Monday, May 16, 2022

Trial testimony: Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says

Mod: From 2021. As a refresher, you do know who the real "groomers" are, right? I'm sure you do.

Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says (NBC News link): One of the four women who say they were “groomed” for sex by Ghislaine Maxwell testified Wednesday that the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein took her to meet Donald Trump when she was just 14.

Testifying at Maxwell’s trial in New York City, the woman, who is being identified by the pseudonym Jane, said on cross-examination that she met the future president in the 1990s at Mar-a-Lago, his resort in Palm Beach, FloridaJane didn’t allege any improper behavior by Trump and didn’t go into further detail about why she was at the resort.

Mr. Epstein introduced you to Donald Trump, correct?” Laura Menninger, Maxwell's defense attorney, asked. “Yes,” Jane replied.  

Jane also acknowledged that in 1998, she took part in a Miss Teen USA beauty pageant that was associated with Trump

It wasn’t immediately clear whether that was before or after the meeting at Mar-a-LagoTrump’s spokesman didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment about whether Trump, who once called Epstein a “terrific guy,” has any recollection of meeting Jane.

Mod: More at the link. Here's an unrelated video to check out as well.


  1. ‘You Can See It’: Roger Stone Tells the MAGAs That There’s a Portal to Hell Above the White House

    I'm sure Crazy Roger sees all sorts of things.

    1. Donald forgot to give Satan a forwarding address.

  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene Bought Herself a Sweet New $92,000 Ride With Campaign Money

    A MAGA and his money are soon parted.

  3. Russia could strike back at the West by calling on its network of white-supremacist groups to commit terror attacks there, 2022.

    But experts are increasingly concerned that as Russia's invasion stalls, the Kremlin could choose to retaliate against the West not just through economic and diplomatic means, but also by inciting violent attacks at the heart of the NATO alliance.

    The tool it could seek to exploit is a network of neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in Russia, Western Europe, and the US with which it has cultivated ties for decades.

    "They've done that before in much of Europe and I would not be surprised if they are doing that today — trying to get their intelligence services at the right moment to get these groups agitated," Chris Chivvis, who served as the National Security Council's intelligence officer for Europe from 2018 to 2021, told Insider.

  4. Judges accused of sex discrimination, bullying, internal survey shows, 2022.
    Communist-republican judges are the worst.

    These and other complaints appear in a confidential workplace survey conducted for the federal trial and appeals courts in the nation’s capital, an institution regarded as a steppingstone to the Supreme Court. It details instances of gender discrimination, bullying and racial insensitivity, while underscoring the stark power imbalance between judges with life tenure and the assistants who depend on them for career advancement.

    In the survey, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, and in related interviews, current and former courthouse employees who acknowledged having witnessed misconduct described their reluctance to file formal complaints against their superiors. They cited fears of retaliation and distrust that the federal judiciary’s system for workplace accountability, which tasks judges with policing one another, ultimately would resolve their concerns.

    “There is no point to reporting,” said one survey respondent, “because discipline is nonexistent.”

  5. Shooter of innocent people in Buffalo - white 18 year old male, who bought into the replacement theory - just like several others. Gee, black people from 200 miles away are going to take away his job, and whatever else. Comment on Meet the Press - this kid four years ago, at age 14 heard the President of the US say that the Neo Nazis at the Charlottesville uprising and killed a woman are "very fine people." Trump never stops giving!


  6. The Colorado River is in crisis, and it's getting worse every day

    It is a powerhouse: a 1,450-mile waterway that stretches from the Rocky Mountains to the Sea of Cortez, serving 40 million people in seven U.S. states, 30 federally recognized tribes and Mexico. It hydrates 5 million acres of agricultural land and provides critical habitat for rare fish, birds and plants.

    But the Colorado's water was overpromised when it was first allocated a century ago. Demand in the fast-growing Southwest exceeds supply, and it is growing even as supply drops amid a climate change-driven megadrought and rising temperatures.

    States and cities are now scrambling to forestall the gravest impacts to growth, farming, drinking water and electricity, while also aiming to protect their own interests.


  7. Liz Weston: How to reduce taxes when you sell your home


  8. Russia has now lost 27,700 soldiers killed in Ukraine – General Staff
    Besides losing soldiers, the Russian army is losing vast quantities of military equipment – so far losses number over 8,000 units of various types of weapons and equipment.
    The Kremlin wants to obtain a land connection between the Donbas and Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea – for economic and logistical purposes. Moreover, Crimea is a territory that suffers from water shortage, which is why the Russian army wants to connect the Ukrainian peninsula to water supplies in Kherson Oblast.

  9. Lisa Paige (lawyer) is the wife of Sussmans trial judge; the fix is already in, Durham still has enough evidence to take on the largest fraud played on the American public.


  10. The country of Turkey has once again proved it is a stooge for Communist-Russia and Putin the murder of thousands like Turkey is now!
    5 superyachts owned by Russian oligarchs have docked in Turkey, safe from Western sanctions.
    Oligarchs have sought to move their assets, such as luxury vessels and private jets, across the world over the possibility of being placed on sanctions lists. Many chose Turkey because it is yet to sanction Russia for its aggression.

  11. Glendora, California has a white supremacy local government and police department, 2022.
    After Buffalo shooting, Liz Cheney tells Republicans to stop enabling white supremacy, 2022.
    A “manifesto” posted online that is tied to the alleged gunman references numerous racist ideas, such as the “white replacement theory,” which alleges that Democrats are attempting to supplant white voters with Hispanic immigrants and other people of color to give them an electoral advantage.

  12. This is another reason to NOT or EVER vote for communist-republican, ever again!
    Trump tells rally-goers to 'get ready to work' and 'fight' to 'take back our country' in 2024
    Saturday's rally was attended by 8,000 people, according to The Austin American-Statesman. Trump gave a speech that lasted more than an hour, and in attendance with him were former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, Jr., and former campaign aide Kimberly Guilfoyle.

  13. Lol, obiden still gaffs from his WH play set in his Delaware basement, NO one wants to hear from him!

    1. 11:05 is upset that Epstein didn’t introduce him to Donald.

    2. He is hoping to win the kneepads Donald wore when he first fell in love with Kim Jong Un.

    3. Obama to Trump was:

      - Love to hate
      - Hope to dope
      - Hero to zero
      - Class to ass

      Did I miss anything?

  14. Time to arrest this GOP felon senate candidate.
    Photos show GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette marching with Proud Boys on Jan. 6

    Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette marched with members of a right-wing extremist group prior to the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to footage recently unearthed on social media.

    The photos and video showing Barnette marching alongside the Proud Boys originally surfaced on Sunday via writer Chad Loder’s Twitter account. On Monday, the photos were verified by NBC News.

  15. Feels good to be Kicking some Communist asses!
    South Korean ex-navy seal shares story of fighting in Ukraine
    Rhee, 38, a former navy seal and lieutenant of the Navy special unit of the Republic of Korea, who arrived in Ukraine in early March, is one of such fighters. After eight years of military service, Rhee earned a solid resume: he held several government positions in his homeland, worked in the U.S. and UN Departments, took part in a popular show about the military and runs a YouTube channel with 800,000 subscribers.


  16. Elon Musk is using a 'dog ate the homework' excuse to potentially back out of buying Twitter and there is now a less than 50% chance the deal gets done, Wedbush says 2022.

    There is now a less than 50% chance that Elon Musk will acquire Twitter for $44 billion, a Monday note from Dan Ives, a Wedbush analyst, said.

    Musk, who plans to put up a big chunk of his Tesla stake to finance the Twitter buyout, raised concerns last week about the proliferation of bots on the social-media platform, adding that until his concern was sorted out, the deal would be on hold. Musk's sudden concern about bots sent Twitter shares plunging 10% on Friday.


  17. Elon Musk Reacts To Snoop Dogg's Interest In Buying Twitter And Snoop Replies: 'You Bring The Fire, I'll Bring The Smoke', 2022.
    AfroTech previously reported that Meek Mill tweeted his desire to purchase shares of Twitter after the billionaire bought it. Now, LA rap legend Snoop Dogg has entered the chat, and he doesn’t just want to buy a part of it — he wants the entire thing.

  18. Old Scott is a back stabling communist-republican.
    This Republican senator more than doubled his congressional salary thanks to a loophole in federal law, 2022.

    Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina more than doubled his $174,000 congressional salary last year thanks to his latest book deal, according to newly released congressional financial disclosure documents.

    The documents indicate Harper Collins Christian Publisher paid Scott $184,167 for his forthcoming memoir, "America, A Redemption Story: Choosing Hope, Creating Unity."

  19. 11 communist-Republican Senators Vote Against $40 Billion In Security Assistance For Ukraine, 2022.

    Ten other Republican senators joined Paul in voting against the motion to advance the security package on Monday; many of these senators made supportive statements about Ukraine’s plight following Russia’s invasion:

    Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.)
    John Boozman (Ark.)
    Mike Braun (Ind.)
    Mike Crapo (Idaho)
    Bill Hagerty (Tenn.)
    Josh Hawley (Mo.)
    Mike Lee (Utah)
    Roger Marshall (Kan.)
    Tommy Tuberville (Ala.)

  20. Yup, so much unity and peace under Bidens leadership.

    1. He sure upsets the lunatics. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    2. Teabillies are always whining about something.

  21. Now how does Joe Biden have millions, possibly billions, when he began his political career broke? Being a politician is the only job he’s ever held.

    1. When is the last time you told the truth? Was it in this century?

  22. Generic Congressional Ballot:

    Democrats 42% (+2)
    Republicans 40%


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