, "I don't care," while she cornered the student at Mead Middle School in Houston during an altercation that took place on September 17.

    The student can repeatedly be heard in the footage asking the teacher to "get out of my face."

  10. Look we have another stupid republican Texan in trouble.

    Unvaxxed Allen West Has COVID Symptoms, Takes Unproven Meds.

    Right-winger Allen West has suspended in-person events for his Texas gubernatorial campaign because he developed COVID symptoms after his wife tested positive.

    In a Saturday morning Twitter thread, the Trump-loving ex-congressman said he has not gotten the COVID vaccine but is “already taking Hydrochloroquine and Ivermectin protocols”—two unproven drugs popular with the anti-vaxxer crowd.

    “After taking COVID and flu shots, Angela West tested positive for COVID yesterday, Friday,” the tweet said.
    West is well-known for outrageous statements—from a Facebook post about “exterminating” Muslims to his suggestion that Texas secede over the election of Joe Biden.


  11. Horse-face supports a murder, or is that a backside of a mule?

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene encouraged her Twitter followers to donate to a fundraiser for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse,

    Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Saturday tweeted a fundraiser link for Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, encouraging her followers to donate to his legal defense.

    Rittenhouse, at 17 years old, was accused of killing two people during a Black Lives Matter protest in August 2020.

    On August 25 last year, Rittenhouse, a Trump supporter from Illinois, crossed state lines to get to demonstrations over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Rittenhouse, who was armed with an AR-15-style rifle, fired at people at close range, police said, killing two and injuring one. Rittenhouse has since become a symbol for right-wing gun-rights advocates.

  12. Yea, that will work! NOT. Why doesn't Rudy Tootie just plead insanity? At least he would be telling the truth....FINALLY.

  13. What the 1% do with California's water these days?
    Column: Up to 1 million gallons of water, a night? That's par for some desert golf courses.
    "He proudly said they had just computerized their system and they were down to 1.2 million gallons a night,” recalls Thompson, an ecologist who leads natural history expeditions. “I thought I didn’t hear him correctly, so about 30 minutes later I asked again, and he said the same thing.”

    “From the homework we have done ... the smaller courses use at least several hundred thousand gallons a night, but the larger courses are in the 1-million-gallon range or more,” Thompson said.

    “It’s not only an outrage,” he added, “but many months of the year, it's too hot to play golf in the desert, yet the watering continues.”

  14. Your people are killing kids and parents, 2021.

    Anti-vaxxers in posh Los Angeles neighborhood berate parents walking kids to school with masks.

    Several dozen protesters gathered outside Hawthorne Elementary School in Beverly Hills and confronted parents and students about wearing masks.

    Some of the protesters urged the parents to sue Beverly Hills School District, even though the state of California has mandated mask wearing.

    The protesters disrupted National Walk to School Day and accused the parents of “traumatizing” their children,

    “That’s my choice, you better respect my choice,” one frustrated mother told the group of protesters.

    1. Pro-Vax Christian Facebook Group Seeks Refuge From Friends, Family and Faith Communities

      Anti-vaxxers like the ones described in this article are evil.

  15. I'm all for mandated vaccination and masks. When is Newsom going to mandate branded tattoos on people's foreheads as proof of vaccination and compliance. This should be the next pragmatic and logical step for a speedy post-covid economic recovery. Just think about it. People don't need to worry about losing/forgetting their vaccination card, fake cards, ...

    1. Cool idea. This will increase tattoo parlors profit and sales tax for the government. A win win solution.

    2. The ability to think outside the box. Finally that entrepreneurship degree is paying off.

  16. And look what donny trumpee bought America!

    'This is a crisis': Tens of thousands of children affected by pandemic-related deaths of parents.
    Julia, 12, a middle-schooler who used to do everything with her father, is withdrawn. Her sister Jamie, 7, still talks about him in the present tense. As for Mom, Jerri, a third-grade teacher, she is struggling to keep up with bills and maintain a sense of normalcy for her daughters while still processing the devastation of losing the love of her life.
    Hillis and her co-authors, along with religious and tribal leaders, parent groups, grief support therapists and others are calling on states and the Biden administration to do more to support these children. They are urging a comprehensive response that includes financial assistance, mental health services, education, insurance and increased resources for the foster care system.


  17. What stupid GOP, republicans will believe, now days?
    But death is certain.
    Let them die.
    After pulling his medical license for the entire USA.
    GOP doc dispenses sketchy medical advice on virus immunity.

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Roger Marshall won't let people forget he's a doctor, putting “Doc” in the letterhead of his U.S. Senate office's news releases. But when he talks about COVID-19 vaccines, some doctors and experts say the Kansas Republican sounds far more like a politician than a physician.

    He's made statements about vaccines and immunity that defy both medical consensus and official U.S. government guidance. He's aggressively fighting President Joe Biden's vaccine requirements, arguing they'll infringe on people's liberties and wreck the economy. He's acknowledged experimenting on himself with an unproven treatment for warding off the coronavirus.

  18. Capitol rioter suspected of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop is charged. Her plot to sell it to Russian spies is still being investigated, says report.

    She has been charged with eight counts, including theft of government property, obstructing an official proceeding, and assaulting or resisting police, according to the indictment.

    It said Williams stole a "Hewlett-Packard laptop computer located in the offices of a member of the U.S. Congress."

    Williams could face 20 years in jail and fines of $600,000 if she is convicted, The Daily Mail said.
    The laptop has still not been recovered.

    In January, a federal judge in Pennsylvania banned Williams from using the internet while she awaited trial and limited her to using a flip phone after she was suspected of deleting social media accounts, The Daily Mail said.

    More than 660 people have been charged in connection with the Capitol riot, according to Insider's tracker.

  19. This piece of money stealing religious garbage is no better than donny trumpee.
    Megachurch With Ferrari-Driving Pastor Gives Back $4.4M Pandemic Loan.
    A Houston megachurch, whose celebrity pastor is reportedly worth $50 million, has repaid the federal government $4.4 million in pandemic loans after going viral for the outrageous handout.

    Lakewood Church, which is tax-exempt like most religious institutions, took $4.4 million in taxpayer-funded Paycheck Protection Program loans at the height of the COVID pandemic last year—all while senior pastor Joel Osteen flaunted his insane wealth. It caused “Osteen” and “Ferrari” to trend on social media as observers questioned the institution’s need for such a huge payout.

  20. Donald Trump claimed 'everybody wanted the vaccine' when he was president?
    Hitler said and did the same-things, too.
    But now, he argues, Biden is the reason for the low vaccine take-up, despite Republicans (compared to Democrats and Independents) being the most likely to say they will never get the vaccine, according to Kaiser Family Foundation polling data.

  21. Trump Goes Full Racist And Declares Many Haitian Migrants 'Probably Have AIDS'
    The former president made the comments during a discussion about immigration with host Sean Hannity, who said he was all for “legal immigration,” but asked if it was wrong to require a “security check to make sure you don’t have radical associations,” a COVID-19 test and proof that you “won’t be a financial burden on the American people.”

  22. donny trumpee's commie friends.
    China demands information on whether US submarine collision ‘caused a nuclear leak’.
    The communist chinese are acting like 5 year old children, again.
    “This is just kind of classic Chinese line, right, where they're trying to argue that U.S. operations in the South China Sea are inherently risky and dangerous,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Zack Cooper told the Washington Examiner. “The fact that it was a nuclear attack submarine means that they’ve got a little but more ample reason to try and critique this at the moment, given the AUKUS deal.”

  23. Its time to take the Sheriffs department away form a crazy person.
    Los Angeles County sheriff won't enforce vaccine mandate.

  24. A girl wet herself in class. Her NC mom says a teacher violated the child’s human rights.
    “This incident upsets me because my child was wet in class. Not preschool, a kindergarten class or a first grade class, but a sixth grade class,” Dixon said.

    The News & Observer contacted Durham Public Schools after Thursday’s meeting to ask for any policies related to bathroom use.

    “The physical and socio-emotional health and safety of our students is a priority of Durham Public Schools,” district spokesman William “Chip” Sudderth said in an email.


  25. California law to eventually ban gas-powered lawn equipment.

    The California Air Resources Board has already started working on a rule to do this, a lengthy process scheduled to conclude early next year. But the law Newsom signed on Saturday removes any doubt, ordering the agency to apply the new rule by Jan. 1, 2024, or as soon as regulators determine is “feasible,” whichever date is later.

    “Gov. .Newsom signing (this law) really sets a strong course to not only his commitment to transitioning to zero emissions but also to cleaner air and healthier lungs,” said Will Barrett, director of clean air advocacy for the American Lung Association in California.
    The law Newsom signed also orders regulators to offer rebates for people to change out their equipment, a move aimed at landscaping businesses that use these machines more often. The state budget, approved earlier this year, includes $30 million to pay for this effort.

  26. Call Taiwan a country, French senator says, angering China in 2021.
    In Beijing, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said to call Taiwan a country was a "flagrant violation of the universal consensus of the international community, including France". This is the same bullsh-t propaganda communist/republicans use daily

  27. Letters to the Editor: The Long Beach school cop who killed Mona Rodriguez should never have been hired.
    According to your article, Officer Eddie F. Gonzalez was removed from employment in Los Alamitos after 90 days on that city's police force. After that, he was removed by the Sierra Madre Police Department before he had completed a year on the job.
    Aren't these red flags? It seems that the Long Beach school board needs to take a hard look into its background check process. This tragedy could have been averted had this employer done better due diligence in hiring.


  28. Glendora, California lives on NDA's to keep its head above water in lawsuits.
    To cover up illegal activities they are involved with.
    ‘Silenced No More Act’ becomes law in California, crippling NDAs.
    SB 331 will make it easier for workers to speak out about racism and other forms of harassment and abuse in the workplace even if they sign non-disclosure agreements.

  29. Everyone knew this would happen but Trump! Trump made Rudy through away his life in order to help him out and then Trump throws Rudy away like trash. Huge mistake! Trump loses yet another allie and gains yet another enemy. Trump has zero loyalty! That's truly pathetic. No honor among thieves..

  30. Chinese developer misses bond payment as stress spreads beyond Evergrande crisis, Oct. 2021.
    Will the 1929 crash begin in Communist China first, since they are responsible for the global inflation, 2021?

  31. Go ahead Allen West show them how tough you are and take this all the way to the grave, you loud mouthed republican idiot?
    Allen West, Texas GOP candidate, hospitalized with COVID-19.
    West said on Twitter Sunday that, if elected governor, he would “vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates” in Texas.

  32. Bitter sugar: How money has flowed from the sugar fields of the Dominican Republic to the burgeoning tax haven of South Dakota, USA.

    Workers for Central Romana say they earn around $125 a month cutting sugar cane, well below the country's average monthly salary of $777, according to the latest figures from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. Most are migrants from Haiti, and few have the rights of full citizenship. Their status in the country is tenuous, and their lives precarious.

    Cutting sugar cane is perilous work, done in the middle of the Dominican summer, when the heat index can reach 110 degrees. The leaves of the plant are sharp enough to draw blood, and the slip of a machete can lead to permanent injury. Despite the dangers, workers say they are unsupervised and that quality medical care is hard to come by.

  33. Filthy republicans will stop at nothing to make it appear they win in 2022 and beyond. Glendora, California has a serious problem with Gerrymandering and has for decades.
    California has turned its back on the state Republicans and its party.

    State Republicans want few changes made to their 2011 maps, which scholars widely consider to be heavily gerrymandered in their favor. Bridgit Bowden, special projects reporter at Wisconsin Public Radio, joined CBSN to discuss.

  34. QAnon’s Deadly Price.
    There’s no formula for a filicide, no algorithm that leads a father to stab his children to death. QAnon, the Illuminati, lizard people — there are millions who believe theories like these and don’t commit crimes. By the time Coleman is said to have abducted and killed his children, nearly a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, these ideas were part of his world. Abby, for one, followed anti-vaxxer groups on Facebook that post lies about the danger of vaccines. A close member of her family spread the “Plandemic” video, which falsely claims the coronavirus outbreak was a political conspiracy, and stories claiming that “Satan has found a home in Dem party leadership.”


  35. Black real estate agent, clients file lawsuit after being handcuffed by Michigan police during home tour.

    A federal lawsuit says officers violated the civil rights of a Black real estate agent, his client and his client's son when they handcuffed the three individuals who were on a home tour. Michigan police have previously described it as an "unfortunate" misunderstanding.

    Real estate agent Eric Brown, Roy Thorne and his 15-year-old son Samuel, in early October filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Wyoming, Michigan, the Wyoming police chief and the six police officers involved in the Aug. 1 incident, which started when officers responded to a call from a neighbor.


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