Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The GOP Is Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Trying To Keep Trump Out Of Prison

: Donald has always had people around willing to bail him out. Good to see the GOP is flushing lots of their MAGA donated money down the orange toilet to pay for his lawyers.

The RNC Is Spending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Trying To Keep Trump Out Of Prison (PoliticusUSA link): The RNC is paying part of Trump’s legal bills for the criminal investigation that he and his business are under in Manhattan. The New York Times reported:

The Republican National Committee is paying some personal legal bills for former president Donald Trump, spending party funds to pay a lawyer representing Trump in investigations into his financial practices in New York, a party spokeswoman said Monday.

In October, the RNC made two payments totaling $121,670 to the law firm of Ronald Fischetti, a veteran defense attorney whom Trump hired in April. According to a person with direct knowledge of the payments, the requests came earlier this summer but were only voted on by the party’s executive committee in recent weeks. 

A political party should not be paying the personal legal bills of anyone, much less a failed former president who is not even a current officeholder.

The Republican Party has so convinced itself that they need Trump for 2024 that they are willing to spend donor money trying to keep him out of prison.

That is what the RNC spending is really about: Donald Trump can’t run for president if he is criminally convicted of a felony, so the RNC is spending money that should go to candidates or building a get out the vote operation on trying to keep Donald Trump a free man.

When a Republican candidate loses a House or Senate race by less than a point in 2022, remember that the RNC did Democrats a huge favor by spending money on Trump’s legal bills instead of trying to win elections.



  1. 'You were gullible': Federal judge torches Trump's election lies — and a rioter who believed them


    1. I don't imagine the GOP is paying for his lawyer.

    2. That would be an executive privilege.

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  3. Roger Stone and Alex Jones subpoenaed by House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack on Capitol by pro-Trump mob

    The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol issued subpoenas Monday to more people involved with the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, including conspiracy theorist and right wing media figure Alex Jones and longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone.

    The committee has asked Stone and Jones to provide testimony by Dec. 17 and Dec, 18, respectively, and to provide the panel with requested documents by Dec. 6.

    Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) wrote Jones, the host of InfoWars, that his coordination with Cindy Chafian and Caroline Wren in organizing the rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol, along with his promotion of Trump’s false claims of election fraud and urging of people to travel to Washington for the Jan. 6 rally make him a person of interest.

    Thompson cites Stone’s appearance at rallies on Jan. 5 at the Supreme Court and Freedom Plaza as reason for the subpoena and his use of “Oath Keepers as personal security guards, several of whom were reportedly involved in the attack on the Capitol and at least one of whom has been indicted.”


  4. The Rittenhouse syndrome: Has America crossed the Rubicon?


    They now believe they have the right to kill people that upset them.

    1. I’m surprise there’s not pictures with Donald Trump carrying a bazooka.

  5. President Trump will again serve this country, the clowns are in charge now but never again.
    Timing is everything, the Dims have misplayed their cheating and lying ways and have nailed their own coffin.

    1. Woody Woodpecker said it best: “Wadda da ha ha!”

    2. Trumpies have become caricatures.

    3. 9:11 - Our enemies are trying to destroy America from within. You are one of their tools.

  6. New Footage Shows Christian Hall’s Hands Were Up When Police Shot Him.

    Christian Hall, a 19-year-old Chinese American, was standing still, with his hands raised and his gun pointed up, facing at least 10 Pennsylvania State Police officers taking cover behind a vehicle, when they fatally shot him in December 2020, according to unedited footage obtained by attorneys representing his family.

    The new footage, which was first broadcast by NBC and Spotlight PA, contradicts previous statements made by the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney that “Hall not only continued to advance with the gun, he actually raised it outwards and upwards,” describing the scenario as “suicide by cop.” The DA’s office had concluded in March the use of deadly force was justified.


  7. Kimberly Guilfoyle's January 6 Role Comes Under the Microscope


  8. donny trumpee and his stooge followers got their behinds whipped again, in court. They lost, big time.
    Fact check: Dominion Voting Systems did not lose its lawsuits against Giuliani and Powell.
    Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that Dominion lost its lawsuits against Giuliani and Powell on Nov. 19. Court records show the cases are still active and ongoing, and a spokesperson for Dominion confirmed the cases are still open. In August, a judge rejected requests from the defendants that the lawsuits be dismissed.

  9. Texas school investigating after White student attacks Black teacher in viral video.
    In the video, a substitute teacher at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas attempts to make a phone call using a landline. As she does so, a student walks to the front of the classroom and ends the call. The teacher attempts to move the student’s hand from the phone. Shockingly, the student slaps the teacher’s hand and says “deal with me.”



  10. Who is the best racist Lawyer in Georgia?
    Defense attorney in trial for Arbery's killing motions for mistrial, because of ‘Black Panther group,’ other protesters in ‘mob’.
    TIMOTHY WALMSLEY: The court's again denying the mistrial. I've indicated previously and mentioned to counsel that I agree with the concern that is out there with regard to the jurors having exposure to anything that may be going on outside. Whatever may be going outside, it has not been brought to my attention on a security level. Again, individuals have a right to be outside the courthouse.


  11. After 4 years as pawn in US-China game, Seattle man is home
    The Seattle resident was barred from leaving despite having committed no crime, a pawn in a geopolitical game between two giant superpowers.

    China’s ability to make deals by effectively taking people like Hsu hostage has raised concerns that Beijing may feel emboldened to double down on the practice, which has angered not only the U.S. but also Canada, Australia and a number of European countries who say their citizens have also faced arbitrary detention in China.


  12. Communist China must be, beside it's self.

    Italy's Draghi vetoes third Chinese takeover this year, 2021.
    Draghi vetoed last month the sale of a vegetable seed producer to Chinese-owned group Syngenta, and prevented in April Chinese company Shenzhen Invenland Holdings Co. Ltd. from buying a controlling stake in a firm producing semiconductor equipment.
    Italy has also formally complained to Chinese investors over their undisclosed 2018 purchase of an Italian company making high-tech drones for the armed forces, in a first step towards possibly annulling the deal.


  13. Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure.
    MyPillow chief and 2020 dead-ender Mike Lindell has long promised that he would file an election-fraud complaint with the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. But now he claims to have missed that goal because he was silenced by Republican National Committee Chairperson Ronna McDaniel.



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