Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Chris Christie’s New Book 'Republican Rescue' Flops Badly And Sells Just 2,000 Copies

Mod: More proof that GOP fake political celebrities are vastly over-reported in the mainstream media. 

Chris Christie’s Book Flops And Sells Just 2,000 Copies (PoliticusUSA link): Despite getting massive amounts of mainstream media attention, Chris Christie’s new book has sold only 2,000 copies.

Christie was on broadcast networks, all three cable networks, Sunday shows, HBO,  and even got a primetime special, and none of it helped him sell books. Chris Christie was everywhere, and the result was that the American people still didn’t like him or care about what he had to say.

Chris Christie has always been a mainstream media creation. He is what the corporate press laps up, a supposedly moderate blue-state Republican

Christie has no 2024 future. He will keep offering his opinions and sucking up to Donald Trump while pretending to be moderate for as long as anyone will give him airtime.

There is no market for Chris Christie. America is not crying out for a Christie comeback.

If anything, the book sales numbers suggest that what the American people really want is for Chris Christie to get off of their televisions and go away.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Checkmating Chubby Cheddar: Adam Schiff Confirms That The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Trump

Mod: All of the insurrection roads lead directly to Traitor Trump. 

Adam Schiff Confirms That The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Trump (PoliticusUSA link): 1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) confirmed that the committee is investigating Trump’s role in all phases of the Capitol attack. Full video of Rep. Schiff on CNN’s State Of The Union (see below) shows this:

DANA BASH: So, have you found any evidence at all at this point that Donald Trump knew of plans for violence at the Capitol that day?

SCHIFF: Dana, I can’t go into the evidence that we have gathered. But I will say this. I think among the most important questions that we’re investigating is the complete role of the former president. That is, what did he know in advance about the propensity for violence that day? Was this essentially the backup plan for the failed litigation around the country? Was this something that was anticipated?

How was it funded? What did the funders know about what was likely to happen that day? And what was the president’s response as the attack was going on, as his own vice president was being threatened?

I think among the most — the broadest category of unknowns are those surrounding the former president. And we are determined to get answers. But, at this point, I am not in a position to indicate what we know yet.

BASH: You don’t want to indicate what you know, but can you tell us if you know things? (LAUGHTER) Are there things to know?

SCHIFF: You know, I really let the committee — I let the committee speak through our chairman and through our communications team. So I don’t want to get ahead of the committee.

The 1/6 Committee Is Following The Trail To Trump

Everything related to the coup comes back to one person. The various threads of the 1/6 attack from the rally planning to the speech to the attack on the Capitol all connect to Trump.

The reason why Republicans are trying so hard to stonewall the committee is that a full investigation will likely show that Trump was the hub of the coup wheel, and the spokes were several Republican members of Congress. As Trump and his family continue to try to incite violence and unrest, the 1/6 Committee looks to be closing in on them.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ann Coulter warns Kyle Rittenhouse that Trump is trying to ‘grift off him’

Mod: Trump grifts off of everything he can get his hands on. So why not a murdering street thug?

Ann Coulter warns Kyle Rittenhouse that Trump is trying to ‘grift off him’ (Dead State link): In the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on charges related to the two people he killed and the third one he wounded during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year, the now-18-year-old Rittenhouse met with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida on Monday.

Speaking to Fox News, Trump called Rittenhouse a “really a nice young man.”

Kyle I got to know him a little bit. He called,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “He wanted to know if he could come over and say hello because he was a fan.”

“He should never have been put through that,” Trump said of Rittenhouse. “That was prosecutorial misconduct, and it’s happening all over the United States right now with the Democrats.”

Responding to the news the Rittenhouse’s meeting with Trump, conservative commentator and former Trump supporter Ann Coulter had a warning for the teenager.

Rittenhouse should be careful about all the people trying to grift off him,” Coulter tweeted this Wednesday.

Coulter has been off the Trump train for a while now, mainly due to what she sees as his failure to live up to his campaign promises.

“In my defense, a lot of journalists would ask me during 2016, when I was promoting [her book] In Trump We Trust, they’d say, ‘Oh he’s not really going to build the wall’ and I’d laugh at them. I’d laugh and say, ‘No, the one thing he’s got to do is build the wall.'” Coulter said earlier this month. “I just couldn’t imagine anyone could be so stupid to run on one thing” and not do it, she said.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Screwed Bigly: Trump is sitting on $105 million he could contribute to MAGA rioters' defense — but won't

: He might love them as dearly as he's claimed, but Donald Trump is still quite content to leave the seditionists to rot in jail.

Trump is sitting on $105 million he could contribute to MAGA rioters' defense — but he's leaving them out to dry (Raw Story link): On Thursday, the Huffington Post reported that former President Donald Trump's "Save America" PAC is sitting on $105 million, enough to pay $156,000 to the legal defense of every single person charged in the January 6 Capitol attack — but he has made no effort to do so.

"In all, 670 of Trump's Jan. 6 mob face permanent criminal records and five- and six-figure legal bills for believing Trump's lies that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from him, and acting on his requests that they do something about it," reported S.V. Date. "Cynthia Hughes, who is collecting money to help Jan. 6 defendants — her 'Patriot Freedom Project' web site offers visitors the opportunity to make a '1/6 Thanksgiving Pledge' — appeared on Trump adviser Steve Bannon's podcast and urged Trump to act."

Despite these pleas, however, Trump appears to be leaving the people who attacked the Capitol for him out to dry.

"Federal Election Commission records ... show that through the first half of this year, Trump had not paid for anyone's legal costs related to Jan. 6, other than possibly his own," said the report. "Through June 30, Trump's 'Save America' political committee had paid $206,480 to Elections, LLC, the firm co-founded by Justin Clark, one of the lawyers representing Trump in its dealings with the House Jan. 6 committee."

This comes, ironically, amid new reports showing that the Republican National Committee is paying for Trump's personal legal bills relating to criminal investigations in New York.

Trump's unwillingness to help the rioters so far stands in stark contrast to his famous comments on the 2016 campaign trail that he would pay the legal fees of anyone arrested for "knocking the crap" out of people at his rallies. 

Some of the rioters, including so-called "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley who has now been sentenced to 41 months in prison, were under the impression that the former president would pardon them on his way out the door, and that there wouldn't even be any charges in the first place.


Friday, November 26, 2021

The Jim Bakker Show: End Times preacher claims ancient reptile imitated her husband to have sex with her

Mod: Here's a quick question for any evangelical theologians: Is it infidelity if the dude identifies as a non-human alien?  

An alien tried to have sex with me after morphing into my husband and climbing into my bed, woman bizarrely claims (The Sun link): A religious author claims an alien tried to have sex with her after morphing into her husband and climbing into their bed. American Sharon Gilbert, 69, related the bizarre incident while appearing on The Jim Bakker Show, which describes itself as a Christian “prophetic Bible show.”

Writer and Friendly Atheist contributor Hemant Mehta uploaded a clip from the show to Twitter. He posted the footage with the caption: "End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her."

"Then it claimed to be Xerxes, and then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to be a reptile with a posse of gargoyles."

The video has been viewed more than 5.3 million times since it was posted on November 23, with many critics casting doubt on the bonkers story.

Gilbert said on the show: "After Derek and I got married this other Derek appears in our bed. The real Derek is lying down next to me, other Derek sits right up out of him. It startled me. I knew that was not Derek and so I asked this critter, who are you? Because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations."

"He said: 'I am your husband.' I said: 'Who are you?' "He had the nerve to claim to be, Xerxes. Other Derek seriously wanted to invite me, to use my free will to do something that was going to pull me away from God." Further in the discussion, she details the part Jesus played in her being able to defeat the “alien”. Gilbert also claimed the “alien” was also joined by other “gargoyle-like” creatures.

She said: "This last time I knew he was really desperate and I asked him again 'who are you?.' He told me the same answer and I said 'I am not going with you.'

"This was an internal dialogue, finally I said I have had enough, in my mind. I reached up, I grabbed his face and I said: 'You are a liar and Jesus is real.' I pulled that face off and beneath it was a reptile."

"He had little creatures with him this time, he brought these little halfling creatures and they looked like, gargoyles and they were very reptilian as well. Beneath the face of Derek was a reptilian serpentine creature." From the bizarre clip it is not clear whether Gilbert meant the story literally or metaphorically.

The post, has picked up more than 11,000 comments, with many mocking Gilbert or questioning the validity of the story. One Twitter user wrote: “Why aren’t these people writing science fiction? They have fantastic imaginations.”

Another said: “This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life; where can I find more comedy gold like this?? Is there a playlist somewhere?” While a third person wrote: "I hate it when that happens. It's hard enough to get a good night's sleep and then bloody Xerxes turns up followed by Jesus and reptilian aliens."


Thursday, November 25, 2021

'The Best is Yet to Come': Kimberly Guilfoyle's January 6 Role Comes Under the Microscope

Mod: Did Kimberly Guilfoyle raise $3 million to fund the Jan. 6 insurrection? 

Kimberly Guilfoyle's January 6 Role Comes Under the Microscope (Vanity Fair link): In the wake of Steve Bannon’s indictment for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena related to the House investigation into the January 6 riot, a number of Trumpworld celebrities have now found themselves in the committee’s crosshairs. On Monday, the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack issued subpoenas to five individuals allied with Donald Trump, all of whom reportedly took part in or had knowledge of the planning, funding, or orchestrating of the “Stop the Steal” rallies. 

Those subpoenaed include GOP operative Roger Stone, far-right commentator Alex Jones, Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich, and a pair of pro-Trump organizers, Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence, responsible for amassing hundreds of thousands of members on a “Stop the StealFacebook group. 

In a Monday statement, Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who chairs the select committee, wrote that “the select committee is seeking information about the rallies and subsequent march to the Capitol that escalated into a violent mob attacking the Capitol and threatening our democracy. We need to know who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress.” 

Budowich, whose current title is communications director for Trump’s Save America PAC, previously worked alongside Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle while serving as a senior adviser for the Trump 2020 campaign. In the committee’s subpoena announcement, Budowich is accused of reportedly soliciting “a 501(c)(4) organization to conduct a social media and radio advertising campaign encouraging attendance at the January 6 Ellipse rally and advancing unsupported claims about the result of the election.” 

It appears that Budowich’s connection to Guilfoyle may be what piqued the interest of the January 6 committee, given that she claimed to have raised $3 million for the January 6 rally that Trump spoke at in the hours leading up to the Capitol riot. 

According to a ProPublica report, Guilfoyle, who is dating Trump Jr. and worked as a fundraiser for the Trump Victory committee, made the claim while bragging two days before January 6 that she “raised so much money for this” in a series of text messages. “Literally one of my donors Julie at 3 million,” wrote Guilfoyle in reference to GOP mega-donor Julie Jenkins Fancelli. In a statement to ProPublica, Guilfoyle’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, claimed that his client’s text messages “did not relate to the ‘Save America’ ​rally” and were “inaccurate” and “taken out of context.” 

As for Guilfoyle’s own actions on January 6, she did passionately address the crowd that gathered to hear Trump and Trump Jr. speak. “We will continue to stand for President Trump,” she said. “We will not allow the liberals and the Democrats to steal our dream or steal our elections. 


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Enrique Tarrio Is Sad: Judge Denies Proud Boys Leader’s Request for Early Release

Mod: Proud Enrique said last week that there were feces in his jail cell. Maybe he'll finally grab a mop.

Judge Denies Proud Boys Leader’s Request for Early Release (PoliticusUSA link): HenryEnriqueTarrio, the leader of the alt-right Proud Boys who is serving a five-month sentence for stealing and burning a Black Lives Matter banner from a D.C. church in December, had his request for early release denied by a judge who ruled that poor living conditions in the jail are not a sufficient reason for Tarrio to be released and placed under house arrest.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Jonathan H. Pittman acknowledged that he believes Tarrio’s allegations regarding jail conditions and the mistreatment he’s faced but said Tarrio didn’t prove any “extraordinary and compelling reasons” for why he deserves early release.

Tarrio received a 155-day prison sentence in August and began serving his sentence in September.  He had requested that his sentence be reduced to 90 days or that he be allowed to finish it in home confinement.

“I’ve been to jail before and what I’ve seen here, I’ve never seen anywhere else,” Tarrio told Pittman last week. “This place needs to be shut down immediately.”

“It is obviously distressing to hear of these conditions,” Pittman said at the time. “I come back to the same question: How is Mr. Tarrio’s condition any different than any other inmate at the jail?”

Mod: The following video asks some interesting questions. We need the answers.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The GOP Is Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Trying To Keep Trump Out Of Prison

: Donald has always had people around willing to bail him out. Good to see the GOP is flushing lots of their MAGA donated money down the orange toilet to pay for his lawyers.

The RNC Is Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Trying To Keep Trump Out Of Prison (PoliticusUSA link): The RNC is paying part of Trump’s legal bills for the criminal investigation that he and his business are under in Manhattan. The New York Times reported:

The Republican National Committee is paying some personal legal bills for former president Donald Trump, spending party funds to pay a lawyer representing Trump in investigations into his financial practices in New York, a party spokeswoman said Monday.

In October, the RNC made two payments totaling $121,670 to the law firm of Ronald Fischetti, a veteran defense attorney whom Trump hired in April. According to a person with direct knowledge of the payments, the requests came earlier this summer but were only voted on by the party’s executive committee in recent weeks. 

A political party should not be paying the personal legal bills of anyone, much less a failed former president who is not even a current officeholder.

The Republican Party has so convinced itself that they need Trump for 2024 that they are willing to spend donor money trying to keep him out of prison.

That is what the RNC spending is really about: Donald Trump can’t run for president if he is criminally convicted of a felony, so the RNC is spending money that should go to candidates or building a get out the vote operation on trying to keep Donald Trump a free man.

When a Republican candidate loses a House or Senate race by less than a point in 2022, remember that the RNC did Democrats a huge favor by spending money on Trump’s legal bills instead of trying to win elections.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Pro-Rittenhouse tweets came largely from Russia, China and the EU: ex-FBI official

Mod: So Rittenhouse is getting the same kind of support from certain foreign actors that Trump got? Of course.

Pro-Rittenhouse tweets came largely from Russia, China and the EU: ex-FBI official (Raw Story link): Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi tweeted about an analysis of the tweets from the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse came largely from outside of the United States.

Figliuzzi said that the researchers took a sample of 32,315 pro-Rittenhouse hashtag tweets on Nov 19-20. The data showed 29,609 tweets came from Twitter accounts that disabled geolocation. "Of those, 17,701 were listed as "foreign", but a deep scrub revealed most of those were in Russia, China, and the EU," he said.

noted that this is more of the "divide and conquer" approach that Americans saw around the Black Lives Matter movement to pit different races against each other.

"Throughout the campaign, Russian operatives created hundreds of fake personas on social media platforms and then posted thousands of advertisements and messages that sought to promote racial divisions in the United States," wrote William J. Aceves from the California Western School of Law

In his 2019 article Virtual Hatred: How Russia Tried to Start a Race War in the United States, Aceves explained that the fake accounts were created by Russian operatives. "But their effects were real." They sought to manipulate Americans to such a degree that they would attempt to bring down U.S. democracy. 


Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Butcher of Kenosha Brags: 'I saved Kenosha!': Trump rants about Kyle Rittenhouse on Fox

: Donald wants you to know that he recognizes his role in the Kenosha killings.  

Trump congratulates Rittenhouse on acquittal (The Hill link): Former President Trump congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse after a jury found him not guilty of all charges at the conclusion of his homicide trial in Kenosha, Wis., Friday afternoon. 

A jury in Kenosha acquitted Rittenhouse of all five charges brought against him, including intentional homicide. Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide and two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety after he fatally shot two men and injured a third during civil unrest in Kenosha last year. 

“Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges,” Trump said in a statement Friday.

'I saved Kenosha!': Trump rants about Kyle Rittenhouse verdict on Fox News (Raw Story link): Former president Donald Trump told Fox News on Friday night that Kyle Rittenhouse "shouldn't have been prosecuted in the first place," calling it a "political case."

"I think that it was a great decision," Trump said of the jury's acquittal of Rittenhouse. "I was sad it had to go this far. Somebody should have ended it earlier, and frankly the case should have never been brought. It was prosecutorial misconduct. ... I was very happy to see (the not guilty verdict). A lot of people were very happy to see it — most people."

Trump called Rittenhouse "brave" for testifying in his defense, and he blamed CNN and MSNBC for making the case about race.

"We saved Kenosha very early," he said. "It was a horrible couple of nights. They got individual stores. The place didn't burn down to the ground because we sent in a lot of good people."


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Not Over: Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Charges As Rep. Nadler Calls For DOJ Review

Mod: Now that the clown show trial has finished, it's time for the real investigation to begin.

Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Charges As Rep. Nadler Calls For DOJ Review (PoliticusUSA link): Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerry Nadler is calling on the DOJ to review the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings for potential federal charges. Rep. Nadler tweeted: 

"This heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent which justifies federal review by DOJ. Justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in First Amendment-protected protest."

Kyle Rittenhouse Crossed State Lines Which Means That He Can Be Federally Charged

There are a wide variety of federal charges that Kyle Rittenhouse could potentially face that include civil rights violations and potential hate crimes. The Rittenhouse trial was so tainted by the judge’s behavior that the case deserves a federal review. The idea that a person can show up at a protest with a loaded assault weapon, killing two people, and then claim self-defense flies in the face of logic and common sense.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has made protecting civil rights a priority at the Justice Department. One can’t think of a bigger civil rights violation than being murdered while exercising one’s First Amendment rights.

The Rittenhouse case is crying out for a DOJ review.


Friday, November 19, 2021

Junior Achievement: Don Jr. Releases More Cringeworthy Merchandise With a New Meaning for ‘LGBTQ’

Mod: The financially at risk Trump family is now down to peddling some dumb t-shirts. 

Don Jr. Releases More Cringeworthy Merchandise, This Time With a New Meaning for ‘LGBTQ’ (Political Flare link): Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump Jr. has been trying to earn some cash selling merchandise that utilizes Republican slogans, ideas or ideals (always grifting, that family). Originally, he was attempting to profit by selling clothing with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan that conservatives were using to imply the phrase “F**k Joe Biden.”

The latest t-shirt has the initials LGBTQ on them, but on Don’s apparel, they spell out “Let’s Get Biden To Quit.” 

Why is it that Don Jr. has been suddenly trying to profit off of cheap, offensive merchandise in the past few weeks? One plausible theory has to do with all the money the Trump family is losing, from selling their Washington D.C. hotel to having their events cancelled because the organizers are racially intolerant and borderline violent.

Don Jr. has sent out many tweets, urging Republicans to buy his cheesy clothing line as gifts for their liberal relatives over the holidays. Either Don Jr. is deeply passionate about poor quality graphic tees, or the Trump family is more affected by their profit/loss statement than they let on.

At an upcoming event that Don Jr. had been scheduled to appear at, they were selling exorbitantly priced tickets. They were even trying to sell special tickets that cost an extra $500 for a personal meet and greet with Trump’s son himself. The cancellation of that event is just one more check that the Trump family will not be able to cash in.

Don’s latest Tweet contained a picture of three clothing options, including the “LGBTQ” hoodie and one shirt that sports the phrase “Fauci K*lls Puppies.” The caption that accompanied read: “Want a perfect surprise for your favorite lib relative this Thanksgiving? Check these out. Make a statement without saying a word.”

I know Don Jr’s schtick is all about “owning the libs” at this point. But seriously, this is just sad and pathetic no matter what your collapsed family fortunes.