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The Hartmann Report: The hidden Shamanic history of Santa Claus (or why Reindeer are able to fly)

Mod: It's not like they grow wings, you know.

Geeky Science: The Hidden History of Santa Claus (The Hartmann Report link): During these dark days and short nights let’s hold to this ancient knowledge that illumination always follows darkness, and that we will re-light our nation and lives.

It’s Christmas Eve, a connection to some of the most ancient of all known northern European shamanic traditions. Like people living in the north for millennia, we continue to embrace them with regional, national, and religious tweaks.

It occurs during the week of the shortest day and longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, when ancient holy men and women lit “yule logs” to push back the darkness and bring back the light of summer.

As Henry Bourne wrote in 1725: “For as both December and January were called Guili or Yule, upon Account of the Sun’s Returning, and the Increase of the Days; so, I am apt to believe, the Log has had the Name of the Yule-Log, from its being burnt as an Emblem of the returning Sun, and the Increase of its Light and Heat.”

When Louise and I lived in Germany, Herr Mueller led us up a mountainside deep into the Franconian forest on this night where they had covered a pine tree with candles: we sang carols and he read aloud a bible verse. He later told me that in ancient times the shamans would set the tallest tree afire to re-ignite the sun and bring back longer days.

For millennia across the European arctic circle around the North Pole, from Scandinavia through Siberia, indigenous shamans sought out red-and-white mushrooms (amanita muscaria) and dried them in socks hanging from their fireplaces.

The mushrooms contain a powerful psychedelic, Muscimol, but are also laced with compounds poisonous to humans.  Reindeer, however, love to eat these mushrooms and, when they do, they behave oddly, as if their names were Dancer and Prancer

Their reindeer livers metabolize and thus neutralize the compounds that poison humans, but leave the psychedelic Muscimol largely untouched. Thus, reindeer urine on fresh snow is powerfully psychedelic. 

Arctic shamans, around this time of the year, would leave batches of dried amanita mushrooms out in the snow for the hungry reindeer, then follow them as they danced and played, gathering the fresh yellow snow to make into a holiday grog.

This was also the time of the year that the father of gods in Norse religion, the long-white-bearded Odin, would ride his eight-legged horse Sleipnir (“sleigh-near”), bringing good people small gifts made by “Odin’s men” in Asgard, his arctic retreat. The story seems to have morphed as it traveled out of Norway from men to elves, and from eight legs to eight reindeer.

Odin controlled the powers of Thunder and Lightning, “Donner” and “Blitzen” in ancient Norse and today’s Germanic and Scandinavian languages. The reindeer’s favorite food, the amanita mushrooms, look like the shamans dressed, red with white trim and white spots. They’re rotund: you could call them “chubby.”

They grow under pine trees because their mycorrhizae or fungal filaments that extend underground transport minerals from the soil into the roots of the pine trees, who return the favor by transporting carbohydrates from year-round photosynthesis in their needles back down through their roots into the mycorrhizae to nourish the mushrooms. 

Amanitas are only found under pine and spruce trees because of this symbiotic relationship that keeps them both healthy. And to this day pine and spruce are pretty much the only trees we use to decorate our homes this time of year.

While Christmas Eve was the darkest of times in the north, it also held the greatest promise. Shamans and their communities would light their pine trees with candles, put the north star (the axis around which the world revolves) atop their trees, and consume their yellow-snow drinks on the darkest nights.

Thus, could use the powers of spirit and nature to fly into the sky to visit the spirit world and resurrect the longer and warmer days for their people, along with spiritual illumination, healing, and the renewal of life. 

Several of our modern religions, including Judaism and Christianity, hold this renewal of life at the core of their winter solstice holy days. During these short, dark days and long nights let’s remember this ancient knowledge that illumination always follows darkness, and that with love and compassion we will re-light our nation and lives.

Merry Christmas and warmest regards for whatever holidays you and yours may celebrate (or not) during this holy and trans- formational season.  May all your dreams and good work be realized as our sun’s eternal energy returns to full life in our part of Earth this coming New Year.


  1. Santas in short supply across the U.S.

    Mushroom supply chain issues..

    1. I was always told NOT to eat yellow snow! Now I'm gonna indulge!

  2. It goes into Shamanic things deeper than you think, The red suit Santa wears is similar to the costume a Saami noida shaman might wear and every year thousands of middle aged and elderly men don the suit and become Santa! Their personalities change as they adopt an avuncular joviality in what may be the greatest shamanic possession trance seen globally. The Spirit of Santa Claus possesses them with holiday cheer and for a brief time, they are different people. Taking off the suit, they return to their normal selves. Santa is real, just not in the way one might think.

  3. The QAnon Shaman and Jan. 6 rebels in prison are eating bran flakes, wheat bread, spinach, carrots and Jell-O.

    1. Maybe they should get some mushrooms delivered from a drone from someone on the outside...

  4. The sordid underbelly of Christmas past

    When English Puritans outlawed Christmas in 1647, it was not without good reason. When American Puritans, in turn, outlawed Christmas in Massachusetts between 1659 and 1681, it too was not without good reason.

    Christmas past was anything but innocent.

    Until the mid-19th century, Christmas was a time for drunkenness and debauchery.

    Men dressed like women, women dressed like men, servants dressed like masters, boys dressed like bishops, everyone else either dressed as animals or wore blackface – all to subvert the godly order in the safety of anonymity.

  5. Clergy fleeing their ministries due to fights with parishioners over politics

    Poor clergy are waking up to discover that their churches are full of nuts.

  6. Jim Jordan 'Very Scared' as 1/6 Committee Seeks Info on Trump Calls, Fellow Lawmaker Says

    Soon Gym will be doing all his wrestling at the Supermax.

    1. I know it's Christmas and all... and I'm just supposed to lay off the snarky and all that for a day... but, still can't help it... F*ck Jim J. and his ilk. Bust the sh*t out of that guy and put his arrogant ass where it belongs. Where no one has to listen to or look at him.

  7. Merry Christmas Mod! Thank you for keeping us informed.

  8. Deflated health care workers and desperate patients clash over alternative Covid treatments.

    70% of covid struck patients have not been vaccinated at all?
    Now health care workers fighting on the front lines of the pandemic are also coming face to face with patients who dismiss and even threaten them over how they are being treated for the virus.
    From groundless conspiracy theories that the vaccines contain microchips or alter people's DNA to deliberate falsehoods about vaccine deaths and mask side effects, the pandemic misinformation industry is thriving.
    "They insult your intelligence, they insult your ability, and most hurtful, they say that by not using these therapies you are intentionally trying to harm the people we've given everything to save," Lyons said.
    This dangerous misinformation has also led to a slew of lawsuits being filed against hospitals demanding unproven medical treatments, like Ivermectin. Health care providers are reporting growing hostility between medical workers and patients and their families.

  9. Boycott, all communist Chinese made products, 2020 - 2025.
    Once again Communist China is or are meddling in another countries affair's, the USA is that country.
    So, button your fat lip or soon to be fat is you do not stop meddling in America internal affairs!
    China denounces US restrictions on Xinjiang imports.


  10. Punk assed Georgia Republicans told to shut UP
    Biden administration revokes Georgia Medicaid work requirements.

    Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and the Trump administration's health officials argued that the proposal would improve people's lives by valuing work. The Biden administration argues that it adds unnecessary barriers to coverage.

    In an email, a spokeswoman for Kemp said the state plans to challenge the administration in court.
    Georgia Republicans are just trying to keep poor people down, minorities are the largest group being held down.

  11. Charlie Kirk: Kyle Rittenhouse was falsely accused just like ‘Jesus Christ’

    Nothing like the Xmas season to make peoples' thoughts turn to religion.

  12. Trump's MAGA Christmas message falls flat as critics remind him he's no longer the president

    Maybe he forgot.

    1. He's like the abusive stalker who just won't go away. Piss off and die, Donnie. I hope 2022 finds you locked up at last for your lifetime of crimes.

  13. 1/6 Committee May Refer Trump For Prosecution On Dereliction Of Duty Charge

    The article discusses Trump lying under oath. Which makes sense. He lies all the time, no matter what the occasion.

  14. Desperate Roger Stone Has Resorted to Selling Autographed Rocks, My Pillow Guy Bobbleheads to Pay His Legal Bills

  15. Have you noticed that the people who love to be photographed with guns are Republicans who haven’t served in the military?

  16. NASA's rockets sample the atmosphere on all flights. Hallucinogenic mushroom spores have been found at the outer edge of our atmosphere. Are they going out or coming in? Some believe a larger intelligence on another world sent them into space as 'consciousness seeds,' they landed on Earth, and our 'human' brains clicked on when primates ate them.

  17. Thousands of Russian troops withdrawing from Ukraine border

    Thousands of Russian troops are reportedly withdrawing from the Ukrainian border after conducting drills for roughly a month.

    Reuters reported on Saturday that more than 10,000 Russian troops were leaving a number of regions near Ukraine — including Crimea, Rostov and Kuban — and returning to permanent bases.

    The news service pointed to reporting from the Interfax news agency, which cited the Russian military.

    MAGAs lose again.


  18. Alex Jones' wife arrested on domestic violence charge
    Sheriff's deputies took Erika Wulff Jones into custody and booked her into an Austin jail around 8:45 p.m. Friday. Jail records show the 43-year-old faces misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury to a family member and resisting arrest, search or transport. She had not received a bond Saturday afternoon.

  19. Western states need united front against divisive China - Trudeau

    Trudeau said China has been "playing" Western countries against one another as they compete for access to economic opportunities in the country.

    "We've been competing and China has been, from time to time, very cleverly playing us off each other in an open market, competitive way," he said in an interview with Global television.

    "We need to do a better job of working together and standing strong so China can't play the angles and divide us one against the other."

  20. An anti-vax podcaster was on a ventilator Saturday after contracting COVID-19 following his attendance of the right-wing “ReAwaken America” event in Dallas early this month, reported his podcast network and conspiracy theorist attorney Lin Wood.

    Podcast network Frog News reported in a message on the right-wing Telegram social media site that Doug Kuzma shared a photo a week ago posing with stores of dewormer Ivermectin and other chemicals after the three-day ReAwaken America event that featured Donald Trump’s short-time national security adviser and felon Michael Flynn.

    The events push baseless conspiracy theories, including claims that the presidential election was somehow rigged.

    Neither Kuzma nor a representative for the ReAwaken America tour could be reached for comment.

  21. North Carolina Police Chief on Unpaid Leave After Reportedly Showing Officers How to Obtain Fake Vaccine Cards.
    Oakboro Town Administrator Doug Burgess said that additional offenses could mean he’s punished further, including being fired. Burgess wrote Smith a letter that told him he was being placed on unpaid leave because he breached Oakboro’s personnel policy, which “bars acts of fraud, endangering the property of others and serving a conflicting interest,” the outlet writes.


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