Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ann Coulter Slams Trump for Deceiving His Base: ‘He Not Only Betrays Them But He Lies to Them’

Mod: Apparently even Ann Coulter has seen more than enough of Chubby Cheddar.

Ann Coulter Slams Trump for Deceiving His Base: ‘He Not Only Betrays Them But He Lies to Them’ (Political Flare link): Ann Coulter was in no mood to mince words about former President Donald Trump’s mental acuity on Andrew Sullivan’s Dishcast podcast Friday. The two talked about a range of topics but the archly conservative Coulter took Trump down several notches while describing how he had let her down, Mediaite reports.

She admitted she had no illusions about his character but decided to support him anyway because of his immigration policy and promises to build a wall along the southern border. (That pretty much tells you about Ann Coulter’s character now doesn’t it?)

“I grew up in New Canaan (Connecticut) and I’ve been reading Page Six since I was a little kid,” Coulter told Sullivan (who once notably described her as “a drag queen posing as a fascist.”) I was well familiar with what a narcissistic, ridiculous, tacky, vulgar, arriviste this guy was. That I knew about. The one thing I underestimated, in fact, did not see at all is, I had no idea how abjectly stupid the man was.” 

Well, all I can say here, is welcome to the party Ann. Lots of us were well aware of this long before you were.

But she added, “In my defense, a lot of journalists would ask me during 2016 when I was promoting In Trump We Trust, they’d say, ‘Oh he’s not really going to build the wall,’ and I’d laugh at them. I’d laugh and say, ‘No the one thing he’s got to do is build the wall.'”

“I just couldn’t imagine anyone could be so stupid to run on one thing,” and not get it done, she added.

Coulter and Trump fell out of love some time ago — in the Spring of 2020 and the barbfest began after she called him a “disloyal actual retard” on Twitter because he didn’t follow through on the wall. Coulter was also upset at Trump for attacking Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, whom she described as “the ONE PERSON in the Trump administration who did anything about immigration.”

Trump fired back, calling her a “Wacky Nut Job.”

I have to admit it’s kind of fun to watch two racist dirtbags attack each other. And Coulter didn’t stop there.

She also discussed a few more details about her disenchantment with Trump, telling Sullivan “he not only betrays them [the base], but he lies to them.” (No, really?) She noted that folks who jumped all over her during the years she criticized Trump, are “totally on the same page with me now, they pretend they never denounced me.”


  1. Make them ALL, do the perp walk, handcuffed.
    They act like a bunch of communist.
    Stripped of any and all CIA materials, lose all retirements and mark their personnel file FIRED, for disobeying orders.
    May not file for unemployment or any other aid provided by city, state or federal agencies.
    Thousands of US intelligence officers refusing Covid-19 vaccine mandate risk being fired.
    Biden administration sets November 22 deadline for US government civilian workers to get vaccinated
    US congressman says some US intelligence agencies had as much as 40 per cent of workforce still unvaccinated

    1. Are those the same US intelligence agencies who sold us the Iraq WMD war?

  2. Manhattan prosecutors are looking into expensive fees Trump charges new members of his golf clubs, report says.

    Prosecutors are focusing on large admission fees to Trump golf clubs, a Washington Post report said.

    Trump has 15 golf courses around the world, and some charge joining fees as high as $350,000.

    It came as prosecutors convened a grand jury to consider new charges against the Trump Organization.
    Many of his courses continue collectively to lose tens of millions of dollars a year, as shown in public filings.

    Manhattan prosecutors are examining the steep fees Donald Trump charges for admission to his golf clubs, The Washington Post reported, part of their probe into the former president's business dealing.

  3. In suit, NRA is accused of illegally funding Trump and other Republican candidates.
    A federal lawsuit accuses the National Rifle Association of violating campaign finance laws by using shell companies to illegally funnel up to $35 million to Republican candidates, including former President Donald Trump, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri and others.
    If it's illegal than the republican party is in on it 100%.

  4. A history of legal vaccine mandates show they are successful.
    In the early 1900s, Cambridge, Massachusetts resident Henning Jacobson was fined $5 for refusing the smallpox vaccine. Henning, a pastor who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine as a child, challenged the penalty in court, using arguments not unlike those deployed by vaccine skeptics today. The shot should be a personal choice, he said, and he shouldn’t be subjected to potential vaccine side effects.

    On Feb. 19, 1905, in a landmark 7-2 ruling, the US Supreme Court concluded that the public good can trump personal liberties when it comes to health and welfare, and “it is within the police power of a State to enact a compulsory vaccination law.” In 1922, again, the top court upheld a public school’s decision to bar a student from attending without proof of vaccination. A string of anti-vaccine lawsuits has been struck down since.

    1. I'm already waiting for the next CDC/FDA approved booster #2. Hope it will come out soon.

  5. Why are white people trying/ continuing to start a race war?
    Maybe they should go back to Europe?
    White Nationalist Richard Spencer Said In A Text Message He Was Preparing For “IRL War” Before The Deadly Charlottesville Rally.
    By lunchtime, Spencer would become frazzled and irritated as an attorney attempted to undress his suit-and-tie brand of white nationalism and expose him as a violent racist who behind closed doors worshipped Adolf Hitler, launched into antisemitic tirades, and was bent on sparking a “bloody and terrible” race war to create an all-white “ethnostate.”
    In yet another video from the party that was played for the court, Spencer is seen giving a Nazi salute and chanting, “Sieg heil!” The footage was reminiscent of the 2016 video of the white nationalist leader addressing a crowd after Donald Trump’s election victory in Washington, DC, where he shouted, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

    1. These white people that first arrived to America were the original rejects from Europe. They killed lots of native Americans from white men diseases. Do fact check it just in case I'm reading the wrong history.

  6. This wacko will soon be behind bars herself and other NOT-american former congressional peoples.
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Hails Jan. 6 'Political Prisoners' In Jail 'Patriot Wing'.

    She claimed in a tweet that the prisoners are receiving "virtually no medical care, very poor food quality, and being put through re-education which most of them are rejecting."

    The congresswoman did not elaborate on how exactly the inmates are being re-educated.
    Since she has been stripped of her committee assignments and gathered fines of over $48,000 for failure to act civil.

  7. Those shovel ready jobs that have been on hold since Obama's years are now ready to make pay dirt.

  8. Coulter hates him for not building the wall. That should tell you all u need to know about her character. Her and Stephen Miller are both hateful about immigrants of color, especially so.

    1. Even she has more testicular fortitude than the males in the GOP!

    2. More testicles, too!

  9. Alleged Jan. 6 Rioter Tries to Sell Home on Zillow, Inadvertently Reveals Cache of Explosives: FBI

    A former Green Beret and one-time congressional candidate arrested last month for his alleged participation in the Capitol riot was illegally stockpiling explosives prior to being jailed on charges related to the Jan. 6 pro-Trump siege, according to an FBI search warrant filed Friday in Washington, D.C. federal court.

    When federal agents searched 47-year-old Jeremy Brown’s Florida home in October, they reported finding a short-barrel rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, more than 8,000 rounds of ammunition, and two hand grenades. But it was a picture included in a sales listing for his house on Zillow that led to his latest troubles.

    In a photo from “what appears to be Brown’s office,” FBI agents spotted a whiteboard with columns labeled “Food,” “Clothing,” “Shelter,” “Currency,” “Communicate,” “Move,” and “Shoot,” the warrant states. In the “shoot” column, it continues, “there are numerous firearms listed and explosive devices such as ‘flash bangs.’” The entry on the whiteboard indicated that Brown had the flash bangs “on hand,” the filing says, adding that Brown “is not registered to possess explosive devices.”

    Agents are now seeking to search a trailer located on Brown’s property, which the FBI believes he bought about a month ago: “[ I]t is unlikely that an individual would market a home available for public inspection with guns and explosives inside of the home, [thus] it is probable ammunition, and explosives, which constitute potential evidence in the investigation, have been moved to the RV or trailer,” the warrant states. Brown remains jailed after a judge in October ruled he was a danger to the community.

    I wonder if that will bring down his asking price ..

  10. The Newest Right-Wing Fundraising Scam Is Fake Movies

    They have stock footage, generic clips of police activity, and stock photos—but nothing else that indicates these films actually exist as advertised.

    The clickbait industry has a new tactic to turn partisan rage into gold: selling pre-orders of culture war movies that, to all outward appearances, don’t actually exist.

    “Conservative American Strategies” has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads composed mostly of right-wing memes stolen off the internet to hype their partisan ragebait website. But their otherwise pedestrian conservative news content farm has branched off into advertising movies (“coming soon”) like “Badge of Honor,” and “Choose Life,” an apparent anti-abortion flick, available for pre-order packages of up to $70.

    Fleecing Trump suckers is a big Business.

  11. WOW! Ann Coulter has a CONSCIENCE after all. Amazing !

    1. Don't get too excited: A minuscule portion of her withered, lonely neocortex may have momentarily fired up but her R-complex will certainly regain its dominance.

  12. Trump's ex-communications director has warned that if the former president wins a 2nd term he would establish an autocracy in the US

    Alyssa Farah, who served as the White House's director of strategic communications and assistant to the president in 2020, told journalist CNN's Jake Tapper that Trump would "absolutely" impose some form of autocracy if re-elected in 2024.

    She described her former boss as a "man who has challenged our institutions near to the breaking point," according to a clip from CNN'S "Trumping Democracy: An American Coup."

    Farah went on to say that Trump's second term would be "very different," and added that is what "scares" her the most.

    1. Where have u been? It has arrived already. It's called the IRS for the little people that don't have political connection like the elite.


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