Friday, November 19, 2021

Junior Achievement: Don Jr. Releases More Cringeworthy Merchandise With a New Meaning for ‘LGBTQ’

Mod: The financially at risk Trump family is now down to peddling some dumb t-shirts. 

Don Jr. Releases More Cringeworthy Merchandise, This Time With a New Meaning for ‘LGBTQ’ (Political Flare link): Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump Jr. has been trying to earn some cash selling merchandise that utilizes Republican slogans, ideas or ideals (always grifting, that family). Originally, he was attempting to profit by selling clothing with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan that conservatives were using to imply the phrase “F**k Joe Biden.”

The latest t-shirt has the initials LGBTQ on them, but on Don’s apparel, they spell out “Let’s Get Biden To Quit.” 

Why is it that Don Jr. has been suddenly trying to profit off of cheap, offensive merchandise in the past few weeks? One plausible theory has to do with all the money the Trump family is losing, from selling their Washington D.C. hotel to having their events cancelled because the organizers are racially intolerant and borderline violent.

Don Jr. has sent out many tweets, urging Republicans to buy his cheesy clothing line as gifts for their liberal relatives over the holidays. Either Don Jr. is deeply passionate about poor quality graphic tees, or the Trump family is more affected by their profit/loss statement than they let on.

At an upcoming event that Don Jr. had been scheduled to appear at, they were selling exorbitantly priced tickets. They were even trying to sell special tickets that cost an extra $500 for a personal meet and greet with Trump’s son himself. The cancellation of that event is just one more check that the Trump family will not be able to cash in.

Don’s latest Tweet contained a picture of three clothing options, including the “LGBTQ” hoodie and one shirt that sports the phrase “Fauci K*lls Puppies.” The caption that accompanied read: “Want a perfect surprise for your favorite lib relative this Thanksgiving? Check these out. Make a statement without saying a word.”

I know Don Jr’s schtick is all about “owning the libs” at this point. But seriously, this is just sad and pathetic no matter what your collapsed family fortunes.


  1. Well, if that doesn't work I guess he can sell lemonade.

  2. Junior is a no class ass.

  3. In Charlottesville trial, jurors learn to decode the secret slang of white supremacists.
    The plaintiffs' attorneys have called in experts to help the jury understand what is sinister about the numbers 1488 - which refer to "14 words," a popular white supremacist slogan, and "Heil Hitler," because "H" is the eighth letter of the alphabet. They have translated the phrase "RaHoWa," which may sound like gibberish to outsiders but among hate groups stands for "racial holy war." And they explained how a question that seems innocuous - "Did you see Kyle? - is actually a play on words for the Nazi salute "Sieg Heil."

  4. Marines and sailors who refuse the COVID-19 shot will be discharged, will lose some GI Bill benefits

    Marines and sailors who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of November will be released from the service, in a general but honorable discharge, officials with those services have said, making them ineligible for some benefits from the GI Bill.

    An administrative order recently issued by Marine Corp leadership requires all Marines to receive the vaccine or they will be considered to have disobeyed an order. Active-duty personnel must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 28, and reservists must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 28.

    The message sent to the troops said “Marines refusing to take the vaccine absent medical exemptions, religious accommodations or pending appeal,” will be processed for discharge and additional disciplinary action or even a court martial is not out of the question. The Navy has issued a similar message.
    To be eligible for the full benefits of the GI Bill, as it was updated after Sept. 11, 2001, a service member must have an honorable discharge. Marines and sailors who are discharged for not being vaccinated will lose tuition and housing allowances for pursing education and possibly other benefits, according to the Veterans Administration.

    1. Gosh. People in the military suffering consequences from disobeying direct orders. How shocking.

    2. Best news in a day of horrible news!

  5. Donald Trump Jr. event canceled after Chase bank ends deal with Missouri conservative group

    The biggest bank in the United States won’t do business with a Missouri conservative group, forcing it to cancel an event next month featuring Donald Trump Jr.

    The Defense of Liberty PAC hired 'WePay', a payment processor owned by JPMorgan Chase, for the Dec. 3 event at the St. Charles Convention Center, the group’s founder, former state Rep. Paul Curtman, said Wednesday.

    On Nov. 9, the company notified Curtman that it had canceled the contract, refunded the $30,000 already paid for tickets and would not do business with the group in the future.

    “It seems you’re using 'WePay Payments' for one or more of the activities prohibited by our terms of service,” a copy of the message, forwarded to The Independent, states. “More specifically: Per our terms of service, we are unable to process for hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, the financial exploitation of a crime, or items or activities that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same.”

    JPMorgan Chase has the biggest market share of deposits of any bank in the country, surpassing Bank of America this year.

  6. @AriMelber

    Is Steve Bannon headed to jail?

    His legal defense contradicts his public bluster - claiming t's time to go on "offense" in his podcast, but asking a judge for more time to prepare for a "complex" case.

    The judge just said no.

    1. Glad to hear it because this isn’t a “complex” case.

    2. Are you eligible to assert executive privilege? : No

      Did you defy congressional subpoenas? : Yes

      Hold on a minute... This is getting too complicated.

  7. New Revelations Emerge on How Donald Trump Killed 400,000 (or More) Americans

  8. QAnon Shaman compares himself to Jesus and Gandhi before judge gives him over 3 years in prison

    That's what they all say.

  9. Kimberly Guilfoyle bragged about raising millions for Jan. 6 rally

    Jr. has himself quite a gal there.

  10. Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts in Kenosha protest shooting

    Froot Loops America speaks.

    1. Burn baby burn!

    2. Well, there you go. It's Vigilante Summer in America.

    3. When is his Mar-a-Lago invitation being sent?

    4. Donald now has his replacement for Mike Pence. To hell with Jesus, let's just kill.

    5. Note to self: Don't chase a 17 year old with an AR.

    6. Jury just gave proud boys a hunting license.

    7. No heroes in 11:20’s house.

    8. Nope, just like the idiot woman that got shot during the capital protest, everyone involved put themselves in that position.

  11. I am sick to heart just knowing how half the US is rejoicing over this!

  12. The Ugly New Charges Against Jan. 6, 2021 Rioter ‘Baked Alaska’.

    On Nov. 3, prosecutors in Maricopa County charged the right-wing social media personality, whose legal name is Anthime Gionet, with two misdemeanor charges for criminal damage and attempted criminal damage. In the complaint, obtained by The Daily Beast, prosecutors allege that on Dec. 19, 2020, Gionet “did deface” a Hanukkah exhibit. The complaint lists a rabbi and a local Jewish organization as Gionet’s victims.
    This isn’t the first time Gionet’s own livestream footage has been used against him in court. On Jan. 15, Gionet was arrested in Texas for his alleged law-breaking during the U.S. Capitol riot and charged with illegally entering a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Gionet’s livestream video was cited in the indictment against him, which listed in minute detail the various remarks Gionet made supporting the riot as he entered congressional offices.

  13. ‘Brazen’ China is spying on Britain’s universities and businesses, says Priti Patel.

    “We in the UK will no longer tolerate the brazen way we have seen our national security subject to such activities. Our upcoming legislation will represent the biggest counter-state threats legislation in decades.”

    She said she would not hesitate to call out “malicious” state or state-backed organizations in Russia, China, and Iran.

  14. Think twice about your drinking water Sierria Madre an Glendora, California.

    An industry’s waste was used to fertilize farm fields in SC. Now wells are polluted.
    PFAs are suspected of causing cancer, kidney problems, development disabilities in children, and other ailments. Those exposed to the chemicals over a period of years are considered most at risk of developing health problems. Problems have popped up in recent years in some South Carolina communities, including at least two mobile home parks with wells suspected of being polluted by Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter County. Among the PFAs of most concern are PFOS and PFOA.
    The Galey and Lord facility operated for decades, employing thousands of local residents, but shut down in 2016 after pollution was discovered on the property. The company had a 2013 cleanup agreement with DHEC, but didn’t complete the work as required, records show.
    But Weatherford wonders whether PFAs were in her drinking water long before they were discovered this past summer by DHEC. She worries that it may affect her family’s health. PFAs are known as “forever chemicals’’ because they don’t break down quickly in the environment.

  15. U.S. warns China after South China Sea standoff with Philippines, 2021.
    Beijing "should not interfere with lawful Philippine activities in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone," he said in a statement.

    "This is the latest in a series of Beijing-directed actions meant to intimidate and provoke other nations, undermining peace and security in the region as well as the rules-based international order," the spokesperson said.

    Washington has repeatedly condemned China's assertive pursuit of its extensive territorial claims in the South China Sea, where Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have competing claims.

  16. New video of Christian Hall with his hands up before fatal shooting prompts calls for 'unbiased' probe,
    The Monroe County District Attorney previously stated that Hall’s shooting was “justified” under the circumstances caused by his actions, which they believe had “created a threat of death or bodily injury.” As of this writing, the office has not commented on the release of the new footage, while Pennsylvania State Police said they could not comment on pending litigation.


  17. Anti-tax extremist hid his fortune from the IRS while living on food stamps, government says.
    Could this be the real reason republicans are crazy?
    Robert Lund, a successful tech consultant, amassed a 90-acre compound with a seven-bedroom house and airstrip, prosecutors say.

  18. Throat-Stabbing and Tattoo Removal by ‘Flaming Log’: Two White Supremacist Gang Members Convicted in Federal RICO Case.
    The convictions stem from an indictment originally filed in October 2020 that named a dozen alleged Aryan Circle members with nicknames like Turbo, Bear, Big Kev, and Aryan Prodigy. Several of the original defendants took plea deals; some even turned State’s witnesses. In the end, only two defendants faced the jury.

  19. Of course, was texas trash, or a republican crook.

    Texas man schemed to sell Chinese-made military gear to US Embassy in Baghdad, Air Force and National Guard.
    Tanner Jackson, 32, of Celeste Texas, faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, although according to the press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum potential penalties.
    During this period, Jackson frequently bid on contracts to supply the State Department with helmets and body armor, even after his equipment failed testing at legitimate laboratories. In order to bypass inspection failures, Jackson created his own fake ballistics laboratory, Texas Ballistics L.L.C., faking reports that gave his gear passing scores.

  20. Texas Sheriff Linked to Oath Keepers Charged with ‘Official Oppression’.
    Jeffrey C. Lyde is the top lawman in Clay County in rural North Texas, near the Oklahoma border. But he’s now the one in legal jeopardy, facing Class A misdemeanor charges for unlawfully jailing inmates for longer than two days without a finding of probable cause.
    “There is some truth to the fact that I have, in fact, been charged with two counts of official oppression,” the sheriff said. Lyde then read from a grand jury indictment alleging that he “intentionally” held two detainees “in jail more than 48 hours without a finding of probable cause by a magistrate.” According to the indictments, the detainees were man named Landon Goad and a woman named Sarah Johnson, who were allegedly jailed in mid-July of this year.

  21. List of California water wells contaminated, 2020.


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