Friday, December 3, 2021

Democracy in Tatters? Only 24% of Americans Want Roe v. Wade Overturned

Mod: Watch closely as the GOP commits a political suicide that will last for decades.

Democracy in Tatters? Only 24% of Americans Want Roe v. Wade Overturned (PoliticusUSA link): As the Republican McConnell conservative activist Supreme Court hears a Mississippi abortion case, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows just 24% of Americans want Roe v. Wade overturned.

The Yahoo News poll shows “more than twice as many Americans (55 percent) say they want the court to reaffirm its landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision as say they want it overturned (24 percent).” A full 61% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases:

More broadly, a full 6 in 10 Americans (61 percent) say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while just 39 percent say it should be illegal in all or most cases. Likewise, 56 percent say abortion is “a constitutional right that women in all states should have some access to,” while only 29 percent say it is “something that individual states should be able to outlaw” — the inevitable result of a decision to fully overturn Roe.

Abortion beliefs are much more nuanced than yes or no, but a majority support the general right to an abortion:

Even here, however, there are nuances. Poll questions that focus on the general right to an abortion typically show majority support; those that focus on narrower restrictions, such as parental consent or “late term” abortions, often show more opposition. That’s because few Americans are hard-liners one way or the other. Just 11 percent, for instance, say abortion should be “illegal in all cases”; just a quarter (26 percent) say it should be it should be “legal in all cases.” More remain somewhere in the middle, saying the procedure should be “legal in most cases” (35 percent) or “illegal in most cases” (28 percent).

Here we are – at the place conservatives have wanted for decades and the place Democrats warned everyone was coming. Yes, the rights of every American to make their own medical decisions are currently at the mercy of not just a “conservative” Supreme Court, but an *activist* *hack-filled* Supreme Court, thanks to Mitch McConnell’s steadfast devotion to destroying democracy so Republicans can grab all of the power voters don’t want to give them.

The 6-3 conservative majority Supreme Court is hearing – and appears eager to uphold – the Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. This is the law I warned had a much higher likelihood than the Texas law of being upheld by this court, simply because it doesn’t allow liberals to use the precedent to ban guns, etc.

As usual, though, this is actually very unpopular — a big sign that our democracy is under grave threat, as more and more power is grabbed by a few powerful people refusing to implement the people’s will.

Mod: Video below covers the testimony of a witness at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial. She was introduced to Trump by Jeffrey Epstein at 14 years of age.


  1. I've come to the conclusion that Republicans would gladly burn this country to the ground as long as they got to rule over the ashes.

  2. Far-right anti-vaxx pastor just can’t understand why there are no ‘big democrats’ who have died from COVID

    Can it be because they got their vaccine shots?

  3. 'Bags and bags' of money found stashed in bathroom wall at Joel Osteen's megachurch

    Now how did that get there?

    1. Only $600K? Come on man! That's gum money to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Joel bro needs to learn how to fleece his flock better!

  4. Lawsuit alleges former pastor at Monrovia megachurch molested teen band member - Attorney fears there may be more victims of former lead pastor Robert J. Spina

    A 35-year-old man has filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually abused as a teen by the former lead pastor of a Monrovia church, who admitted in 2018 to molesting him.

    The lawsuit, filed Sept. 27 in Los Angeles Superior Court, names the family-run Hope Unlimited Church, former pastor Robert J. Spina, and the church’s umbrella corporation, Robert Spina International Inc., as defendants. Robert Spina International was formed by Spina’s father, Robert M. Spina, in December 2015.

    Robert J. Spina, according to the suit, invited the alleged victim to join the church’s worship band in 2000, even though the 13-year-old boy was the only teenager in a band composed of adults. Spina then began grooming the teen for sex, the suit alleges, often talking about sex with him, sending him text messages of a sexual nature, discussing his penis size and how often he masturbated, and inviting him to his home to watch pornographic films. It ultimately evolved into physical sexual acts that ended in 2003, when the boy was 16.

    Say hallelujah, say amen.

    1. That reminds me. What’s going on with the housing project at the Passionist monestery?

  5. This is the hall mark of the Republican Party.

    Minn. Mom of 4 Dies of COVID After Daughter 'Begged' Her to Get Vaccinated: 'My Heart Breaks'

    "This vaccine is meant to save and help.
    Please encourage those you love to get vaccinated before it's too late," Faith Voss-Paulson tells PEOPLE after losing her mom Monica Voss

  6. Who cares what the public wants or needs? It is no longer a government for the people by the people its government for the few that control by the few in control. How do we take it back?

  7. Scum bag republican religious slime balls.
    "Bags and bags" of money found stashed in bathroom wall at Joel Osteen's megachurch: report.
    In 2014, Houston police said $200,000 in cash and $400,000 worth of checks were stolen from a safe at the church. At the time, the church said the stolen money represented funds that were contributed during one weekend of services.

  8. Over half of the U.S. Supreme Court members are scum-bags and crazy-kooks. America still needs to know who paid Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club balance, $200,000 in credit card debt, and $1,200,000 mortgage, buying a Supreme Court justice. Just like the filth calling himself president 45.

  9. Former federal prosecutor: We'll see 'a tidal wave of criminal charges against Donald Trump'

    Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has been speaking the blunt truth about Donald Trump's criminal conduct for years. He's not stopping now just because most of the media, and most Democrats in Congress for that matter, have moved on. I spoke to Kirschner, who is now an NBC News legal analyst, in a recent "Salon Talks" episode about Steve Bannon's indictment and more.

  10. Time to arrest and imprison this republican/Communist traitor.

    Taiwanese billionaire says he opposes island's independence after China fines his company $74 million.

    Last week, China fined Far Eastern for 474 million yuan ($74.4 million) for multiple business violations across five mainland provinces and municipalities, Taiwan News reported. The move is perceived as retribution after Beijing warned Taiwanese firms against supporting independence if they wanted to continue operating in the mainland.

  11. You people are just plain crazy.

    The Capitol riot suspect who admitted to new felonies while representing himself compared himself to Jesus, new court filings show.

    A Capitol riot defendant who is representing himself filed a series of new lengthy court documents.

    In the filings, Brandon Fellows lashed out at his former counsel and admitted to obstruction and perjury.

    Earlier this year, Fellows admitted to new felonies while representing himself during a bond hearing.


  12. Americans, do yourself a favor and do not travel to Communist China. eldest you be arrested and held in prison over trumped up charges of communist crap.
    Or catch a deadly virus?
    Communist China is hurting for more business?
    Do not give them, any business in the business in the USA.

    China easing rules for US business travelers, approvals in 10 days.
    He reiterated U.S. concerns about human rights, including alleged forced labor, in China's Xinjiang region and highlighted U.S. government warnings to business about the risks of operating in Hong Kong.

  13. COVID-19 has been in the United States for almost two years and Lindsey Graham still refuses to socially distance his lips from Donald Trump's ass.


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