Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Jared and Ivanka hosted a dinner party Jan. 7 — and pretended like the Capitol attack never happened

Mod: For platinum phony bunker babies like Jared and Ivanka mayhem and death are merely a social inconvenience. 

Jared and Ivanka hosted a dinner party Jan. 7 — pretending as if the Capitol attack never happened (Raw Story link): ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl is out with a new book, Betrayal, which gives an account of the final days of former President Donald Trump's administration -- and includes some anonymous revelations by Trump's former staff.

In one section, Karl describes a dinner party at the DC home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on January 7, 2021. The entire evening, there wasn't a single mention of what had happened the day before when Trump's supporters ravaged the U.S. Capitol building, according to Karl's account.

"Among those who attended were Larry Kudlow and Brooke Rollins, who were still working as senior officials in the Trump White House. Kevin Hassett, who had served as one of Trump's top economic advisors until the summer of 2020, was also there. One of those who attended the dinner told me the conversation centered on the idea of creating a new think tank to promote free-market economics in a way that would appeal to Democrats," Karl's book revealed.

He noted that Kudlow "spoke wistfully" about a bygone era when Democrats supported Ronald Reagan's trickle-down economics.

"Remarkably, there was no mention of the fact that a mob had just stormed the Capitol days earlier, ransacking the offices of Democratic leaders and trying to prevent the certification of Joe Biden's election victory," the book continued. "There was no mention whatsoever—whatsoever—by Jared and Ivanka or any of their guests—of January 6."


  1. Jail Bird, donny trumpee.
    Trump could face three years in jail for Hatch Act violations, legal experts argue.

    Both professors filed a Hatch Act criminal complaint against Mr Trump with the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Division in October 2020.

    They wrote: “Although the president and vice president are immune to the ordinary Hatch Act prohibitions on use of public office for political purposes, there is a separate provision (18 USC § 610) under which it is a crime for any person to ‘intimidate, threaten, command, or coerce … any employee of the Federal Government … to engage in any political activity.’ Violations are punishable by up to three years in prison.”

    1. I sure wish they'd get on with it! Get that guy in jail asap!

  2. More republican nut cases, 2020 election fraud.
    Nevada man who claimed to have evidence of election fraud pleads guilty to voting twice.
    Last November, Donald "Kirk" Hartle told KLAS that someone cast a ballot in the election for his wife, Rosemarie Hartle, who died of breast cancer in 2017. It was "sickening," he said, and "made no sense to me, but it lent some credence to what you've been hearing in the media about these possibilities and now it makes me wonder how pervasive this is?" The Nevada GOP pounced, tweeting video of the interview with a caption asking, "How did the forged signature pass Clark County's signature verification machine? And this isn't the only case of a deceased person voting in NV."

  3. Keep nutty Nunes as far away from Modesto as possible, please.
    This is the guy who since 2019 has filed 10 lawsuits against media companies and people he claims have defamed or conspired against him, including McClatchy, the parent company of Bee newspapers in Modesto and Fresno. Nunes also has sued The Washington Post, Twitter, Esquire Magazine, NBC and CNN. He sued a peach farmer for calling Nunes a “fake farmer.”

    1. Remember how he sued the cow too? Don't remember the details - tattlers, help me out here. Worth repeating!

  4. Defense lawyers in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial called for a mistrial because Arbery's mother cried in court.
    Lawyers for William Bryan, Travis McMichael, and Greg McMichael — the trio accused of fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia last year — called for a mistrial on Monday, arguing that jurors could be swayed because Arbery's mother cried in court.
    Bryan and the McMichaels are facing felony charges of murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment in the shooting death of Arbery, who was killed in Glynn County, Georgia, in February 2020.
    When the prosecution complained that it seemed the defense was using their strikes to prevent more Black people from joining the jury, Walmsley agreed that there seemed to be "intentional discrimination." But the judge ultimately accepted the defense's reasons for striking each individual excused Black member of the jury pool.

    1. What a difference in judges - that one and the Rittenhause judge, who seems to be working for the defense. Can't even imagine what Arbery's mom is going through.

  5. Let this be a warning to ALL police officers, America is sick & tired of BAD COPS.

    New laws on the books of some states, will take your badge away and send you to prison and not allow you to ever become a peace officer again in America.
    LAPD officer charged with filing false report in 2019 arrest of motorist.
    The LAPD said Castillo's body-camera video was inconsistent with his written report. He has been stripped of his police powers, and the department is cooperating with prosecutors, it said.

  6. Lets get it straight, the donny trumpee family of idiots are just that, and should be avoided at all costs.

  7. Exclusive: LAPD partnered with tech firm that enables secretive online spying.

    Glendora, California police department does this already, starting back in 2010.

    A cache of internal LAPD documents obtained through public records requests by the Brennan Center for Justice, a non-profit organization, and shared with the Guardian, reveal that LAPD in 2019 trialed social media surveillance software from the analytics company Voyager Labs.

    Like many companies in this industry, Voyager Labs’ software allows law enforcement to collect and analyze large troves of social media data to investigate crimes or monitor potential threats.

  8. Staples Center to be renamed Arena

    The venue will be renamed on Christmas Day as part of a 20-year deal reportedly worth more than $700 million
    Staples Center – the iconic home of the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks since 1999 – will have a new name beginning Christmas Day: Arena. It’s believed to be the largest venue naming rights deal in U.S. history, reportedly worth more than $700 million.

    The iconic 20,000-seat downtown arena, which has been home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks since 1999, will be renamed Arena on Christmas Day, as first reported by The Athletic.

    The 20-year deal between the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange and AEG, the owner and operator of the arena, which both parties announced Tuesday night, is believed to be the largest venue naming rights deal in United States history.

    It's LA, so obviously it will be known as The Crip.

    1. Are they going to put a giant blue bandana around it?


  9. Here is what 'stupid white supremist' people do.
    Two “Unite The Right” Defendants Asked The Judge To Dismiss Their Case. It Backfired Spectacularly.
    Two white supremacists defending themselves in the Charlottesville federal court on Tuesday had their motions to dismiss a lawsuit against them due to lack of evidence shot down by a judge, who said the plaintiffs had shown proof that they had conspired to commit racially motivated violence at the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in 2017.
    Spencer and Cantwell, both without lawyers, spent most of Tuesday afternoon conducting direct examinations of themselves that often veered into the bizarre.

  10. The FBI raided the home of a Colorado elections official accused of leaking data that appeared on a QAnon forum.

    A judge last month banned Peters from overseeing elections in the state after Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, accused her in a lawsuit of involvement in leaking sensitive elections data, Colorado's CPR News outlet reported.

    According to Griswold's lawsuit, the data was taken when Peters invited an unauthorized person to attend a meeting between representatives from the election machine company and county election officials last year.

  11. The World According to Trump. Shameful and Deplorable. But at the same time...bloody hilarious, that Ivanka Trump could have ever, even for a split second have imagined herself as President of the U.S.A.

    Gag me with a spoon.

    1. And Director of the World Bank! She can't even manage a sweatshop shoe-business, how on earth was she going to manage the economies of 150+ countries?

    2. "Bloody hilarious, that Ivanka Trump could have ever, even for a split second have imagined herself as President of the U.S.A."

      Careful. We once said the same thing about her mentally unhinged, racist, corrupt, pedo-playboy, pathologically lying TV host father. And she seems more normal than he ever was!

  12. Glendora moves backwards on water conservation usage, 2021.
    In fact Glendora, California has increased its water usage, 2021.
    Expect to hear more lies from Glendora, Ca about its water usage.

    In response to a severe drought, Gov. Gavin Newsom asked Californians to voluntarily reduce their water use by 15 percent this year, but new data released Tuesday shows that the state’s progress is moving backwards. Californians reduced their water use by 3.9 percent in September, down from 5.1 percent in August.

  13. Ignorant people in OK land, why let these people even vote.
    'Smell it!': OKC Methodist church confiscates woman's food thinking it contains marijuana.
    Antiveros said she was upset at how she was recently treated by members of the church, 1320 N Pennsylvania, who confiscated her food after accusing her of bringing a bag of marijuana to the church when it was actually a bag containing cilantro and oregano. The woman told KOCO Channel 5 that the bag also contained lime and onions.
    Numerous people took to social media to lambast the church about the way Antiveros was treated and about church members' apparently being confusing cilantro and oregano for marijuana.

  14. Regulators seek to suspend Trump rule on railway natural gas.

    Only ignorant people that followed donny trumpee believe what his BAD advice predicted.

    Federal regulators have proposed suspending a Trump administration rule that would have allowed railroads to haul liquefied natural gas while they take a closer look at the potential safety risks.

    The rule, which was backed by both the natural gas and freight rail industries, had already been on hold because several environmental groups and 14 states filed lawsuits challenging it.

  15. Here is what you Republicans do, just like the orange thing does or did.
    New Docs Confirm Billionaire Was Subject of Child Porn Probe

    Court documents released on Wednesday confirm that the richest man in South Dakota, billionaire T. Denny Sanford, is the “implicated individual” in a child porn investigation that began in 2019.

    States agents reportedly thought they had enough evidence to charge Sanford but referred the case to federal authorities because the alleged activity took place across multiple states.

    The Associated Press reported in August that South Dakota could still charge Sanford if the Department of Justice does not.

    It remains to be seen whether that will happen.

  16. Speaking of ignorant people - just read on Yahoo News, and googled it to make sure it was true - Biden is going to Nantucket for Thanksgiving, so Cruz tweeted the limerick "There once was a man from Nantucket." I had to google the rest. OMG! No wonder the world is laughing at him - again!

    1. Ted doesn’t earn the money we pay him.

    2. Ted Cruz is more interested in being click bait than a US Senator.

  17. Will ted cruz be going south of the board for his 'thanksless-giving meal' ?
    If that is so, then please take the rest of your filthy party along with you, P.S. do not come back tot he U.S.A. ever again.

  18. The forking crazy. QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley sentenced to 41 months in prison for Jan. 6 2021 Capitol riot case.
    May everyday be a year so his little traitor mind burn and explode with misery.


  19. John Kelly, Trump's former chief of staff, is no longer holding back

    According to Karl's new book, "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show," Kelly said the Jan. 6 riot was so serious, and the then-president's handling of the crisis was so indefensible, that the cabinet would've been justified in trying to remove Trump from office.

    "If I was still there, I would call the cabinet and start talking about the Twenty-Fifth Amendment," Kelly told Karl. (Then-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also reportedly broached the subject with other cabinet members about this in January.)

  20. Why haven't these corrupt lowlifes been indicted yet?

  21. Pentagon says Iranian military helicopter "circled" close to U.S. warship in Gulf of Oman
    Next time shoot the forking helo down, then send the bill for the ammunition expended to protect a USS naval vessel and its crew.
    Kirby said at a briefing that the Iranian helicopter came within 25 yards of the USS Essex in the Gulf, including "at one point as low as about 10 feet off the surface of the ocean," Kirby said.

  22. Black man stomped by South Carolina officer gets $650K.
    A South Carolina city is paying $650,000 to a Black man who was stomped in the head by a white police officer upset that the man could not quickly lie flat on his stomach because of rods and pins in his leg.

    Orangeburg officials also have apologized to Clarence Gailyard and are reviewing the police department's use of force policies, City Administrator Sidney Evering said in a statement released by Gailyard's lawyer Justin Bamberg. The city's insurance will cover the payment.

  23. 2 Tampa women charged after Florida-based sites shared millions of child porn images, DOJ says, Must be republicans?
    Six members, including four Floridians, of Newstar were indicted in the case that involves child pornography and money laundering charges, the DOJ said.

    The DOJ announced Tuesday two defendants were arrested. They are Plamen Georgiev Velinov, 48 of Bulgaria and Anthony Lee Kendall, 55 of Mossyrock, Washington.

    Velinov is charged with conspiring to advertise and distribute child pornography, while Kendall is charged with money laundering and money laundering conspiracy. Kendall is alleged to have laundered $1 million for Newstar Enterprise, the DOJ report said.


  24. Looks like donny trumpee/republican buddies are at it again?

    Chinese coast guard ships blocked and used water cannons on two Philippine supply boats heading to a disputed shoal occupied by Filipino marines in the South China Sea, provoking an angry protest to China and a warning from the Philippine government that its vessels are covered under a mutual defense treaty with the United States, Manila’s top diplomat said Thursday.

    Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said no one was hurt in the incident in the disputed waters on Tuesday, but the two supply ships had to abort their mission to provide food supplies to Filipino forces occupying the Second Thomas Shoal, which lies off western Palawan province in the Philippines’ internationally recognized exclusive economic zone.

    Locsin said in a tweet that the three Chinese coast guard ships’ actions were illegal and he urged them “to take heed and back off.”

  25. The Doctor Who Called Ivermectin a 'Wonder Drug' Caught Covid.
    Touted by Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers, the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin has been treated as miracle drug of sorts among anti-vaxxer circles. Rumors of it effectiveness led to increased sales of the drug at pharmacies and some people using the veterinary version of the drug (yes, the kind meant for horses) as a preventative or treatment for Covid.

    "The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans or animals," the administration said in a statement. "Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea."

    As of October 2021, there have been 1,810 reported cases of ivermectin poisoning across the country, compared to 499 within the first 10 months of 2019, reports the Journal Sentinel.

    Hate to break it to you, but right now the best defense we have against Covid-19 is vaccination and mask wearing.

  26. Just how crazy are republicans?
    Flynn, Powell Pushed The Military To Seize Control After T**** Lost The Election.
    Among the many disturbing post-election details in Jonathan Karl's new book are the actions taken on the former president's behalf by pardoned criminal Michael Flynn and conspiracy lawyer Sydney Powell who pressed Pentagon officials to stage a coup and overturn the election results. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

  27. California, Arizona and Nevada in talks on new plan to save Colorado River water.

    Two and a half years after signing a deal aimed at averting a damaging crisis along the Colorado River, water officials from California, Arizona and Nevada are discussing plans to take even less water from the shrinking river and leave it in Lake Mead in an effort to prevent the reservoir from falling to dangerously low levels.
    The board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is scheduled to consider the proposed agreement next month.
    For example, California’s Imperial Irrigation District has been underusing its allotment in recent years. And that “underrun” of water then typically ends up going free-of-charge to MWD, which is the next entity in line in the priority system.
    Brad Udall, a water and climate scientist at Colorado State University, recently likened the planned water reductions under the existing deal to a parachute — one that is too small and being opened too close to the ground.


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