Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Putie Kaputie? Putin "Seriously Ill", Says Ex-Spy. Blood Cancer, Says Oligarch

Mod: It does appear that Moscow is preparing the world for Vladimir Putin's departure from power. 

Putin "Seriously Ill", Says Ex-Spy. Blood Cancer, Says Oligarch (NDTV link): Russian President Vladimir Putin is "seriously ill" and it is an "element" of what is happening in Ukraine, said a former British spy. "It's not clear exactly what this illness is - whether it's incurable or terminal, or whatever. But certainly, I think it's part of the equation," he said.

Christopher Steele, who wrote a dossier on Donald Trump and alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election campaign, told Sky News: "Certainly, from what we're hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere, is that Putin is, in fact, quite seriously ill."

Meanwhile, an oligarch with close ties to the Russian leader has reportedly been recorded as saying "Putin is very ill with blood cancer".

In a recording obtained by a US magazine New Lines, the unnamed oligarch was heard discussing Putin's health with a Western venture capitalist.

Speculations around the Russian President's health intensified since the Ukraine war as the leader appeared frail at public events including the Victory Day celebrations last week. In the photos and videos doing the on social media, Putin had a thick green cover draped over his legs as he sat among Second World War veterans and senior dignitaries to watch a military parade in Moscow's Red Square.

The Russian oligarch says in the recording that Putin had surgery on his back linked to his blood cancer shortly before ordering the invasion of Ukraine. The president has gone "crazy", he adds.

Recently, a video meeting between Putin and Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu, showed him tightly clutching the table, not letting go for the entirety of the 12-minute clip.


  1. Thoughts and prayers for MAGA's favorite America hating strongman.

  2. Madison Cawthorn loses his re-election bid after a deluge of scandals.

    Chuck Edwards, a three-term state senator and business owner, has edged out Representative Madison Cawthorn in the Republican primary for a House seat representing North Carolina’s 11th District. Luke Ball, a representative for Mr. Cawthorn, said late Tuesday that the congressman had called Mr. Edwards to concede.

    The outcome served as a rebuke of Mr. Cawthorn, a right-wing firebrand and the youngest freshman in Congress, who was once seen as a rising star of the Republican Party. It is also a significant victory for the old guard Republicans in North Carolina and Washington who in recent months had been feuding with Mr. Cawthorn over his personal and political errors and foibles.

    Mr. Edwards, 61, has served in the state Legislature since 2016 and has built a staunch conservative brand by pushing measures to overhaul tax laws, enact a constitutional amendment for voter identification, and require county sheriffs to work with immigration enforcement agencies.

    He entered the race with a natural constituency of traditional Republican primary voters, as well as endorsements from Senator Thom Tillis and most of the members of the Legislature in his district. Like Mr. Cawthorn, he was born and raised in rural Hendersonville, a city of 14,000 south of Asheville. Mr. Edwards will now face Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, a Christian minister and organizer who is the Democratic nominee, for the House seat overseeing a largely rural and working-class Republican stronghold tucked against the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

    The squeaky wheel got greased.

    1. Madison Cawthorn Has Lost His Primary and Twitter Is Thrilled and Going Crazy With Happiness

    2. I support the great replacement theory.

      Replace every Republican in office with a Democrat.

    3. Madison Cawthorn just set a record

  3. Newest, crazy white people's theory of life in America, 2022.
    ‘The View’ Hosts Unleash Fury on ‘Great Replacement’ Theory Believers: ‘Time to Name Names’ (Video).
    Whoopi Goldberg detailed the racism that motivated the Buffalo shooter, a self-described white supremacist and racist who believes in the “Great Replacement.” The conspiracy theory says people of color are being brought into the United States and other Western countries to “replace” white voters to achieve a political agenda.
    Later in the show, Ana Navarro nearly came to tears as she furiously called out people she believes are responsible for perpetuating the Great Replacement theory, including Tucker Carlson, Elise Stefanik, and other members of the GOP.


  4. Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater, 2023.

    Japan’s nuclear regulator on Wednesday approved plans by the operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant to release its treated radioactive wastewater into the sea next year, saying the outlined methods are safe and risks to the environment minimal.

    The plan was submitted by the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings in December based on the government’s decision last year to release the wastewater as a necessary step for the ongoing plant cleanup and decommission.
    The green light came just as the International Atomic Energy Agency's Director Mariano Grossi arrived in Japan for meetings with top officials to discuss the plan, which has received international attention.

    1. What a great idea, sushi that glows in the dark.

  5. Little minded dictators are not well liked, this year!
    Erdogan says Swedish, Finnish delegations should not bother coming to Turkey, 2022.

    Erdogan also said Turkey would oppose the NATO bids from those who imposed sanctions on it. Sweden and Finland had slapped arms export embargoes on Turkey after its Syria incursion in 2019.

    NATO and the United States said they were confident Turkey would not hold up membership of Finland and Sweden.

  6. This proves donny trumpee's win was a LIE and was trafficked as such for the 45th.
    Former top Republican lawmaker in Colorado received leak of voting data
    The revelation indicates the breach of ballot data in Elbert County was wider than previously understood. The case, now being investigated by the Colorado secretary of state, is one of at least nine unauthorized attempts to access voting-system data around the United States, at least eight of which involved Republican officials or activists seeking evidence to delegitimize Democratic President Joe Biden's election victory.

  7. Will Madison go back to spending his days playing video games now?

  8. Chicago archdiocese settles sex abuse suit for $1.2 million

    The Archdiocese of Chicago has agreed to pay $1.2 million to a man who alleged that he was sexually abused when he was 12 years old by a defrocked priest who was convicted of sexually abusing several boys, the man’s attorney announced on Tuesday.

    The settlement of the case before a lawsuit was filed was announced in a news release by attorney Lyndsay Markley and marks the latest chapter in the story of Daniel McCormack, one of the most notorious pedophiles in the history of Chicago’s archdiocese.

    McCormack, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to sexually abusing five children while he was a priest at St. Agatha’s parish in Chicago, was released from prison last fall and has registered as a sex offender with the Illinois State Police. According to published reports, he was listed at that time as living in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood.

    The settlement follows other similar settlements in which the archdiocese has agreed to pay men who alleged they were abused by McCormack when they were children.

  9. “You can be a person with morals and integrity, or you can be a Democrat, but you can not be both.”

    1. wow. what i high level thought you shared with everyone today! Bravo!! What a great comic you must be at home.

    2. 7:14 cracks the family dog up.


  10. New Tang Dynasty - NTD, communist-republican propaganda.
    MAGA-land’s Favorite Newspaper - EPOCH TIMES
    How The Epoch Times became a pro-Trump propaganda machine in an age of plague and insurrection.

    When people stumble upon The Epoch Times, they usually find it through ads like this one, which in 2019 blanketed Facebook and have now migrated largely to YouTube. The pitchman—his name is Roman Balmakov, he’s 30, he went to high school in Ohio—is more recognizable than any of the publication’s writers.

  11. The man leading Russia into war against Ukraine is all doped up with drugs to combat his illness and who will most likely be dead in a year while the rest of the country’s mess. Must be tough living in a country where the leader is a Sick Dick.

  12. USA sues casino mogul Steve Wynn to compel him to register as agent of communist-China, 2022. He funneled communist-chinese money to the communist-republican Party.

    The US Department of Justice on Tuesday sued Steve Wynn, the billionaire former casino mogul and senior Republican fund raiser, to compel him to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as an agent of China.

    The department said Wynn, 80, had contacted then-US president Donald Trump and members of his Republican administration in 2017 to convey China’s request to cancel the visa of or otherwise remove a Chinese businessperson who had sought political asylum in the United States.

    In a statement the Department of Justice said it was seeking to compel Wynn to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (Fara) as the agent of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and a senior official of the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS).


  13. America urges communist-china to take back all the communist-republicans living in the USA, 2022.

    Communist-china has nothing to do but flap its lips and bang the war drums, slowly.

    Communist-china has a serious inflation problem, COVID-19 death march along with a faltering economy in 2022.

    The worlds stock markets are sinking after communist countries inflated their worth and war making capabilities, this is be a fault.

    1. Arcadia would become a ghost town.

  14. COVID-wracked N. Korea may greet Biden with 'imminent' missile test, 2022.

    North Korea is a paper tiger, hiding behind the shirt of communist-china its protector as it has always been.

    North Korea has nothing to offer the world other than a lying dog of dictator and his cadre.

    The likely hood of a launch is, so who cares?

    Dick-doc the fool of a dictator launched metal in the air while his people die in groves.

    A wave a hand and North Korea will be turned into a cheap toaster oven.

    1. half will die of covid first, if things continue as we suspect this week.

    2. Let's hope Rocket man is first in line for the Covid.

  15. Miss Disinformation resigns:


  16. Looks like what communist-V. Putin is doing too European countries?
    I told you, communist-republicans are forking crazy.
    Gov. Ron DeSantis reveals that Florida may oversee Disney's property after Reedy Creek in Orlando is dissolved.

    Walt Disney Co.'s Walt Disney World — the nation's largest single-site employer, with nearly 70,000 Orlando workers — has four local theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World alone is the top generator for visitation to Orlando, with more than 50 million people going through its turnstiles in previous years — many of those repeat visitors.

    Disney also owns two area water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, as well as several themed hotels, golf courses, a camping resort, timeshare properties, a residential community called Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort, ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Disney Springs dining/shopping/entertainment district.

  17. The warm and not so friendly communist-chinese are making threats, again in 2022.
    Suggestion, go pound sand.
    China warns Japan against joining forces with USA.
    Wang noted that Japan will host the Quad summit with Australia and India during Biden's visit, according to a readout from the Chinese foreign ministry, and said: "What is of concern and puts people on alert is that even before the US leader embarked on his trip, the view that Japan and the United States were joining hands to confront China was already rampant."

  18. Punch and Judy action in FL - Disney Land Businesses, 2022.
    See how Disney’s Lake Nona relocation has affected Orlando business so far, and what's ahead, 2022.
    How has the Walt Disney Co. relocation affected home sales in Lake Nona?

    Realtors familiar with the Lake Nona area have said there are already signs of Disney workers looking for homes.

    Experts have said past corporate relocations start with top executives looking for homes up to two years in advance of their moves. Then, vice presidents would start house hunting a year in advance.

    This could drive up home prices in that area due to the region's housing shortage and the higher salaries commanded by workers in California, which would allow them to bid higher in a competitive home-buying situation.

  19. This is what white guys, think about the killings in Buffalo, N.Y..
    Correction officer suspended after 'despicable' social media post mocking Buffalo killings, 2022.

    The state Department of Corrections and Community Service, or DOCCS, said in a statement late yesterday: "Early this morning, DOCCS had been made aware of a despicable social media post by an employee of the Department. The comments made by this correction officer are in violation of multiple Department rules and will not be tolerated."

    The officer, Greg Foster, mocked the fatal shooting of 10 Black people at the Buffalo Tops market, writing along with the offensive Facebook meme, "Too soon? This should weed out some FB (Facebook) friends." He followed the statement with a smiling emoji.

  20. Suddenly you pin-head communist-republicans want to count mail in ballots, 2022.
    Suddenly Pennsylvania Republicans Are OK With Counting Mail-In Ballots, 2022.

    Pennsylvania Republicans had a much different reaction in 2020, when former President Donald Trump prevailed with the bulk of in-person votes, but President Joe Biden won the mail-in vote, propelling his close victory in the state and Trump’s subsequent failed frenzy to prove there was voter fraud.

    The day after the 2020 election, Trump and his allies accused Democrats of trying to steal the election and sought to stop Pennsylvania’s continuing tally of absentee ballots as they overcame his lead over Biden.

  21. When you're a white mass murder, the cop treat you like a jay-walker and nice guy, 2022.
    Twitter Compares Cops' Treatment Of Buffalo Gunman With That Of Black Boy Accused Of Stealing Chips, 2022.

    Authorities said the 18-year-old arrived at the grocery store around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, wearing tactical gear and a helmet while carrying an AR-15 and a camera to livestream the assault on Twitch, which the service later removed.

    When police took Gendron into custody, pictures captured the calm interaction between the officer and gunman.

  22. Nation’s Doctors Praying for Dr. Oz to Win and Quit Medicine

    PENNSYLVANIA (The Borowitz Report)—With the G.O.P. Senate primary in Pennsylvania too close to call, thousands of American doctors are praying that Dr. Mehmet Oz ekes out a win and quits medicine.

    Dr. Harland Dorrinson, a neurosurgeon based in Wichita, Kansas, has been funneling thousands of dollars to the Oz campaign, all donations from doctors hell-bent on seeing the TV host leave their profession.

    “Like doctors all across the nation, I salivate at the thought of Dr. Oz talking about taxes, infrastructure, and foreign policy instead of the healing powers of magic coffee beans,” Dorrinson said.

    The physician said that his colleagues’ hearts sank when it became apparent that an easy win for Oz was not in the cards, but they “haven’t given up hope” that his departure from medicine could be nigh.

    “If Dr. Oz wins, millions of lives could be saved,” Dorrinson said.

    1. yeah but millions of lives will see increased anxiety and other related negative issues knowing a another goddamn ego-driven celebrity is in charge of making laws that affect our lives.

  23. Typical communist-republican mentality, all they can steal and call it their own?
    Much like the rift-raft that hold Glendora, California hostage?
    Communist-republican DeSantis doles out millions but fails to mention it mostly comes from Uncle Sam.

    Gov. Ron DeSantis has been on a spending spree for months, taking credit for millions of dollars in federal stimulus money he’s handing out to mostly rural Republican counties while at the same time bashing President Biden’s big government spending.

    Federal bucks have bolstered the state budget for two years in a row, shoring up the state’s reserves, and funding such things as the governor’s job growth program, climate “resiliency” against rising waters, road projects, broadband expansion, college training programs and tax cuts.

    “I think it’s hypocritical,” said Ben Wilcox, research director for Tallahassee-based government watchdog group Integrity Florida. “He’s taking credit for something that’s not really his to claim credit for.”


  24. Military commanders have no other option but to assonate V. Putin before he kills anymore military commanders?
    Communist V. Putin's invasion sees 42 Russian colonels killed – one assassinated every two days, 2022.

    The attrition rate is around one colonel every two days.

    The Daily Star has previously reported how UK intelligence revealed Putin is likely to have lost around a third of his troops sent to war in February.

    On May 15, the UK intelligence said the offensive has “lost momentum and fallen significantly behind schedule”.

  25. Guerrillas blow up a Russian armored train in captured Melitopol - media

    Details: Eyewitnesses in Melitopol reported hearing explosions and gunfire in the area of the meat-packing plant. Local journalists later confirmed that Ukrainian guerrillas had remotely detonated an armored train near the meat-packing plant in Melitopol.

    The train consisted of 10 cars. The explosion was carried out under a car carrying personnel from Russian occupying units, who were rotating.

    The explosion damaged two railway tracks. The armored train has now been stopped, and the fuel and lubricant cars following the armored train have also been blocked.


  26. Stop supporting Communist countries, like China in 2022.
    UK to scrap US$16 million in foreign aid to China

    The British government sent about £13 million (US$16 million) in overseas development assistance (ODA) to China last year, a small fraction of the £11.5 billion (US$14 billion) it spent in 2021, according to British business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. The UK sent £1.07 billion to Asia-specific programmes and nations last year.

    "We'll work with China to tackle global challenges, but we can make a bigger difference spending UK aid where it is more needed," Kwarteng said in a tweet, confirming the news.

  27. This real estate is sinking in the wrong direction.

    New problem at San Francisco's still-sinking Millennium Tower means it may be forever tilting, 2022.

    He added that analysis of the foundation showed that "within about a year of completion of the upgrade project, the northwest building corner will recover about 1-1/2 inches of the past settlement," and that the building should recover around 3 or 4 inches on the north and west sides and continue to level out in "small amounts" over the next 40 years.

    Hamburger also contested NBC's reporting that the building is currently at a 28-inch tilt. "Presently, the building tilts about 25-1/2 inches to the west and 8-1/2 inches to the north, as measured at the roof," Hamburger said via email.

    1. San Francisco has always leaned a little to the left.

    2. Explains the city’s wealth and prestige.

  28. ‘Deadly step backwards’: US traffic deaths soar to highest total in 16 years
    Nearly 43,000 people killed last year as Americans returned to the roads after deserting them early in the pandemic.

    The 10.5% jump over 2020 numbers was the largest percentage increase since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began its fatality data collection system in 1975.

    Exacerbating the problem was a persistence of risky driving behaviors during the pandemic, such as speeding and less frequent use of seat belts, as people began to venture out more in 2021 for out-of-state and other road trips, analysts said.

  29. Blood Bath on Wall Street May, 2022.

    Dow drops 1,100 points for its biggest decline since 2020 as the sell-off this year on Wall Street intensifies, 2022.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its biggest loss since 2020 on Wednesday after another major retailer warned of rising cost pressures, confirming investors’ worst fears over rising inflation and rekindling the brutal 2022 sell-off.

    The Dow shed 1,164.52 points, or 3.57%, to 31,490.07, the average’s biggest decline since June 2020. It was the lowest close for the Dow since March 2021.

  30. FOREIGN AGENT: Chair of Trump inaugural committee indicted after receiving $374M as spy for UAE
    Barrack, a private equity investor and informal advisor to the Trump campaign in 2016, is one of three individuals named in the Eastern District of New York’s 9-count superseded indictment. Investigative journalist Scott Stedman tweeted:
    According to the indictment, when Barrack was working with the Trump campaign, he was contacted by a UAE citizen — and indicted co-defendant — Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Malik Alshahhi via email. He told Barrack that a high-ranking Emirati government official was, “very much focusing on building the right relationships to help the country and he knows ambassadors can’t do much and they are limited even if they are active.”

  31. Lawsuit: East Lansing police lied in rape report, illegally arrested man

    The council member's request for an investigation called the press release "highly prejudicial" and said police "outrageously harmed a city resident."

    Naseer spent about two weeks in jail until bond was set and posted at $25,000, according to the lawsuit.

    "Sgt. Thomas's lies caused this," according to the lawsuit. "If it were not for the footage from Naseer's iPhone, the malicious prosecution might be ongoing today. ... Whatever Sergeant Thomas's actual motives for the false report, they were certainly for purposes of vexation, trouble or malice."

    This video on Naseer's had been recording for two and a half hours before police arrived, according to the lawsuit. It is not clear what was on the video.

    Whatever motives the ELPD, the city of East Lansing and Thomas had for lying, "bringing Naseer to justice cannot have been among them. This was a targeted racial attack," according to the lawsuit.


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