Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Barack And Michelle Obama Announce A $100 Million Scholarship As Melania Trump Whines About Vogue

Mod: Some people have priorities designed to help others out. And some only care about themselves.

Barack And Michelle Obama Announce $100 Million Scholarship As Melania Trump Whines About Vogue (PoliticusUSA link): While Melania Trump complains on Fox News about never getting on the cover of Vogue, Barack and Michelle Obama announced a new $100 million scholarship for college students.

Funded by a $100 million personal contribution from Brian Chesky to the Obama Foundation, the Voyager Scholarship gives college students financial aid to help alleviate the burden of college debt, meaningful travel experiences to expand their horizons, and a network of mentors and leaders to support them throughout their careers. The scholarship is anticipated to support 100 students in the first year and scale to support greater numbers of  students over the coming years who are committed to entering careers in public service.

“If we want this next generation of leaders to be able to do what they need to do, they have to meet each other. They have to know each other. They have to understand each other’s communities,” said President Obama in the announcement video, “You’re going to find young people from every corner of this country who are going to be future change makers. There are leaders everywhere. We just have to find them.”

“Education is personal for me,” said former First Lady Michelle Obama, “I’ve met so many young people who are interested in public service, but they’re wondering how they’re going to pay for school or whether they’ll get to see the world beyond their own community. We could not be more grateful to team up with Brian to help out these young people on their journey to create change.” 

Meanwhile, over on Fox, Melania Trump was complaining about not being on the cover of Vogue, “They are biased, and they have likes and dislikes, and it’s so obvious. And I think American people and everyone see it, and I have much more important things to do — and I did in the White House — than being on the cover of Vogue.”

The Obamas are helping to encourage and shape future generations of community leaders, while the Trumps are off in their health code violating Florida exile nursing bitter grievances about not getting more attention, all the while bitterly jealous of the Obamas, who they spread the birther conspiracy about.

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  1. Carlson's 'views are identical to a mentally ill teen who murdered strangers': Critics respond to Tucker's post-Buffalo rant

    This weekend, the gunman of the Buffalo shooting was revealed to be a supporter of a Tucker Carlson conspiracy theory the Fox News host has been promoting for the last year.

    Carlson has dedicated several segments of his show on the so-called "white replacement" or "great replacement" theory. Loosely, the theory goes that Democrats are intentionally trying to bring immigrants into the U.S. to win elections.


    1. Stop calling the Buffalo shooter “mentally ill.” Call him what he actually is — a white supremacist terrorist radicalized by Fox News, Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump.

  2. Going from Obama to Trump was the worst thing to ever happen to America's democracy.

  3. Coup to remove cancer-stricken Putin underway in Russia, Ukrainian intelligence chief says


    The Trumps must be sad.

    1. I'm sure Trump is calling in his condolences on a burner phone that he will lose in a few weeks.

  4. Ex-Corrections Officer Arraigned For 1988 Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl, Who Was Stabbed And Run Over By A Train.

    He appeared in court on Friday in Lawrence District Court where he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, Mass Live reports. During that arraignment, he was ordered held without bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 17, during which he will also undergo a dangerousness hearing, NBC Boston reports.

    McClendon is accused of stabbing the New Hampshire girl to death before leaving her body on a train track in the Boston and Maine Railway Yard in Lawrence, according to the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. After she was stabbed, her body was run over by a train, Boston.com reports.


  5. Cops are notorious liars in general.
    Cop's lies reveal gap in how KPD commanders review use of force incidents

    Police and prosecutors saddled her with six criminal charges, including a felony charge of evading arrest.

    But the truth was on Clark's side. Roberts lied repeatedly, to other cops and in written reports, about his pursuit and arrest of Clark. In December, Judge Tony Stansberry dismissed every single charge, calling the whole encounter "disturbing."

    The next month, in an eerily similar case, Roberts was criminally charged himself, accused of lying about starting a high-speed pursuit of 24-year-old Siara Davis. The chase reached speeds up to 100 mph during rush hour and ended in a crash that injured three people.


  6. Is this because he is white and has political contacts?
    Teen accused of having, trading child porn allowed to go back to school after arrest, parents say.

    The Kell High School student admitted to investigators that he had videos of child sexual abuse on his cellphone, in a folder that requires a password and we learned some of it was traded on Snapchat.

    Investigators say they found multiple videos of boys engaging in sex acts with adult men.
    A district spokesperson told Newell they can’t share specifics with her due to state and federal privacy laws. They also said the safety and security of students is the district’s highest priority and there are policies in place to keep students safe.


  7. The Buffalo killings are part of a pattern: Most extremist violence in the U.S. comes from the political right.


    1. I guess that explains why unlimited access to semiautomatic weapons is so important to wingnuts.

  8. Putin "Seriously Ill", Says Ex-Spy. Blood Cancer, Says Oligarch: Reports

    An oligarch with close ties to the Russian leader has reportedly been recorded as saying "Putin is very ill with blood cancer."


    Russians are preparing the world for Putin's removal.

  9. In case you had any minuscule doubts left that the Trumps are compromised Russian assets, here’s ⁦Trump Jr parroting Putin talking points on Finland joining ⁦NATO.


    1. Thanks, Vladimir Putin, for greatly strengthening NATO

  10. Evidence reveals California Trump supporters' violent plot targeting Democrats to avenge election loss

    Newly released evidence reveals a plot by a pair of Donald Trump supporters to blow up a variety of targets in California to avenge the former president's election loss.


    1. I'll bet they were big on the recall.

  11. White Virginia Mom: Critical Race Theory Turned My Black Son Black

    Here’s the latest pathetic entry in the critical race theory panic: Virginia mother Melissa Riley, currently in the running for the whitest woman alive, is suing her 13-year-old Black son’s school district because its antiracism program has given him a case of the "uppities."


    I'm sure it has nothing to do with the kid becoming a teenager.


  12. https://news.yahoo.com/m/d3eca4c8-783b-3f58-abab-54bd18bb596a/lake-city-plant-will-make-new.html

    Lake City plant will make new Army ammo for first time in 65 years
    U.S. Army rifles that use a new type of ammunition means a flurry of activity is headed to the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence.

    Lake City plant will make new Army ammo for first time in 65 years


  13. ‘Boeing management is running around like headless chickens,’ Ryanair CEO says in earnings-call tirade, 2022.
    “We’re a willing customer, but we’re struggling with slow deliveries and an inability to do a deal on new aircraft despite the number of white tails that are sitting on the ground in Seattle,” O’Leary said. “You wonder what the hell their sales team have done for the last two years. And frankly, most of them seem to be sitting at home in their jim-jams working from home instead of out there selling planes to customers.”


  14. US takes control of Afghan embassy, consulates in NY, CA, 2022.

    The U.S. does not recognize the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, which took power last year after the withdrawal of American and allied troops, and does not have formal diplomatic relations with the country.

    “Until further notice, the Department of State’s Office of Foreign Missions has assumed sole responsibility for ensuring the protection and preservation of the property of the referenced missions, including but not limited to all real and tangible property, furnishings, archives, and financial assets of the Afghan Embassy or its consular posts in the United States,” the department said in a notice to be published Wednesday in the Federal Register.


  15. Arizona GOP lawmaker spreads conspiracy theory that the Buffalo mass shooter was a federal agent, 2022.

    Arizona GOP lawmaker Wendy Rogers cited a right-wing conspiracy theory claiming that a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, was perpetrated by a federal agent.

    Rogers posted the message in her Telegram account on Saturday, hours after the shooting in a supermarket that left 10 people dead and three injured.

    "Fed boy summer has started in Buffalo," Rogers tweeted, seeming to imply that the shooter was a federal agent.

    The claim echoes far-right conspiracy theories claiming that mass shootings are government "false flag" plots designed to justify taking away citizens' freedoms.


  16. Melanie didn’t even rate a centerfold in Playboy or Hustler so of course not on the cover of Vogue. Not even considered for the swim suit edition. What was wrong with her manager?

  17. communist-Chinese plane crash that killed 132 caused by intentional act: US officials.
    Are Communist-Chinese practicing for a twin-tower attack on America?
    "The NTSB will not be issuing any further updates on the CAAC's investigation of the China Eastern 5735 crash," the NTSB said in a statement. "When and whether CAAC issues updates is entirely up to them. And I haven't heard anything about any plans for them to do so."


  18. US sues casino mogul Steve Wynn over relationship with communist-China, 2022.
    The Justice Department sued longtime Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn on Tuesday to compel him to register as a foreign agent because of lobbying work it says he performed at the behest of the Chinese government during the Trump administration.


  19. The crazy housing market is finally slowing down, 2022.

    Why it matters: Homebuyers and renters who've been struggling to find an affordable place to live will have more choices and fewer bidding wars — if only just a little.

    Rising interest rates, inflation and the stock market drop are countervailing factors, keeping the housing market unaffordable to many.

    What's happening: The supply of homes for sale is finally increasing, after being depleted over the past year and a half, Zillow reports.

    What to watch: Some overheated markets — like Charlotte, North Carolina, and Phoenix — could see a price correction over the coming year, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi tells Fortune.

    The bottom line: It'll probably be a year or two before housing demand and supply are back in equilibrium, says Tucker.



  20. This is how them white people cheat a lie?
    Todd and Julie Chrisley lived extravagantly on $30 million in loans they lied 'through their teeth' to get: Feds

    Todd and Julie Chrisley lived an extravagant, reality TV-worthy lifestyle that was built on lies, according to prosecutors.

    In her opening statement on Tuesday, Assistant US Attorney Annalise Peters said that the couple — best known for their USA Network reality series "Chrisley Knows Best" — submitted fake documents exaggerating their wealth to banks to borrow more than $30 million that they "burned" on luxury items, while also hiding money from the IRS.

    "They made up documents and they lie through their teeth to get whatever they want whenever they want it," Peters told the jury.


  21. Cry baby, jimmy jordan, cries again.
    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claims Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) “altered” Jordan's texts to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

    Jordan went on to say that the committee is “recording colleagues” and “lying to people” because it is driven by “animosity towards President Trump.” The Ohio congressman and fierce supporter of the former president stated that President Trump was the best president of our lifetime and did what he said he would do.

    Jordan is one of several GOP lawmakers recently subpoenaed by the January 6 panel. The panel believes Jordan and others have relevant information regarding the attack and the events leading up to it. He said he has yet to see the subpoena and will look at it, but is concerned about how the committee operates. The committee engages in “crazy activities,” he said.


  22. Moscow's phony war crimes court etc.
    Azovstal fighters moved to former penal colony, 2022.
    The TASS news agency said the Russian Investigative Committee planned to question the soldiers, many of them members of the Azov Battalion, as part of an investigation into what Moscow calls "Ukrainian regime crimes."



  23. It's beginning to look like Spring and Summer in NAZI Germany 1930's.
    Gov. DeSantis signs bill banning protests in front of homes, 2022.
    Anyone who protests in front of a private residence in Florida can face jail time and fines under a bill Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law on Monday.



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