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U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump

Mod: I am old enough to remember Republicans claiming to be more patriotic than everybody else. 

U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump (New York Magazine link): Two weeks ago, William Evanina, director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center, published a somewhat vague warning about various forms of foreign interference in the upcoming election. 

On Friday, he followed up with a more direct and incriminating one, specifically warning that Russia is working to help reelect Donald Trump. Even more important is what this warning unmistakably implies: that Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are actively cooperating with Russia’s campaign.

obviously tends to respond with rage at the suggestion that Russia wants him to win, let alone that he is accepting the assistance. So Evanina’s summary delicately surrounds the revelations about Trump and Moscow with superficially balancing material. The report highlights three countries that want to influence the election: Russia, China, and Iran. The report notes that the latter two want Trump to lose, while Russia wants him to win.

This seems intended to let Republicans claim that there is foreign interference on both sides. And it’s true, as far as it goes.

But the comparisons end there. What is China doing to defeat Trump? Its government has “grown increasingly critical of the current Administration’s COVID-19 response, closure of China’s Houston Consulate, and actions on other issues.” And Iran’s efforts “probably will focus on on-line influence, such as spreading disinformation on social media and recirculating anti-U.S. content.”

In others words, Iran and China are undermining Trump by criticizing him in public remarks, possibly including some mean tweets.

Russia’s efforts to help Trump include all that. In addition, the statement notes, “pro-Russia Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is spreading claims about corruption — including through publicizing leaked phone calls — to undermine former Vice President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party.”

Derkach and his Russian allies despise Biden, who spearheaded the administration’s efforts to reform Ukraine, rein in its oligarchs, and diminish Russian influence. They have attempted to depict Biden’s reform efforts as a corrupt plot to enrich his son Hunter.

Derkach has been working openly with Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. None of this is a secret.

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  1. Guess what, he is black?
    10 reasons why the LAPD needs to retrain these PD officers!
    Or fire them?
    Lawsuit accuses LAPD officers of erroneously detaining ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ driver at gunpoint.

    In a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday, Ernest Simon, Jr., 31, said the attempted arrest on March 18, 2021 occurred despite the fact that he had already driven onto the Tarzana production lot where he was working that day, past security guards who told the two LAPD officers that he was an employee.

    “(The officers) — ignoring the security guard’s explanation and the other readily observable facts that the (lot) was being used for a television production — entered the (lot) and approached Mr. Simon with their guns drawn as Mr. Simon sat in the driver’s seat of the parked van,” according to the suit.


  2. Congress Has Closed The Loophole That Allowed Federal Officers To Claim Sex With A Detainee Is Consensual.

    The legal loophole gained widespread attention in 2018, after an 18-year-old woman in New York, Anna Chambers, said that two detectives raped her inside their police van. The detectives, who have since resigned, said she consented. Prosecutors ultimately dropped the sexual assault charges, and the men were sentenced to five years of probation after pleading guilty to bribery and official misconduct.

    In February 2018, BuzzFeed News reported that laws in 35 states allowed police officers to claim that a person in their custody consented to sex, and that of at least 158 law enforcement officers charged with sexual assault, sexual battery, or unlawful sexual contact with somebody under their control from 2006 to 2018, at least 26 were acquitted or had charges dropped based on the consent defense.

  3. So you suburban moms feel proud? Still support him? More “ Russia disinformation” coming from The NY Times lately about Hunter Bidens emails and corrupt involvement with Ukraine.

    1. I looked it up and it is just a tabloid trash story. Pictures of Hunter with women in a hotel room, and his bad teeth. Nothing about deals with Ukraine, or Burisma, nothing of that. Besides Putin and you, nobody seems too jacked up about it.

      Hunter Biden’s laptop held shock pics showing destroyed teeth before getting veneers & posing in raunchy pic

    2. Ivanka & Jared Kushner made off with $640 MILLION while “working” as unqualified White House advisors.

      Eric Trump stole from a kids’ cancer charity & used burner phones to organize 1/6.

      Don Jr committed outright perjury before the Senate.

      But somehow Hunter Biden is the problem?

    3. Does this remind anyone of the Righteous Gemstones show with Tom Arnold on HBO Max?

    4. Contrarians aren’t critical thinkers. Often they’re merely gullible reactionaries.

      Bad: A substantial minority of the right (especially online) is unthinkingly contrarian.

      Good: They’re a minority, and on Ukraine the majority is exerting its will

    5. Republicans: "Hunter Benghazi's emails are coming for your guns."

    6. Oh, how GOP patriotic. Let's attack an American president during wartime.

      All while kissing the ass of the enemy, of course.

    7. 8;15 - Pretty sure I'll take the New York Times over the about tabloid trash.

    8. Jen Psaki Eviscerates Hunter Biden Laptop Question Causing Sen. Blackburn to Throw a Hissy Fit

      As a large Democratic group said today, you know the GOP is in trouble whenever they are talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop. One day after the world’s Democratic leader (for now) and bravest man on the planet, Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke to a joint session of Congress about what he needs to win the war against Russia, not just stop the Russians, but to win, the entirety of the GOP, including Trump – who we’ve reported has linked an absurd article to the matter.

      We still don’t understand two things. First and most important, it is confirmed by the NYT that Hunter Biden left a laptop at a repair shop in Deleware and… what? There are business emails in it that confirm he was doing business in Ukraine and China? Business deals he wouldn’t have gotten had his last name not been Biden? Yes, yes the laptop has those emails and the GOP has had the emails for over a year and they prove… nothing. They prove that Hunter told the truth when he told 60 Minutes that he did business in these places and they likely used him for his last name but he did nothing illegal.

  4. Arkansas deputy guilty of negligent homicide in teen's death
    Justice always looks better when a White kid is killed?

    CABOT, Ark. (AP) — A former Arkansas deputy was found guilty Friday of negligent homicide but acquitted of the more serious offense of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a white teenager whose death had drawn the attention of national civil rights leaders and activists.

  5. See what them communist republicans are doing now, 2022.
    This was done in Glendora, California as well.
    Texas mail ballot rejections soar under new restrictions.
    Texas threw out mail votes at an abnormally high rate during the nation's first primary of 2022, rejecting nearly 23,000 ballots outright under tougher voting rules that are part of a broad campaign by Republicans to reshape American elections, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.
    Roughly 13% of mail ballots returned in the March 1 primary were discarded and uncounted across 187 counties in Texas. While historical primary comparisons are lacking, the double-digit rejection rate would be far beyond what is typical in a general election, when experts say anything above 2% is usually cause for attention.

  6. Those U.S. Troops Russia Said It Killed in Ukraine? They’re Alive in Tennessee.

    The three U.S. soldiers named by Russia’s Pravda newspaper as “mercenaries” killed in a recent attack on the Yavoriv International Center for Peacekeeping and Security near the Polish border are very much alive, according to the Tennessee National Guard. The Kremlin’s propaganda machine had given military rankings and vivid descriptions of alleged items found next to their corpses, which included dog tags and a Tennessee state flag, even though the men are not in Ukraine. “They are accounted for, safe and not, as the article headline erroneously states, U.S. mercenaries killed in Donetsk People’s Republic,” the Tennessee Guard said in a statement.

  7. Joe Mosca quits on Encinitas.

    From Encinitas Undercover:

    "Incumbent Joe Mosca announced that he will not seek re-election. His role in upzoning the huge and hugely controversial Goodson development would surely have made that difficult."

    I wonder what the quid pro quo might have been.

    1. Maybe the Boscas are going to move back to Sierra Madre so he can run for termed-out Gene Goss's seat. This way he can work for The Meadows project.

    2. I'm still looking for where the meadows are at the Meadows...all I see is houses, no meadows.

    3. Have you thought of using a drone?

    4. Meadows now, there won't be when they are done.

    5. You may very well be right 10:59 - how fitting for Mosca to move back just in time to continue doing damage to Sierra Madre. I used to think his time on Council was the worst Council we could have, but now we have three clueless Council members, and two being termed out, who have done what they could to destroy our Planning Commission, and any power they've had.

  8. Here Are The 8 House GOP Putin Assets Who Voted Against Revoking Russia’s Normal Trade Status

    1. The eight you'd expect. What a disgrace they are!

  9. Giggles 10:41AM, first @ he is not our President “ stolen elections have consequences.
    Second Basement joe tells American people “we are not at war” I won’t give Ukraine a No Fly Zone, that would create WWIII. Jokes on you, you and your dead relatives voted for him.

    1. Thanks comradefor yet another attack on the current American president during a time of war. I'm sure Vladimir has a nice cookie for you.

    2. Funny how Trump tried to steal the election with the help of Putin but failed miserably at it.

      So even if Biden stole the election (which of course he didn't) he still beat Trump at stealing, leaving Trump a LOSER either way you look at it.

      Good work President Bye-Don!

  10. Another Day, Another Unnecessary Voting Law In Georgia, USA.
    Mirroring a recently-passed law in Florida, the Georgia measure empowers the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to act as an ‘election police’ force, allowing the state’s highest law enforcement agency to initiate probes into alleged voting related offenses without being prompted by the Georgia secretary of state. In another controversial provision, it allows any member of the public to inspect paper ballots–which are generated by electronic voting machines–if they suspect any irregularity of the potential for fraud.

    The measure a, which now moves to Georgia’s Republican-controlled state senate where it’s unlikely to face much opposition. It again underscores Georgia’s importance as a battleground in the 2022 midterm Congressional elections and the 2024 presidential contest. Donald Trump narrowly lost Georgia in 2020. That, along with the two Republican incumbent U.S. Senators who lost to Democrats, essentially flipped a state that had been reliably deep red for a generation to a purple swing state.

  11. Filthy Communist Republicans out do themselves again, 2022.
    GOP leader says Republicans will boot Schiff from Intel panel.
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Friday said Republicans would boot House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) from the committee altogether if they attain the majority in the midterm elections.
    It's not the first time McCarthy has made a similar vow. He previously threatened to retaliate against Democrats for their votes in the last year to remove Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) from committees for invoking political violence in their rhetoric. In January, he said he'd remove Schiff and Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) from their respective committees.

    1. They should give him the boot...and he can take his secret information with him!

  12. More stupid AZ laws, 2022
    Film a police officer within 8 feet? You could soon be thrown in jail

    The 8-foot requirement wouldn’t apply to indoor situations, but only if the person recording is in an adjacent area or room.

    And, oh, the person or persons being questioned could make a video of the encounter as long as they don’t interfere “with lawful police actions, including searching, handcuffing or administering a field sobriety test.”

    Do you see why critics say this whole thing is designed to give cops all the say? That’s clear. Critics also say the legislation is unconstitutional, noting that the First Amendment protects the public’s right to record police.

    First Amendment Watch of New York University noted in discussing Kavanagh’s legislation that the “U.S. Court of Appeals in the First, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, and Eleventh (circuits) have all ruled that the right to record police in public places is protected by the First Amendment.”

    No doubt Kavanagh's legislation would end up in court should it become law.

  13. An all-star roster of film, TV and theater performers — including Steve Martin, Annette Bening, Billy Porter, Audra McDonald, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Chenoweth, David Hyde Pierce and Rosie Perez — have signed up for a 10-hour telethon to raise money for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

    The “Stars in the House” special will air March 26 from noon-10 p.m. Eastern. It can be viewed and listened to on the series’ site (, the “Stars in the House” YouTube channel, as well as SiriusXM Stars109.

    Just some of the other performers included are “SCTV” veterans Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin, as well as Tituss Burgess, Kelli O’Hara, Donna Murphy, Annaleigh Ashford, Jessie Mueller, Josh Groban, Judith Light, John Stamos, Lindsay Mendez, Laura Benanti, Norman Lear, Betty Buckley, Mandy Patinkin, Rachel Bloom, Patrick Wilson, Shoshana Bean, James Monroe Iglehart, Brittney Johnson, Santino Fontana, Judy Kuhn and Norbert Leo Butz.

    The event also hopes to feature Ukrainians, including Oleg Karpenko, a Ukrainian theater and film actor who co-started with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in “Servant of the People.”

    This combination of photos show Steve Martin, left, Audra McDonald, center, and Billy Porter, who are among the celebrities participating in a 10-hour telethon to raise money for the victims of the war in Ukraine. The “Stars in the House” special will air March 26. (AP Photo)

  14. Bayraktar:

  15. When it comes to windfalls of money, the whites take over, Again?
    Mostly-Black Town In Tennessee Loses Financial Control Just As Millions of Dollars Roll In
    Mason, Tenn., has about 1,500 residents. Most of its elected officials are Black and members of the Democratic party, in stark contrast with the mostly-white and Republican-controlled Tipton County government as well as Tennessee Comptroller Jason Mumpower, who on Tuesday took the step of seizing control of Mason’s finances.
    In 2018, the public development authority in Duquesne, Pa., transferred $1.3 million from the city’s development funds to a private nonprofit entity controlled by an all-white board that included former city officials, just before the city’s first Black woman mayor, Nickole Nesby was sworn into office. Duquesne, a Pittsburgh suburb, sued to get the money back and its city council agreed to a settlement that allowed the money to stay with the private group while having the city appoint someone to its board of directors. Nesby opposed the deal.

  16. Speaking about White sexual thieves, in politics?
    Trump campaign ordered to fork over $350,000 for trying to enforce 'unenforceable' NDA.
    An arbitrator in the nonpublic arbitration case found that though Alva Johnson's — the ex-staffer — attempt to sue Trump failed, his campaign was unable to "invoke a legally unsound nondisclosure agreement," BuzzFeed News writes. Johnson had alleged the former president once tried to forcibly kiss her, and also made claims of pay discrimination.

  17. This is how Republican Criminals act.
    Ohio’s high court nixes 3rd set of GOP-drawn Statehouse maps.
    In yet another 4-3 ruling late Wednesday, the court found the Republican-dominated Ohio Redistricting Commission’s latest maps again failed to pass constitutional muster. No Democrats have supported any of the three plans, and commission member Republican Auditor Keith Faber joined Democrats in opposing the third plan.

  18. 16 Republicans oppose House bill on educating the public on Japanese American incarceration during WWII,
    Those experiences will include the persecuted group’s time in “relocation centers” and “confinement sites,” the bill said. Such terms, however, are controversial, with advocates advising against their use due to their failure to capture the harsh conditions endured by those forced into them.

    The Republicans who voted against the bill include Reps. Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Bob Good (Va.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Andy Harris (Md.), Clay Higgins (La.), Trey Hollingsworth (Ind.), Doug LaMalfa (Calif.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Matt Rosendale (Mont.), Chip Roy (Texas) and Van Taylor (Texas).

  19. Russia's staggering losses over 3 weeks of Ukraine fighting already exceed entire wars.
    Seven thousand Russian troops have been killed in battle so far, according to a US intelligence estimate reported by the New York Times, and that's a conservative estimate. Four Russian generals have died and the Times reported on March 16 that between 14,000 and 21,000 Russians troops had been injured.

  20. Surveillance footage shows off-duty Kenosha cop kneeling on 12-year-old's neck
    Jerrel Perez, the girl's father, has been calling on the school district to release the footage. He argues the district attorney should bring charges against Kenosha officer Shawn Guetschow for placing his knee on Perez's daughter's neck to restrain her — a move that was banned for Wisconsin law enforcement officers last year.
    Perez's attorney, Drew Devinney, said Guetschow was acting in an on-duty capacity once he placed Perez's daughter in a chokehold. He and his client are calling for criminal charges for the officer. The Kenosha district attorney hasn't announced charges for any of the parties involved.

  21. Putin ally (war lord) Kadyrov thanks Biden for sending weapons to Ukraine, says he looks forward to capturing and using them for Russia.

    He said that he "drooled" when reading about the weapons the US will send and asked himself "is it really all going to be ours soon?"

    Kadyrov's bravado did not capture the reality that Russia is losing much of its own equipment, some of which ends up being used by Ukraine.

    Several videos have gone viral showing Ukrainian tractors purportedly recovering abandoned Russian vehicles from muddy fields, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this week joked that Russia is now Ukraine's top arms supplier because so much was taken.


  22. Feds: Guard lied in probe of gun found at NYC federal jail

    A federal correctional officer was arrested Friday for lying to investigators after a loaded gun was found in an inmate's cell at a federal jail in New York City — the same troubled lockup where financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in 2019.

    Greg McKenzie, a guard at the since-shuttered Metropolitan Correctional Center, used a prepaid cellphone to communicate with the inmate and the inmate's wife prior to the gun's discovery in March 2020, but denied doing so when federal agents interviewed him about it last year, prosecutors said.

  23. White supremacists return for second 'banner drop' over Highway 101.
    In response to the first demonstration, the Thousand Oaks City Council on Feb. 22 adopted an anti-hate resolution taking "an official position against bigotry, white supremacy, anti-Semitism and hate speech in the city" while recognizing the First Amendment rights of people to peacefully speak and assemble.

  24. Former KKK Leader Who Was Imprisoned for Beating Black Man Qualifies for Office In Georgia.
    Chester Doles once held the title of Grand Klaliff of the Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and now he wants to be a Lumpkin County commissioner.

    Most of his leadership experience is in what he calls “white activism.” He was a member of the Nazi political organization, National Alliance and Hammerskins, a racist skinhead gang. Doles also served time in prison for beating a Black man.

    Doles, however, said he is reformed and has repented for his past racial transgressions with the help of another Republican and Black preacher, Derrick Grayson. He told CBS46 if the late civil rights activists Hosea Williams and U.S. Rep. John Lewis could run for office, so could he.

  25. Ex-cop who breached Capitol pleads guilty to obstructing vote count on Jan. 6

    Fracker, who was also a corporal in the Virginia National Guard, was arrested last January and shortly after fired by the police department. Fracker pleaded guilty before Judge Royce C. Lamberth.

    Fracker admitted that he and his former co-worker (and current co-defendant) Thomas Robertson entered into a conspiracy to obstruct the congressional proceeding by bringing tactical gear, including gas masks, to D.C. and forcibly storming past police to gain access to the Capitol.

  26. Another RAT did the something and then crawled underground, then killed himself.
    Only the world can hope?
    Paranoid Putin's bizarre daily routine from sleepy mornings to poison testing every meal
    Russian President Vladimir Putin does not get up until 12pm and even then, his courtiers are forced to wait until he's eaten a bizarre breakfast and finished swimming before the day's business commences

  27. Disney World criticized over ‘racist’ performance by Texas high school at Magic Kingdom

    Performing in a marching band showcase Tuesday, members of the Indianettes drill team from Port Neches-Groves High School in Port Neches, Texas, wore fringed outfits and yelled “scalp ‘em, Indians, scalp ‘em” near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, a moment captured on video. The phrase is part of the school’s “Cherokee” fight song.

    Tara Houska, an Ojibwe tribal attorney and founder of the Giniw Collective, a Native American advocacy group, posted the footage to Twitter on Thursday night, calling out the school and Disney.

  28. Northrop Grumman and Ball Aerospace to Develop Polar-Orbiting Next-Generation Missile Warning System Sensor.

    The two satellites, operating in highly elliptical orbits, will include infrared sensors to detect and track ballistic and hypersonic missiles; an enhanced communication system that will transmit mission data to the ground, allowing decision makers to identify infrared heat signatures of incoming threats; and resiliency features that reduce vulnerabilities to counter-space and cyberattacks.

    Northrop Grumman is a technology company, focused on global security and human discovery. Our pioneering solutions equip our customers with capabilities they need to connect, advance and protect the U.S. and its allies. Driven by a shared purpose to solve our customers’ toughest problems, our 90,000 employees define possible every day.

  29. The War in Ukraine Has Left Everyday Russians in the ‘Gray Employment’ Zone
    Russian firms are slashing hours or putting workers on leave. Prices are soaring as the Russian currency collapses.

    Everyday Russians may not have asked for the war in Ukraine, but they’re paying the price just the same.

    In a space of less than a month, Russia has become a global pariah. The U.S. and a host of other countries have slapped tough economic sanctions on Russia, sending its currency plummeting and its economy contracting. Many Western businesses have suspended operations there or left the country altogether.


  30. There is nothing alarming about this RAT, nothing a good dose of poison would not clear up?
    Small people are just that small and dangerous, to themselves and others.
    Let this piece of russian sh*t dry up and blow away, his burial shall be in hell fire!
    Roast his filthy a*s in fire.
    'He's clearly angry': People who study Putin are alarmed by his latest speech

    With his invasion of Ukraine floundering and his economy teetering, Putin doubled down Wednesday, turning his baleful glare on Russians who are against the invasion or who sympathize with the West.

    "The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like an insect in their mouth onto the pavement," he said, shoulders hunched and staring down the barrel of the camera.
    Hitler did the samething when he was losing it?

  31. Vladimir Putin in 'total panic' about revolution in Moscow, says Boris Johnson

    Vladimir Putin is in a "total panic" about the prospect of a revolution in Moscow, Boris Johnson has said.

    "He has been in a total panic about a so-called colour revolution in Moscow itself and that is why he is trying so brutally to snuff out the flame of freedom in Ukraine and that's why it is so vital that he fails," Mr Johnson said.

    The Prime Minister has described Putin as a "a backstreet pusher, feeding addiction, creating dependence" on Russia's gas and oil, leading to the cost of living crisis.

    "Putin's war is intended to cause economic damage to the west and to benefit him," Boris Johnson told the conference.

  32. CCP Communist agents operating inside USA, 2022
    Arrest them and put them on trial.
    Stalking a skater. Derailing a campaign. Destroying art. China is behind 'insidious' acts, feds say.
    Chen’s case was one of three filed by federal prosecutors this week accusing five men of acting on behalf of the Chinese government. In the second case, prosecutors allege that a New York congressional candidate was harassed by a member of the Chinese secret police. And the third charged a former visiting scholar with spying on pro-democracy activists in Queens, N.Y.


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